Did Your Amazon Account Get Hacked? Things To Do Immediately

Updated March 20, 2024 by Kyle James

Most shoppers love Amazon. Hard not to with the free 2-day shipping, cool Prime perks, and competitive pricing. But with Amazon’s popularity comes growing security concerns as hackers try to crack the huge database of shoppers and their linked credit cards. If for some unforeseeable reason your Amazon account gets hacked, here are the 6 things you need to do right away…

Amazon Account Get Hacked? Things To Do Immediately

1. Immediately Change Your Amazon Password

Amazon password

If you think your Amazon account was hacked for ANY reason, the first thing you should do is immediately login to your account and change your password.

To make this happen just click on Accounts & Lists, followed by Your Account, then Login & Security.

Make your new password a string of random numbers and letters and not actual words.

Then write it down somewhere for safe keeping.

If you need help generating a strong password, I’m a big fan of StrongPasswordGenerator.com.

It would also be REALLY smart to change the password on the email account associated with your Amazon account.

In many cases this is how hackers gain access to your Amazon account if you’re signed up with Amazon’s 2-step verification system.

In other words, if they can get into your email account it becomes easy to also get into your Amazon account.

Important: DO NOT use the same password that you use on other popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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2. Check Your Account Information

Account Info

Next, click around your Amazon account carefully and make sure nothing has been altered.

Check your linked credit cards (if any), billing address, shipping address, phone number, and email address.

If any information has been changed, be sure to note the change (with a screen capture) and then correct it.

At this point you should call Amazon’s security department at (888) 282-2406 and tell them that your account has been breached.

They’ll be able to provide further assistance and help you keep an eye on your account activity in the coming days.

3. Check Purchase History (Especially Archived Orders)

Archived Orders

Next, take a look at your Amazon order history and make sure you recognize all recent purchases.

Don’t forget to click on Archived Orders as often times hackers will “hide” fraudulent orders there.

You’ll find all of your archived orders in the “Ordering and Shopping Preferences” section of your Amazon account. See screenshot above.

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4. Enable Amazon 2-Step Verification

Amazon 2-step Verification

By turning on 2-Step Authentication your Amazon account is much harder to hack into.

Essentially it requires a security code to be entered whenever you attempt to access your account from a new computer, smartphone, or tablet.

To authenticate, Amazon will simply shoot you a text message with a security code attached that you manually enter.

Very easy to do and definitely helps keep hackers out of your account.

5. Consider Un-Linking Credit Cards

Unlink Cards

Having your credit card(s) linked to your account makes ordering much easier. Believe me, I know.

But it also creates an easy way for hackers to make unauthorized purchases on those cards.

A simple workaround is to un-link all payment methods from your Amazon account.

Yes, you’ll have to enter your card info every time you make a purchase, BUT you won’t have to worry about someone hacking into your account and making a bunch of purchases.

6. Check all Credit Card Accounts

At this point it’s also smart to check all of your credit cards that are linked to your Amazon account.

Make sure none of them have any unauthorized purchases on them.

Bonus: 3 Ways to Protect Yourself From Future Attacks

1. Never Click on Phishy Emails

If you get a supposed email from Amazon about your account, but it just doesn’t look right, DO NOT click on any links within the email.

Also, check the email address of the sender. Often times these phishing emails will NOT be from an address ending with @amazon.com. Stay far away from those.

2. Don’t Access your Amazon Account Over Unsecured Network

In other words, try not to shop online when sipping a latte at Starbucks if you’re using their free WiFi.

3. Get Into Your Account if Hacker Changes Email Address

Well, in short, you CAN’T get into your Amazon account if this happens.

You’ll have to immediately call Amazon at (888) 280-4331 and they can remove the fraudulent email address and lock your account until the issue is resolved.

Ask the Reader: Has your Amazon account ever been hacked? How did the hacker get into your account and what damage was done?

By Kyle James


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Amazon closed my account due to unusual activities. I now can’t logon to my seller account for two days. Calling and emailing seller support as well as Amazon customer support and still have no idea how to get back to my seller account. I have to use my another buyer account to get to talk to amazon customer support. Help.


My account JUST got hacked. I caught it just in time. I received all emails from amazon saying I had unusual activity on my account. I managed to catch it early. my name was changed from Marissa to “Jorge” and my language preferences were switched from English to Spanish. I immediately hopped onto my laptop and changed my password and name back to Marissa. I learned a cool trick from my previous jobs; catch phrases with spaces are a whole lot harder for a hacker to decode! After I did this, I came to you blog and followed the rest of your steps. Thank you so so much!!!

