Lesser-Known McDonald’s Menu Hacks That’ll Save You Money

Updated March 21, 2024 by Kyle James

I recently noticed that McDonald’s stock is at an all-time high. They are clearly making a ton of money off our fast-food love affair, so I figured it was time to come up with some McDonald’s menu hacks that can actually save us money on our next trip to the golden arches. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, these tips can definitely save you some cash. McFlurry anyone?

Lesser-Known McDonald's Menu Hacks That'll Save You Money

1. Order the “Budget” Big Mac

Did you know that you can order any McDonald’s burger to come with “special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – on a sesame seed bun”,  just like the famous Big Mac?

Apparently there’s even a button on the register for this request at many golden arches locations.

All you have to say is “Like a Mac” and you’ll get hooked up – minus the 3rd bun in the middle of course, but you can live without that strange invention.

Turns out this is a great hack to get a Big Mac for a lot less money.

For example, order a “McDouble – like a Mac” and you’ll essentially get a Big Mac for about $4.29 after the add-ons, compared to the original Big Mac which comes with a price tag of $6.99 at most locations.

Also, if you’re simply craving a double burger, just order the McDouble instead of the Big Mac and easily save a couple bucks as the McDouble remains a steal at $2.89.

2. NEVER Order the 10 Piece McNuggets

McDonalds McNugget Hack

Okay, so this tip is awesome if you love yourself some chicken nugs.

The next time the craving hits, ALWAYS order the 20-piece McNuggets.

Why? Well, a box of 10 is priced at $4.89 ($0.49 cents a nugget) while a box of 20 will ONLY cost you $5.19 or $0.26 cents a nugget.

So you get twice the nuggets for only 30 cents more.

In an odd twist of fate, the 20-piece box is approximately the same price, per nugget, as the 40 piece box.

So…if your local arches has the 20-pack on the menu, order them up like crazy as you’re only spending 26 cents per nug.

3. Ask About Discounted Chow

I use to do this in college and it almost always worked.

When ordering, I’d simply ask if they had any burgers or fries that were “going begging”.

Meaning they were made but not bought, often they are custom made, or perhaps they’ve been sitting under the heat lamp a little too long.

Nothing wrong with them!

I use to get Big Macs for $1.25, Quarter Pounders for $0.75, and fries for $0.50.

Hey, I was a starving college student and I DID NOT care what anyone else thought.

4. Over 55?  Get a Free Cup of Coffee

If you’re over 55, did you know you’re entitled to a free cup of coffee every time you enter a McDonalds?

You must dine-in to be eligible for your free coffee, and not all restaurants participate, but it’s definitely worth asking about.

Also, it appears that some golden arches offer the choice of a free coffee or a cold beverage.

5. Egg McMuffin Hack

The next time you enter a McDonald’s jonesing for some breakfast, consider ordering a simple Sausage McMuffin (without the egg) along with an ala carte “round egg” and create your own Sausage Egg McMuffin on the cheap.

According to the clever folks at BuzzFeed, by ordering it this way, you’ll get it for only $2.58 instead of $3.19.

Not a huge savings, but a fun McDonald’s secret menu hack that’ll stick it to Ronald every time.

6. Want Hot and Fresh Fries?

Nothing worse than luke warm and soggy French fries.

To avoid this, be sure to order them with “No Salt” and Mickey D’s will fry up a fresh batch just for you.

You can then add the salt yourself if you want.

While this won’t save you any money, it will definitely get you some deliciously amazing French fries on your next visit.

This tip also works for the Filet O’ Fish – order it “no cheese” and you’re guaranteed to get a freshly made fish sandwich.

7. Don’t Ignore the Value Menu

Not all “Value Menu” items are created equal as some are much better deals than others.

The best value menu items at McDonalds are as follows:

– McChicken Sandwich: At an affordable $3.29, this is the best buy on the ENTIRE menu by far.

It weights 5.10 ounces and will fill up your stomach more than other burgers and sandwiches.

– McDouble: At $4.29, as mentioned earlier, the McDouble is a great value menu item.

Order it “Like a Mac” and get it with all the Big Mac trimmings and you’ve essentially order a Big Mac and saved a couple bucks in the process.

By Kyle James

Photo by Mike Mozart


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Gary Goldberg

Here in Maryland many of the McD’s sell the Sausage McMuffin for $1, and a Breakfast Burrito for another $1. Eat them together and you’ve got the equivalent of a Sausage McMuffin with Egg for $2 + tax. Yum.


If you’re over 62, order the Senior Coke, Senior drink, whatever. You get a child’s size cup (12 oz) for $0.75 or less.

Donna Freedman

At the McDonald’s in my neighborhood you can get a “senior soft drink” or “senior coffee” for 25 cents. And the soft drinks are refillable!

When I heard about this I asked how old I had to be. The counter guy said “55, but we’re actually not supposed to ask the customer’s age — we’re just supposed to give it to them if they ask for it.”

This particular McDonald’s will also sell you an English muffin with butter and jam for either 50 cents or 75 cents (can’t remember which). Ask if that’s available at your local franchise.

And of course the idea of getting a Mighty Kids meal is an oldie but goodie. A burger, fries and soft drink is enough food for me and it includes apple slices or a tangerine. (Here in Alaska there’s no dollar menu and even the “Value Menu” isn’t cheap.)

M West

Here in Salisbury no when u order the McDouble like a Mac they charge u 40 cent extra for the lettuce and 30 cent extra for the sauce.


I tried the Big Mac idea but was told they not allowed to add Big Mac sauce to anything besides a Big Mac.

pitbull mom

you can get bm sauce on the side dipping sauce


I don’t know where y’all’s McDonald’s is but here a McDouble is 2.75


Your prices and “hacks” are way out of date even though this says it was updated in Feb 2023.