All The Places That Hand Out Free Stickers (Many Will Mail Them To You!)

Updated July 11, 2024 by Kyle James

I can’t think of a better way for a company to advertise than to hand out free stickers. Teens and millennials seem to put stickers on everything these days and have no problem essentially advertising the company for free. I’ve seen them on laptops, water bottles, backpacks, car bumpers, bike racks, and even smartphones. Which is why I was surprised to discover that the list of places that gives them away is kinda small. If you’re a HUGE sticker fan (like my 3 kids) than you’re gonna love my list of places that give them away for free.

All the Places That Give Out Free Stickers

American Fishing Tackle Co. (FTCO)

American Fishing Tackle Company is a popular brand that specializes in clothing for the fishing and outdoor lifestyle.

And their “fish” logo is pretty darn cool too.

Just fill out this form HERE to get your free fish logo sticker.

Annie’s Homegrown

Annie’s makes some VERY yummy organic treats and now they mail out free stickers to those who ask.

Just click HERE to snag yours along with other “bunny” swag.

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BackCountry is kinda like REI and specializes in outdoor clothing and gear.

They also have the iconic “goat” sticker which they hand out for free, get yours HERE.


We all know the surf brand Billabong and their WAY cool logo that would look great on a laptop, notebook, or car window.

Grab your free logo sticker HERE.

You can also send a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to this address:

Billabong – Corporate Office & Wholesale
Attention: Sticker Request
117 Waterworks Way
Irvine, California 92618


Burton Snowboards loves to hand out free stickers but they ask a little more from you in order to score one.

They want you to mail them pictures/art/stories that are Burton related and they’ll happily reward you.

Just mail a self-addressed stamped envelope (with your artwork or story) to the following address:

180 Queen City Park Road
Burlington VT, 05401

Collared Greens

Cool name for a cool company.

Collared Greens sells American-made clothing for men with a strong emphasis on the eco-conscious lifestyle.

To get a free sticker from them, just send a self-addressed stamped envelope to this address:

Collared Greens
Attn: Sticker Request
2513 Grenoble Rd
Richmond, VA 23294

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Dakine sells “backpacks, travel bags, accessories, outerwear and clothing for people who love to surf, snowboard, skateboard, mountain bike, ski, windsurf, and kiteboard.”

To get a WAY cool free sticker from them, just mail a self-addressed stamped envelope to this address:

Attn: Sticker Request
504 Big Bear Blvd.
Suite C
Columbia, Mo 65201


I love my Dickies jeans as they’ve lasted for close to 20 years and still have plenty of life left in them.

Not sure if their stickers last the same amount of time, but you can easily find out by sending them a self-addressed stamped envelope here:

Dickies Customer Service
Attn: Dickies eCommerce/Sticker Request
N850 County Highway CB
Appleton, WI 54914

Dutch Bros. Coffee

Dutch Free Stickers

If you live on the west coast you’re probably familiar with Dutch Bros coffee drive thru kiosks.

Always ask politely for a free sticker (they’re really creative) when you drive thru to get your next drink.

They get new ones every month on Wednesdays, but they usually run out within a few weeks so ALWAYS ask early in the month.

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I had no idea Heely’s were still around, but they are indeed.

If you’re a fan of the half shoe/half roller-skate then be sure to get a free Heely’s sticker to show your love.

Just visit HERE and fill out the form requesting one.

Hook & Tackle

When it comes to free stickers the folks at Hook & Tackle got it going on.

They’ve made tons of cool stickers over the years and they happily hand them out when you fill out this FORM.

Allow 2-3 weeks for them to show up in your mailbox.

Hydro Flask

The Oregon based company Hydro Flask sells popular water bottles, coffee flasks, and beer growlers.

They hand out cool stickers as well.

To score yours, send a self-addressed stamped envelope here:

Hydro Flask
Attn: Sticker Request
1331 S. 7th St.
Chambersburg, PA 17201.

In-N-Out Burger

Due to overwhelming requests, In-N-Out no longer sends out stickers via the mail.

But…you just have to visit any location and politely ask for one, NO purchase required.

Find a location near you.

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Who doesn’t love a pair of comfy Keds? Am I right or am I right?

The only thing better than a pair is a free Keds sticker.

To request yours, just visit HERE and help them spread the love.

Lucky Knot

At first glance I thought The Lucky Knot was for couples about to be wed.

But alas, no. Instead it’s a cool site that sells sailing and nautical inspired clothing for men and women.

The best part of the site? They hand out cool looking stickers HERE. Go nab you one.

Marsh Wear Clothing

Marsh Stickers

Marsh Wear specializes in clothing for outdoor-loving men and women.

They also have a really cool fish inspired logo which makes for a great sticker.

To get yours just GO HERE and request one. I personally did it and it took me about 10 seconds with Chrome auto-fill.

