The One Amazon Hack That’ll Find You the Lowest Price…Every Time

Updated December 29, 2023 by Kyle James

If you’re a loyal Amazon shopper, you know just how difficult it can be to tell what kind of a deal you’re getting with the online retail giant. They have inflated “list prices” which make you think you’re getting a screaming deal, even when you’re not, and they often point you to items that maximize their profits, not your savings. It’s with this in mind, that I have an awesome Amazon hack that’ll help you find the lowest price every time you shop. You’ll never again have to guess how much savings you’re getting with Amazon.

The One Amazon Hack That'll Find You the Lowest Price...Every Time

Here’s How This Amazon Hack Works:

Have you ever noticed how long the URL is on Amazon when you do a product search?

If you’re like many, and don’t know what a URL is, it stands for “Uniform Resource Locator” and it’s essentially the web address of any particular web page.

See the image below, the big red arrow points to the Amazon URL of a product search for “Beats headphones”.

Amazon URL Hack

Anyways, the URL is really long and contains a bunch of info pertinent only to Amazon…well until now that is.

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By manually adding just a little bit of information to the end of the Amazon URL, we can easily find the best prices and deals.

Sticking with the Beats example, here are some examples:

– Add “&pct-off=50-” to the URL: By adding the text “&pct-off=50-” to the end of the URL, it will sort the Amazon search results by Beats headphones that are priced at least 50% off the original price. (See image below)

Not happy with the results you get, add whatever number you want in place of the 50 and Amazon will sort your search results accordingly and help you find some screaming deals. Don’t forget the dash at the end!

– Add “&pct-off=60-80” to the URL: This shows you all of the Beats headphones priced between 60%-80% off the original price.

Add whatever 2 numbers you want and Amazon will automatically filter your results and save you a bunch of time in the process.

Amazon URL Hack

Keys to Your Success:

As with any Amazon savings hack, there are some key points to be aware of.

1. Why Not Just Use the “Price: Low to High” search filter?

It’s a good question. But when you use this search filter you get inundated with all kinds of crap that’s only slightly related to the item you’re looking to buy.

Going back to the Beats headphones example, you’ll get a bunch of headphone accessories like earbuds and headphone cases that you’ll have to sift through.

2. Refurbished and Used Products

Be aware that often times Amazon will add used and refurbished items to your search results page when you use this hack.

This is especially true when you get to savings above 50% off the list price.

3. Do a Search, then Add your Qualifier

Always start by doing a search for whatever your looking to buy from the Amazon homepage, then manually add your search qualifiers.

Don’t try to add them from their homepage or category page, it won’t work.


Final Thoughts

The cool thing about this Amazon hack is that it quickly brings up the search results that’ll maximize your savings. No more guessing if Amazon is hiding a better deal somewhere and instead pointing you to an item that maximizes their profits.

Ask the Reader: So what say you, have you ever heard of, or tried, this Amazon URL hack? If so, what deals did you find?

Happy savings.

By Kyle James


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Mark Love

I can’t seem to get this to work. I used your example of “at least 50% off”, but the first item’s list price was $9.99 and it was selling for $7.49.


Hiii is there any other secret code for finding loot deals


Honey extension will do it for you- even armatures can use it – will find you the lowest price with free shipping

Jennifer Brown

Im not very good with this. can u please help me figure outre out how to get the lowest prices on two tablets for my 6 yr old twins and a tablet that’s bigger for my 12yr old daughter. also one of the pink watches that they have on sale for 24.99 that is a smartwatch and telephone please. I DONT know what URL to type. ? please.


You mean Amateur? Lol

Honey is decent. But it’ll also spam you with crap you don’t care about. These days I’ll use google lens and try to find the best option on something I like.

Actually, that’s how I’d found the *real* seller of my wedding dress. And how I’d found the higher quality version of my wedding band. Both images were on Amazon, but I’d found the good seller of the dress on Ali Express. I think someone was trying to rip off their designs. The wedding band was the real seller, but I’d found a 90s estate piece when they used to offer VS1 diamonds.

These days you basically have to learn investigative skills to find deals. Image search is your new best friend.

Last edited 1 year ago by Lynn

This is not working. I think its just spam.


Sorry to bust your bubble but Honey is garbage! I had it for a year on my PC and got three hits total and all three hits from Honey were beaten elsewhere. I got a lot of discount codes but none of them ever worked either.


Thanks for this! I checked into Honey but I am not comfortable with how much information their extension collects. Amazon is a site I have conceded to sharing information with due to the mass benefit it has for someone like me with transportation issues; this trick allows me to look for discounts without signing up for a secondary service I’m not comfortable with.


Doesn’t appear to work. Got no difference in my search.


Great hack! I love shopping Amazon and am definitely going to try it out.


Does NOT work! I think this is dated HACK and Amazon has fixed it so this no longer works.


Sick of people calling anything a hack. Learn what hacking is.

jane doe

You’re a hack. 🙂 JK
Hackidy hack hack!


You weren’t looking to actually hack Amazon, were you?


As a cybersecurity analyst, yeah I find the term “hack”annoyingly overused. It’s a trick. No one is hacking anything. No one is Mr. Robot. It’s just learning to fill in the blanks. You have to attend college to learn ethical hacking, lol.


doesn’t work on the ipad app since it doesn’t show the URL. oh well.


Well… of course. You can tell that by the very obvious desktop browser screen shot. Why would it work on any app?


Amazon is constantly changing stuff. They are currently screwing with low to high now, so that you still see the more expensive stuff first. I’m 75% near the bottom of the page before I see what I’m actually looking for. It’ll say “More stuff” or “related to your search.” What’s worse is, at leaat for clothes, they’ll first include XS prices first, because they’re the cheapest. If I narrow my search, they often toss out stuff I might actually want to see.

I used to love Amazon, but I’m considering just using Ali Express. The only difference is I’m being honest and ordering directly from China vs full drop shipping. Which is all Amazon does anymore.

Mind you, I’ve been an avid online shopper since 2006. I was ordering from drop shippers before it got popular. Things actually were very cheap back then. But the internet wasn’t overrun by scams like today. I miss those simpler days when they were great on Ebay. Now even Etsy has turned into an Amazon item flipper.

Last edited 1 year ago by Lynn