Dunkin’ Donuts Secret Menu: Get Your Dunk On With These New Treats

Updated March 27, 2024 by Kyle James

As any “real” coffee lover can attest, the coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts can compete with Starbucks on pretty much any level. Dunkin’ is way more than doughnuts these days, and the Dunkin’ Donuts secret menu surely proves that. From tasty cold and hot coffee drinks, to yummy treats, their secret menu has something for every one. Here’s how the Dunkin’ secret menu currently breaks down.

Dunkin' Donuts Secret Menu: Get Your Dunk On

Almond Joy Iced Coffee

Apparently this delicious warm-weather treat was a limited-time drink on the Dunkin’ Donuts secret menu.

The good news is many employees still know how to make an Almond Joy iced coffee.

If you order it and get a blank look, just ask for a mocha iced coffee with a shot of toasted almond. As a dude who always steals Almond Joys from my kid’s Halloween basket, I’m all over this one.

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Birthday Cake Coolatta

Similar to the Birthday Cake frappuccino on the Starbucks secret menu, this is simply a Vanilla Bean Coolatta with a Hazelnut Swirl added.

It’s a sweet one, but if that’s your thing, you should give it a try.

Coco Berry Coffee

Order an iced mocha then add a shot of blueberry to it. Throw in some milk or coconut milk for an even creamier mixture.

The result is a yummy iced berry treat with plenty of coffee taste.

Creamcicle Coolatta

From DD employee Janice, “small shot of vanilla bean swirl, small shot of cream, and orange coolatta mix a little over the bottom line. Add neutral base coolatta and enjoy. Whip cream on top. And no the cream never curdled when mixed with the orange mix.”

Sounds yummy.

She said the owner of her shop was impressed enough to let her make it for customers.

Eggnog Latte

Order it cold in the Summer or hot in the Winter. Either way, the Eggnog Latte will sure to please.

If the Dunkin’ employee doesn’t know how to make it this secret menu item, just order a Vanilla Chai (frozen if you want a cold drink), then add 3 pumps of Caramel Swirl and you’re good to go.

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Nutella Surprise

To give any regular menu item a “Nutella Surpise”, just add two Mocha Swirls and one Hazelnut Shot to any drink.

If you’re a fan of Nutella you’ll never go back to regular coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Oranges & Cream Coolatta

This tasty treat in an Orange Coolatta with a couple pumps of vanilla bean (at no extra cost) to make it a Oranges & Cream Coolatta.

The same can be done for the Strawberry Coolatta.

Here is the vanilla bean breakdonw:

  • Small-3pumps vanilla bean
  • Medium-4 pumps vanilla bean
  • Large-6 pumps vanilla bean

Thanks to Meg, a Dunkin’ employee, for the tip. She makes this drink for a few regular customers and they swear by it.

Peaches & Cream Coolatta

To get a custom made Peaches & Cream Coolatta, just order a Vanilla Bean Coolatta with 3 peach shots added.

If you’re a fan of creamy peaches, this secret menu item is a must-try.

Pina Coolatta

This is suppose to be amazing and taste just like the real thing.

To get it you order a vanilla bean coolatta, ask for pineapple swirls and shots of coconut.

The small size is 2 of everything, medium is 3, large is 4. 

Raspberry Hot Chocolate

Every time my kids visit a Starbucks they order a Peppermint Hot Chocolate, but this drink looks much yummier in my opinion.

A Raspberry Hot Chocolate from Dunkin’ is simply regular hot chocolate with 3 shots of raspberry added.

If you’d prefer some caffeine, order a mocha instead of a hot chocolate.

Snickers Coffee

Order any regular-sized hot or iced coffee from Dunkin, then add 1 Hazelnut swirl and 1 Salted Caramel swirl.

I particularly recommend the “iced” coffee Snickers drink. So darn good!

Toasted French Vanilla Coffee

If the plain ol’ french vanilla creamer has you bored, order this bad boy.

It consists of a regular coffee with 2 swirls of French Vanilla, 1 Toasted Almond shot, and Almond milk instead of the normal white stuff.

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Turbo Hot Coffee

Order the often forgotten Turbo Hot Coffee off the Dunkin’ Donuts secret menu and get a quick caffeine pick-me-up.

This drink is simply a regular cup of hot coffee with a shot of espresso added. You can also order a Iced Turbo for a cold caffeine boost.

Tropical Breeze Coolatta

If you ever find yourself dreaming of warm tropical beaches and swaying palm trees, order a Tropical Breeze Coolatta.

It’s made with a Minute Maid Coolatta with 2 shots of coconut and a single peach shot for good measure.

It’s essentially a Pina Colada with a peachy twist. Sounds yummy, especially on a hot and humid Summer afternoon.

Ask the Reader: What Dunkin’ Donuts secret menu item sounds enticing? Have you ever ordered anything from their secret menu?

By Kyle James

Photo by Mike Mozart.


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Meg from Dunkin' Donuts Fl

As a dunkin employee as soon as I read this I made them and tried them out. Pretty good!
I’d like to add the oranges n cream strawberries n cream coolada – when you order a strawberry coolada or orange coolada you can ask the dunkin barista to add pumps of vanilla bean for a nice cool drink. I often make this for a few regular customers
Here’s the measurements you should ask for if you order the strawberry or orange coolada and want to add that creamy twist (for no extra cost!)
Small-3pumps vanilla bean
Medium-4 pumps vanilla bean
Large-6 pumps vanilla bean


Janice munshower

Working for DD in Easthampton Massachusetts as a shift supervisor for over 10 years I developed the perfect creamcicle coolatta. My owner was impressed enough to let me make. I had customers who never had a coolatta excited we made it. The best compliment was they all said it reminded them of ice cream truck when they were kids. Small shot of vanilla bean swirl small shot of cream and orange collate mix a little over the bottom line. Add neutral base coolatta and enjoy. Whip cream on top. And no the cream never curdled when mixed with the orange mix. We kept the sales at small coolatta.
Back then it was Tropicana mix.


As someone who’s worked for Dunkin for ten years and something that has always aggravated me…there is no such thing as a mocha…mocha is a flavor and a flavor only…it’s a swirl added to something…if not go to Starbucks and order it cause if not you’ll get a black coffee with mocha swirl


You just got roasted by a nobody


Jeez, abbymarie…. Maybe you shouldn’t work at dunkin, you sound quite rude. Anytime my friends and i go to dunkin and mention a mocha, it def NOT black coffee with a swirl, lol. Its an actual drink. I believe its ONLY YOU who makes it as black coffee with a swirl just to be a bitch since it aggravates you so much, which honestly is pretty immature of you. Also, to mention, i have friends who work at botg dunkin and Starbucks, neither of them get all pissy over anyone ordering a large, half caf, no cream, 2 sugars, 1 vanilla, hot mocha coffee.
I think you should work at McDonald’s where the coffee is just as bitter as you are.




Pina Colada!!! Taste just like it!
Order a vanilla bean coolatta with pineapple swirls and shots of coconuts! Small 2 of everything medium 3 of everything large 4 of everything


Why can I only get the orange creamsicle in Pennsylvania?

Dominci di Celano

Because you only go to stores in Pennsylvania?


Frozen coffee????