Old Navy Hacks That’ll Change the Way You Shop & Save

Updated March 21, 2024 by Kyle James

If you’re a loyal Old Navy shopper, you probably already have a couple money-saving secrets up your sleeve. But are they “bad-ass”? From knowing the best day of the week to shop, to clever hacks that’ll score you a coupon, to cracking their price tag code, these Old Navy insider secrets will change the way you shop. Go forth and save money my friend.

Old Navy Hacks That'll Change the Way You Shop

Shop at Old Navy on a Monday or Tuesday

A couple years ago my wife was shopping at Old Navy on the weekend and was disappointed with how picked-over the clearance section was.

So on a whim she asked an employee when they do their clearance markdowns. Much to her surprise, the employee was very open with the information.

She told her to come in on a Monday or Tuesday as they typically have all of their markdowns done by Monday evening.

My wife took her advice and has found MANY terrific clearance deals over the years because of it.

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You’ll Find Better Coupons Online Vs. In-Store

When it comes to scoring coupons for Old Navy, they always have better online coupon codes compared to coupons you can redeem in-store.

Almost weekly you’ll find a 30-40% off coupon code to be used on your online purchase, where maybe once a month they’ll have this offer available in-store.

Free Shipping “Secret” When Shopping In-Store

Very few people know about this one. When shopping at OldNavy.com, you have to spend at least $50 to qualify for free shipping.

But when shopping in-store, you can get free delivery to your doorstep on any order over $25.

You can make it happen when you’re unable to find your size or desired color in-stock. Just tell an Old Navy associate and they’ll order it for you and have it delivered for free when your total surpasses $25.

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Stack Coupons on their Website (Sometimes)

After a quick call to Old Navy customer service, I discovered that you can indeed stack coupon codes when shopping online.

The only caveat is that the code must state that you can combine it with other offers.

So when you get your hands on a combinable coupon, make sure you save it and use it when they also have a flat 40% off coupon to maximize your savings.

Look For Prices Ending in $0.47 or $0.97

Back when I cracked the price tag code at a bunch of major retailers, Old Navy was one of my first sleuths.

I discovered that prices ending with .47, .49, .97 or .99 were killer deals. If the price ends with any of these, then the item is marked as clearance or discontinued and is probably the best price you’re going to get.

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Take Advantage of Price Adjustments

Did you know that Old Navy will give you a 1-time price adjustment if the price of something you bought drops within 14 days of purchase?

True enough, so hold on to those receipts. Unfortunately you can’t get a price adjustment on clearance items or stuff you bought with a coupon code, unless it was a free shipping coupon.

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Think BIG on Black Friday

My wife and I regularly stock up for our 3 kids on Black Friday at Old Navy and save A LOT of money in the process.

We’ll buy a size or 2 up and store the clothes until the following spring or autumn. With savings in the 75-80% off range in the clearance section it just makes sense.

Plus, if you prefer to stay at home on Black Friday and sleep in, just shop on Cyber Monday at Old Navy when you’ll see their best online coupons of the year.

Shoot for at Least 40% Off

When it comes to shopping at Old Navy, not only should you shoot for never paying full-price, but you should make it a goal to get savings of at least 40% off your total order.

Totally do-able, especially when you use a coupon code in conjunction with a store-wide sale.

Text Old Navy for an Instant Coupon

Just text Old Navy at 653-689, with the message OLDNVY to score a $5 off $35+ coupon.

Once enrolled, they’ll only text you a new coupon or deal alert on a weekly basis. Don’t have your phone with you? You can sign-up via their website.

Also, if you sign-up to be on their email list, they’ll typically shoot you an instant coupon code (via email) good for 30% off your online purchase.

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Their Credit Card Doesn’t Suck

Most store credit cards suck out-loud and are nothing more than a way to bombard you with advertising, but not the Old Navy card.

Once approved, you’ll get 15% off your first purchase, then earn 5 points for every $1 spent which’ll allow you to score free gift certificates on a quarterly basis.

Plus, you’ll get 1 point for every $1 spent anywhere Visa is accepted. It also has no annual fee. Just be sure to pay off your balance every month as it comes with a hefty 24.99% APR.

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Keep an Eye Out for “1-Day Deals”

The single best day to shop in-store at Old Navy is on a day they’re offering a “1-Day Deal”.

They typically offer them a couple days per week and they’ll often get you 50% off a specific item. Could be jeans, could be dresses, could be shorts, etc.

The best way to know when these 50% off 1-Day Deals are going to happen, is to follow Old Navy on Facebook as they typically update their feed with the full scoop.

Look for Old Navy “Super Cash”

If you’re already registered with Old Navy, you’re eligible to ear “Super Cash” and it’s awesome.

For every $25 you spend, online or in-store, you’ll earn $10 in free cash. Unfortunately, you can’t combine Super Cash with a coupon, but you can combine up to 3 Super Cash rewards on a single transaction.

