Is Flight Club Legit? Read This FIRST Before Buying

Updated January 12, 2024 by Kyle James
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Flight Club is a sneaker consignment marketplace that sells rare sneaker shoes both in-person and online. Since Flight Club currently only has three in-person locations in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami, many customers opt to shop online. However, shopping on their website presents several questions, including how do they authenticate shoes, how does their return policy works, and so much more. Keep reading to learn if Flight Club is a legit company that you can safely consider buying shoes from.

Is Flight Club Legit? Read This FIRST Before Buying

Is Flight Club a Reputable Company?


Flight Club is a reputable company that sells exclusive sneakers.

Because Flight Club is a marketplace with third-party sellers, this can make customers skeptical about whether the shoes they are getting are in fact authentic.

The good news is Flight Club orders are ALWAYS sent to an authentication facility first to be verified, before being sent to the buyer.

How Long Have They Been Around and Where Are They Based?

Flight Club has been around since 2005 and was originally based out of its New York City store.

Today Flight Club has three in-store locations in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami.

How Does Flight Club Work?

Flight Club works by being a marketplace that sells shoes both in-store and online.

Independent sellers can EITHER send in their shoes before they sell them (and have Flight Club sell on their behalf) OR send them in for authentication AFTER they’ve been sold and before they make their way to the buyer.

They buyer will pay MORE for shoes that are already authenticated as it greatly speeds up the shipping and processing delivery time.

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Do They Only Sell Shoes from 3rd Party Sellers?


Flight Club states on its website that ALL the items they carry are provided by independent owners or 3rd party sellers.

Does Flight Club Only Sell NIKE?


Flight Club sells all sorts of sneaker brands, not just Nike.

From Nike Air Jordans to Adidas, Yeezy, New Balance, and more, customers can expect to find a wide range of sneaker brand options.

How Do Flight Club Prices Compare?

Due to the nature of Flight Club selling rare shoes, you can expect shoes to be more on the pricier side.

Various factors like shoe condition, rarity, and size availability play a role in the price of shoes on Flight Club.

But with that said, sometimes the higher price tag may be worth it if it gives you peace of mind knowing that the shoes are 100% authentic.

Do They Sell Used Shoes as Well?


The only used shoes that Flight Club tends to sell are rare shoes.

So it’s not the best place to shop for a great deal on gently used basketball shoes, for example.

This is especially true as the website doesn’t tell you what type of “Used” condition the shoes are in which makes the purchase risky.

Plus, the used price compared, to the new price, is often not enough savings to justify going the used route.

But if you’re looking for some Air Jordans and you don’t mind scuff marks, a damaged box, or a missing Nike hang tag, then ALWAYS include the search filter titled “New With Defects” when browsing for new shoes on their website.

Do doing so, you’ll easily save 10-40% off the “brand new” price.

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What is The Flight Club Return Policy?

All sales are FINAL on Flight Club.

Therefore, Flight Club’s return policy is extremely strict, so you must be 100% sure about your purchase before ordering, as they do not accept returns or exchanges.

Are Shoes Authenticated and How Do They Do It?


Shoes are authenticated by Flight Club before being mailed to the buyer.

All shoes that are provided to Flight Club go through an authentication facility that verifies that the shoes are genuine and authentic.

As mentioned earlier, pricing, and the time it takes for delivery, depends on whether the shoes have already been sent to Flight Club BEFORE the sale, or if the seller still needs to mail the shoes in for authentication.

Do they Stand Behind All Shoe Purchases?


Flight Club stands behind the items that they have verified as authentic.

Therefore, buyers can rest assured that the shoes they buy are legit.

What Are Their Shipping Charges?

Flight Club has some fairly hefty shipping fees.

Below is a breakdown of how much you should expect to pay for shipping costs at Flight Club:

– United States (except Hawaii and Alaska): $14.50

– Hawaii and Alaska: $15

– Expedited Shipping U.S. $27

– Canada: $30

– International Countries: $40

Any Fees or Charges to Know About?


There are seller fees involved to sell on Flight Club.

Sellers are charged a 9.5% commission fee, a $5 seller fee, and an additional 2.9% cash-out fee.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever bought shoes on Flight Club? Was it an easy process or more hassle than it’s worth?

By Kyle James


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