Cool Ways to Save Money at Jamba Juice (Brain Freeze Optional…but Recommended)

Updated March 21, 2024 by Kyle James
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Jamba Juice smoothies are darn good. Sure, they’re loaded with sugar, sorbet, and sometimes cream, but still DARN good. Darn expensive as well. If I walked into our local JJ with my three kids in tow and let them each order whatever sized smoothie they wanted, my bill would be exactly $27.86. Well, maybe not quite that expensive, but you get my point.

But if you’re smart, which I assume you are as you’re on my blog, it doesn’t have to expensive and here are six smart ways to save money at Jamba Juice.

Cool Ways to Save Money at Jamba Juice (Brain Freeze Optional)

1. Join their Rewards Program

My Jamba Rewards

As does every Tom, Dick, and Harry, the folks at Jamba Juice also have a free rewards program called My Jamba Rewards.

The only difference? Jamba Juice’s program doesn’t suck out-loud.

As a matter of fact, it’s actually really cool and can save you money.

Here is what you get when you sign-up:

  • On your birthday you’ll get a FREE birthday smoothie or juice.
  • Get 50% off your 1st Smoothie after you sign-up.
  • Free personalized offers throughout the year. These are actually pretty cool and include BOGO deals and double reward point days.
  • You’ll also get 50% off all food items as a “Return Reward”

I’ve gotten some killer coupons and BOGO dealios via email by using the app as well.

2. Follow on Facebook and X

I have been following Jamba Juice on Facebook and X (was Twitter) for quite some time and it has paid off in a couple ways.

The biggest way is through limited-time coupons that they post on their social media pages. They’ll often throw up percent off coupons or buy 1, get 1 free deals.

So if you’re heading into your local Jamba Juice with no coupon in hand, quickly pull up their Facebook or Twitter feed and you stand a great chance of saving money.

It has also paid off by adding some crazy color to my Facebook feed.

Have you seen some of the colors coming out of Jamba Juice lately? Crazy what you can do with a blender, some fruit, and a great imagination.

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3. Keep an Eye Out for Fundraising Cards

Jamba Juice Fundraise Cards

I recently bought a Jamba Juice fundraising card from a friend whose daughter was raising money for her dance class.

Best thing I ever did. It gives my family 8 buy one smoothie, get one free deals. Any size!

The best part? The card only cost $10.

So if I were to buy 8 large smoothies, that is a savings of close to 50 bucks.

Also, these cards have an expiration of over 2 years out, so you won’t have to worry about not using it before it expires.

Seek these bad boys out, I have seen them popping up a lot recently in my town.

4. Split Larger Sizes

Have you seen the size of the largest sized cup at Jamba Juice these days?

Holy crap, I think I’ve seen gas cans with less capacity.

If you ever take kids to Jamba Juice you’ll want to get into the habit of splitting larger sizes.

They’ll happily do it for you at no extra cost.

For example, the 30 ounce “sugar rush bladder buster” can easily be split into thirds for 3 perfect 10 ounce sized cups.

This is much cheaper than ordering three 16 ounce cups and still gives you plenty of smoothie, especially for kids.

5. Use the Yelp App for Check-In Deals

Download the Yelp app and not only will you get info on locations and such, but you’ll stand a good chance of finding a “check-in” deal.

This is especially true for new”ish” Jamba Juice locations.

They’ll often throw out a BOGO deal or 15% off coupon on Yelp to attract new customers when they first move into an area.

Plus, you’ll get reviews about customer service, cleanliness of the toilet, cute guy behind the counter running the blender, etc..

6. Look for Jamba Juice Coupons

This seems so blatantly obvious but it still amazes me how folks forget to look for a Jamba Juice coupon before buying a $6 cup of fruit blended up. Here are a few kick-ass places to start (and probably end) your search:

  • Deal – One of the oldest coupon sites on the Internet. How do they do it? Well…they keep their blog updated daily with new printable coupons to Jamba Juice.
  • – I’ll give Slickdeals some love as they seem to do a good job keeping their Jamba Juice page updated with the newest offers and coupons.
  • Groupon – The folks at Groupon regularly post new offers for JJ. Some of the good ones I’ve seen include $3 off your next smoothie and buy 1 get 1 free.

Ask the Reader: What tips do you have to save money at Jamba Juice? Or do you pay full price? If you do, you’ve come to the right spot. Be sure to stick around. Before long you won’t pay full price for anything.

By Kyle James


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