Robyn E

I do this all the time. Lets say your password is Austin. You can put spaces between the letters, like “A u sti n,” it makes it more difficult for a hacker.

William Madera

I was hacked. Changed the password, hacked again. Set up 2vp and changed the password, hacked again. Have been waiting for 9 days for amazons fraud team to contact me within 48 hours. Called them back, got told 48 hours again. My bank contested the charges, 9 days later still waiting for the 72 hour refund. Just changed email settings as well as changing password again. Removed every card from the account. Lets see what happens next.

Allison Smith

im in the exact same position. Called two weeks ago to tell them my account was hacked – my card was charged for items I didn’t order. They set up an “investigation” and froze the hackers account that had my card linked to it. Was told to expect a call or email within 48hrs. Nothing. It’s now been two weeks and I had to chase amazon with a follow up call to a) ask where my refund is and b) have them somehow reassure me that this privacy breech can’t happen again. The agents were not really bothered to help. Could not help me on the spot. Forwarded me to an “investigations team” once again. Told I would receive an email (no phone calls within 48 hrs. Not holding my breath.
the refunds I am not too worried about if it happens or not. The bigger issue is that someone out there has my name, mailing address, and visa details. This is serious stuff and amazon seems to be passing me off. I would cancel my prime account right now but I need to stay a member until this (if ever) gets sorted out.


Someone did this to me. Started a month ago. I froze everything. But nothing taken out of my actual money. Someone keeps putting visas in my name like giftcards since nothing is showing on my credit report. And buying crap. Its been a month and still is happening. They flagged my account so if they buy it won’t ship. But month later still no answered how I’m locked out of my account but they are still getting in and doing this. Scares the shit out of me. Amazon is not safe. I let my prime default too. I domt feel comfortable using it anymore since its still going on.

Siobhan Burke

My amazon account has been hacked twice recently and the person has tried to buy PlayStation gift cards I contacted amazon support and they refunded it but said it was a one time thing. But it has happened a second time and the same thing was purchased so I don’t know how to get it refunded this time.


Same thing happened to me, got hacked and they bought playstation gift cards but I am unable to contact amazon. I seem to only get in contact over the phone with hackers trying to further steal my information. And now my account is disabled

Lilian Billingsley

Amazon is the one doing the hacking! I closed 2 accounts and within hours was told theres $4000.00 on my account. The only charge was another 14 to Amazon for my subscription. They repeatedly hang up when i call them about the subscription fee. Bozo is the richest man because he’s a demon. Take down everything thats associated with them. I got rid of the whole card. Its useless.


I was hacked 10 days ago by a chinese name and device email. I contacted amazon support and they say they would investigate it. These things are happening too easy and I don’t get why switching emails is even a thing for amazon without a proper authentication from the original email! The hackers can keep switching fake emails and then we lose track of the culprit. My email and the chinese email are nonexistent to login and I am worried because my debit card is linked and they know my address.


I have a series of fraudulent purchases on my account with new passwords and two step verification. Very systematic, every two weeks, random purchases. Obviously an inside job! I didn’t get a text and these orders were placed. So frustrating. Amazon is taking a long time to follow up.


My wife and I are dealing with this now. Our account is supposed to be frozen yet someone purchased 5 items in a 30-minute period the other day. New CCs made in my wife’s name but not seen on her credit report. We’ve been going through this for 3 weeks and it’s still not resolved. The assholes are even leaving product reviews with poor grammar, which is really pissing me off.


I have been dealing with my account being hacked since April. I have changed passwords multiple times, imposed 2 step verification, and even changed the associated email and they got in anyway. The passwords I chose were so jumbled with symbols, etc that I couldn’t have remembered it if my life depended on it. My last effort was to disable the fire stick because I read they could go through there. They still got in. Luckily they didn’t buy anything. Once I caught on I put a card with no charging power on the account and finally I removed the card completely. I kept finding items in my shopping cart and the bullseye at the top was changed to a destination of New York instead of Maryland. I had a discharged bankruptcy in January so luckily the scammers couldn’t open an Amazon card in my name even if they wanted to. I don’t need these shitheads screwing things up for me when things are finally better. I called Amazon and told them to close the account. It’s locked while they “investigate”. I won’t do business with Amazon again. It’s not worth it. If this keeps happening to so many people then they definitely have security issues and/or it’s an inside job. And I have had fake reviews posted too. I figured it was a ploy to scam more so I ignored them.