Maximum $30 Super Cash per transaction in-store, and $50 per online order. So if you have three $10 rewards, you can make a $35 purchase in-store and only pay $5 out-of-pocket. Winning.

Always Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Another terrific way to save money at Old Navy is to buy gift cards at less than face value.

For example, the popular site Raise.com is currently selling a $150 Old Navy gift card for $131 (12.5% savings).

If that’s more than you want to spend, they are also selling a $25 gift card for about $23. Obviously the bigger the gift card, the more you’ll save.

Ask the Reader: How do save money at Old Navy? Let me know if you have a bad-ass tip to add. Thanks.

By Kyle James

Photo by Mike Mozart.


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Now you have to spend $25 in order to use $10 of your super cash. So if you have $30 in super cash you’d have to spend $75 before tax to use it


And from my experience, they usually have an online coupon that gets you a better deal than redeeming the super cash. TOTALLY kills my buzz.

Dea Evans

Yep just went through this my 30% coupon was a better deal than using my super cash that’s why I like Kohl’s because you can use your Kohl’s cash with any additional coupons

Jo Frame

I would just like to say a BIG “Thank You” for putting all of this #badass information into one place. I am going to share this with my people that will certainly share it with theirs😉
I personally have been on a tightly woven budget since the age of 16! Always looking for ways to #save, #stretchadollar and #sensibly #survive while raising two children.
Worked two jobs, a “then”single #badass mom who lived for her #badass kids.. all while trying to be a #savvy #smartshopper #moneymanager and #superhero. Dave Ramsey was my #superhero at 16, and I was #gifted #financialpeace for my Birthday.
☆☆☆My suggestion for Parents:
#bestgiftever #financialpeace by :
Dave Ramsey
Sorry! I never intended for this to become an article lol. Just an incredibly awesome page stocked full of FREE advice and links that has been made available.
So blessed🤓


Always use your super cash in store because then you get the store promotions also. Like if items are 30% off, you can use super cash on top of it un like online you can’t use the promo codes with super cash.


What happens to your super cash if you return the item that afforded you the super cash in the first place?


It doesn’t loose any value if you decide to return some or all items. Once it gets scanned it yours to keep.


If you return an item that got you the super cash you still get to keep your super cash.


Apparently in order to use Super Cash now, you have to make the purchase with an Gap Inc. Credit Card. That is a load of crap.


That is false, you don’t have to be a card holder to use your supercash. You can redeem your super cash with any form of payment (cash, credit, or debit). I am a old navy employee and have never heard of this.

Eileen Stringfellow

The cashier didn’t give me all my supercash, can I go back to get it?


Will Old Navy honor Super Cash in store if it’s only a day or two past the printed expiration date? Also, can you still use your Super Cash in store if you’ve already redeemed it online?


No. It’s a one time use only, you use it online then that code will no longer work. If you have another super cash then yes but the same one will not work. Also expired coupons never work because there is an allotted time to use it and once it’s past the date it is no longer in the system. A lot of the time as soon as super cash redeem period ends we start scanning new super cash to give to you for next redemption period in about 1-2 months.


Can you use Old Navy Rewards (credit card rewards) along with the Super Cash? I’ve gotten conflicting information from staff at my Old Navy.


Yes you can!! It’s like “free money” that they have earned!

Joseph Elliott

Hey Mike, Thank YOU for the advice when shopping Old Navy. Undortunateky, texting them at 653-689 with, “OLDNVY” is no longer recognized to get the $5 and $35 off coupons.

Please let me know if you have any additional information or updates.


Tiffany A

Ever get an answer for this one? Scrambling for the same answer!!! 🤞🤞


Text PERK to get $5 off to 653689


I wish super cash was like Kohls cash cause u have to spend more money for old navy super cash where as kohls just gives you the cash. I have $150 super cash but I would have to spend a crap tone to use it, not worth it if you ask me.


Can one give his supercash to someone? the code?


yes, it is not specific to a user in my experience

Jennifer Reffner

Use an Old Navy credit card to get rewards.


As someone who is a current employee at Old Navy, you are unable to use more than one Super Cash in a transaction. We are more than happy to split up your items into multiple transactions so you can use all of your Super Cash, but they can’t be stacked.


They need to stop calling it “cash” and just call it a $10 off $25 coupon. “Cash” shouldn’t have restrictions on stacking or combining with coupons, minimum purchase requirements, etc. And it’s kinda ridiculous that you’re expected to wait several months to use it. I’ll either forget about it by then or whatever I wanted to buy will be long gone in my size.


3 weeks ago I went regular shopping and came across a whole bunch of boy clothes for .30 cents at most $1.00. I’ve been going back to check if they have anymore on “sale” but no luck.


I think they’ve changed Super Cash rules because I’m unable to combine my codes on a purchase…I feel like I remember using multiple in other years, but not this time. *sigh, so sad. I guess I’m still saving a lot anyway with all the sales, but still. Would have liked to spend less haha.