October Buying Guide: 10 Things To Buy Right Now and Save

Updated June 30, 2020 by Kyle James

As we head into Fall, many retailers are trying to roll out Summer and seasonal merchandise, as well as make room for new models, creating some great deals on certain products. Here are the 10 best deals to be had right now.

October Buying Guide

Large Appliances

When it comes to large appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers, October is a great time to buy.

Manufacturers always unveil new models in the winter, making October the key month to unload last years models to make room for the new stuff.

In order to do this, especially in a down economy, they have to sell them at a great discount.

Lawn Mowers

Grass stops growing in November and December, and the demand for lawnmowers plummets, leaving retailers with inventory they have to store, which obviously costs a lot of money.

So retailers put them on sale, making October the prime time to score a deal on a new mower. Don’t wait until next Spring to buy, you will pay 25% to 40% more than right now.

School Supplies

If your child doesn’t have everything they need for the new school year, don’t fret as deals abound. Many retailers over-bought school supplies and now have excess inventory they need to unload, much to your wallet’s happiness.

This is also a good time to stock up for next year, or to buy cool Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers for your kids.

Fireplace Tools

Don’t wait until your fireplace is in full roar to buy a grate, poker, or hearth decor. By that time, retailers are in the driver’s seat and you’ll end up paying full price. October is the last month to find a good deal until next spring.


Pretty much without fail, new bike models are unveiled every September. With this comes crowded showrooms and warehouses, making it essential that bike shops and sporting good retailers unload last years models.

As we head into October and even into November, shops will continue to slash prices in order to move out old models. So if you need a new bike, or are considering getting one for your child this Christmas, right now is a great time to shop.

Swim and Pool Stuff

I was walking through my local Walmart the other day and was blown away with their clearance rack.

It was chalked full of swim toys and water blasters priced up to 75% off the original price. Right now is a great time to stock up for next summer.

Digital Cameras

If you are NOT particular about having only the newest and latest, then October is a great time to buy a new digital camera. The main reason is because manufacturers tend to release new models heading toward the Christmas shopping season.

Retailers are quite aware of this and need to sell last years models to make room for the new. Thus, many stores are currently selling cameras at a discount.

Air Conditioners

If you need a new air conditioner for your home, don’t wait for triple digit heat to start your shopping, you will get racked over the coals. October is an excellent time to shop as many units will be on sale in order to clear out inventory space.

This is especially true at big box stores like The Home Depot and Lowe’s. I personally saw some great deals (40% Off) on A/C units last weekend. As you have seen with much of my advice, the best time to get a deal on a product is to shop when nobody else is.

Automobile Tires

You can set your watch by when tires go on sale every year. Specifically, every October, tire retailers offer incredible incentives to drivers to buy a new a set of tires before winter driving hits.

So if you are driving on balding treads, right now is a great to buy. Not only will you get a nice discount, but that first winter storm won’t be quite so slippery with a good set of tires underneath you.


BBQ’s are quite large as you can imagine and take up significant room. Thus, retailers need to clear them out once grilling season has ended in September.

The end result: Deals abound on new grills right now! I personally bought our Weber grill in October and saved 20% off the sticker price.

Happy Savings.

Photo credit to Kevin.


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I would love to find coupons on services example roofing, plumbing, and electric.
I there a place I can find coupons like that?

Hazel Owens

I didn’t know that tires went on sale right before winter. I’ve never known the best time to buy new tires, but I’ll definitely be on the lookout next time October rolls around. Like you said, it’s good to have a sturdy set of tires under you when winter hits, so getting them while they’re cheap is a great plan. Thanks for the information!


slickdeals is usually good at giving head sup, on clearance items at walmart.

Oct and cameras must be more of a “most stores clear them out in oct”,
Than a hard and fast rule.

4 months ago I scored a couple Camcorders by JVC at walmarts. Were previously over $200, clearanced at $54.00. Complete and inbox.

Then 2 months ago, a different walmart was clearancing out all of the previous year’s models for $10 each. But with no boxes, no cables , no batteries. Cameras only.
I got 2 different 18mp cameras, both with wifi and other decent features benefits, for $10 each. Both were going for over $150 new, on amazon.
Found chargers and 2 batteries on ebay, for under $20 per camera.

Plus I found a canon camcorder, Was still selling on amazon for over $200, got it for $10,
Add in my ebay charger and 2 batteries for just under $20
Cameras total $20, camcorder total $10 = $30.

Chargers and 2 batteries for each camera, from ebay, about $52.

Total investment for a nikon, & a samsung camera, plus canon camcorder is
$30 [cameras] + $52 [chargers and 2 batteries for each camera = about $82.

Cameras were demos, but all 3 worked just fine.