Last edited 3 years ago by Laurie

my amazn prime been hacked but5 1st it was my emai and some banks make it short amazon sends 2nd step verification to email witch hacker has and got me deleted from amazon and all my dstuff connected to it like alexa, and prime movies, and house hold smart gadgets and etc… espically threw corona virus whenwe use these the most! im telling them but no answer,.. what to do! ghey showe no compassion or have nay heart =[!!! =[ im in hell right now what do i do
!!?!!? just amazon issue here….

ive chnaged passwoods, amd stuff to provided email if anyone woild contact me please…


My old account that was supposedly closed in 2018 because of being hacked was recently hacked again there placing orders with what I think are stolen credit cards they never changed the email address so I got notified of the first order. I have been trying to get amazon to REALLY close the account ever since but the hacker has ordered more items with new credit cards! I’ve changed the password the email and it hasn’t worked i just added two step authentication today let’s hope it keeps them out until the account is closed.

Joyce Bates

My amazon account was also hacked and I see things added to my account that I did not add ,I got emails from whom ever i don’t know saying something about my gift card balance,how did they know this.I think those Mexican workers doing this and I ordered lots of things that went some where else I put $500.00 in my own gift balance so I can spend and I sent my mother a fruit basket that she never got and I never got my money back… I am a lot soul in the high wind,…


I was hacked and they bought gift cards with my credit card then ,then bought digital PlayStation games….. I took all my credit cards off and they did it again or sent me a letter saying it was done again, yet I still don’t know how if they did not have a credit card, anyway I have been calling a number 800-388-5512 and then called another amazon number 866-216-1075….they said the 800 number is a scam and a scam letter….well. Don’t know what’s going on , who is amazon, what’s the right number to call if you are scammed ….Amazon locked me out until they figure it out….and I now took amazon off my screen…..if amazon is really amazon the people on the phone all said something different, so how I am to know what to do, no one at amazon knew!!!


You are a life saver! Thank you so much! I had a fraudlent purchase made with my account, and almost immediately received a cancelation email right after that was made to look like a legitimate Amazon cancellation notification. The email “name” was spoofed to look like Amazon, but if I clicked the email, I saw the handle was completely different. They did hide the purchase in archived purchases so I was able to catch it in time before being charged. Again, thanks!

L. Williams

Got a call this morning that someone was trying to use my card and wanted all the usual scam information. Luckily I am a former police department employee and didn’t fall for it. However, when I tried to report it to Amazon, I kept getting the message to try call again. What’s going on???


My account was hacked. Am struggling very hard to find someone (an email address) as the phone numbers provided don’t work and no one responds to email


I received an email purportedly from Amazon confirming a purchase I did not make. I called the fraud number listed on the email 1+xxx227xx77 which seemed like it was amazon. they had all my account info, but the email it came from was [email protected] which did not seem right. I hung up and googled your article. the phone number was what I needed. I confirmed Amazon did not send any email. The hacker had alot of my account information to include last four of CC, who I had sent gifts to and my birthdate. Your article helped me realize I was not speaking with amazon! I followed all six of your recommendations.

Nathaly Lacasse

My account was also hacked Oct 13th and I called 1-877-586-3230 Seems like I was speaking to one of their representative but Now after reading all of this comments I’m wondering. They we’re suppose freeze my account, investigate and to communicate with me within 48 hours but I’ve heard nothing yet…. I can’t gain access to my account (password has been change, but not by me) I’ve call my bank and notified to cancel my credit card which they did…luckily and just in time since a purchase of $1015 was made from amazon the very next day
If anyone knows what I need to do now PLEASE let me know.


They even got.my Comcast.acct Iinked a business acct.to it, went paperless, into my acct changed all my personal info, upgraded all services so the bill was almost 300 per mo had a HOME SECURITY SYSTEM I STALLED in their home left me a.$1700 bill, had 5 cyber crime investigations open & they werent getting back to me either until I told them my grand daughter was hacked & was being flash cammed as well i threatened Comcast,.this could be a child sex trafficker for.all i knew.rold them i would get.an attorney.they called ssaid to.go get new equipment back I get there they closed acct & LOCKED MY ADDRESS until I pay the hackers 1700 bill this was Feb 25/26 I have time date receipt I just got a bill due THIS MONTH!!!!