The two stickers pictured above is what they sent me, especially love the crocodile sticker.


Moosejaw is kinda a cross between REI and Eddie Bauer and they have some really cool sticker designs as well.

They also offer free stickers if you visit this page.

At the time of this writing they were out-of-stock but were getting more in really soon. Keep checking back.


Sensing some strange moose-theme going on here? Yeah, me too.

Since you already grabbed your free Moosejaw sticker you might as well grab one from MooseTracks ice cream too.

All you gotta do is join MooseTracks Nation and they’ll send you one.

Nike 6.0

Nike 6.0 is Nike’s skateboarding and snowboarding brand.

As you can imagine, Nike 6.0 stickers look great on your skateboard or snowboard.

To request a free one, just send a SASE to:

Nike 6.0
Attn: Sticker Request
1 Bowerman Dr.
Beaverton, OR, 97005

North Face

Similar to Patagonia, North Face is a iconic brand selling high-quality outdoor clothing and gear.

The also have some really cool stickers to hand out.

Request yours by sending a SASE here:

The North Face
Attn: Sticker Request
N850 County Highway CB
Appleton, WI 54914


Free Patagonia Stickers

Who wouldn’t want a cool Patagonia sticker on their suitcase, laptop, or car bumper.

Just fill out this form and they’ll send you one.

Update: They’ll actually send you 3 stickers, the photo above is of the stickers they recently sent me.

BTW, you can request new stickers every 4 months.

Park City Mountain Bikes

Want a cool mountain bike sticker for your bike, bike rack or SUV?

Just visit the Park City Mountain Bike page and fill out the form to get yours.

Pelican Coast

Pelican Coast is a hip clothing company specializing in “Made-In-New Orleans items such as sport shirts, pants, belts and bags”.

Their pelican logo is really cool too and they’ve turned it into a rad sticker.

Just fill out this form HERE to get yours.

Punisher Skateboards

Punisher is a rad site that sells skateboards, parts, and skating apparel.

They also have some really creative stickers that they hand out to those who ask.

Snag your free sticker HERE.


RVCA is a lifestyle brand with a bend towards the skateboarding and surfing lifestyle.

But they’ve become much more main-stream as I’ll often see people wearing their clothing who would seriously break their neck if they ever stepped on a skateboard.

But anyways, they also hand out a cool sticker when you sign-up for their newsletter.

Request your free stickers from RVCA by clicking HERE.


Free Saucony Stickers

The only thing cooler than a RVCA sticker is a Saucony sticker. Am I right?

If you’re a runner you will LOVE their creative stickers, trust me.

Visit their “Sticker Request” page HERE and get yours too.

Trader Joe’s

Here’s a little know secret about Trader’s Joe’s…they give away stickers!

Cool stickers too.

Just politely ask when you’re checking out and most of the time the checkout clerk has a stack of them to hand out.

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Vans is an iconic American brand specializing in shoes and apparel for the skating/casual lifestyle.

Their creative stickers in recent years have become a mainstay with teenagers.

To request your free stickers send a SASE to this address:

Vans, LLC.
Attn: Sticker Request
N850 County Highway CB
Appleton, WI 54914


Yeti Sticker

Whenever you buy a YETI product you get a free sticker, but they also hand them out when you ask.

Click HERE to request one.


Zappos Free Sticker

On a hunch I started a live chat session with Zappos (see above screenshot) and asked if they had free stickers available.

The chat rep said they didn’t have any stickers that they sell, but she was going to look around the office and send me something. Amazing company!

I’ll update this article when I get the package and let you know what they sent me.

Update: Not only did they send me a couple stickers, but she actually wrote me a nice note thanking me for my patronage.

Amazing company.


Zumiez is in most malls across the country and they sell skater influenced apparel and shoes.

The next time your shopping at Zumiez politely ask for a free sticker (no purchase necessary).

They typically have a stack of them laying around and are more than happy to hand ’em out.

Ask the Reader: What places did I miss that hand out free stickers? Let me know in the comments and I’ll definitely check them out.

By Kyle James


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Danielle Christina

Nice list Kyle. Seriously, thanks for doing this. I’m a huge sticker collector myself and I honestly didn’t have a couple of these places you listed. On a few links the page no longer exists or the time has past where you can request free stickers, just wanted to let you know! But regardless, Thank you again and great work. ✌

Last edited 2 years ago by Danielle Christina

Collard Greens has moved and that is no longer their address for sticker requests.


Punisher and RVCA have ended as well


Journey’s has free hand shaped stickers (Journey’s logo) and they regularly send out to their stores a new batch of stickers with updated artwork/designs for the season or theme they are going into. I work at one in a local mall and we always have a box of stickers on hand for anyone who asks or for little kids who need to be entertained for a few while their parents try on shoes lol!