Walmart Pharmacy: We Answer All Your Pharmacy Questions

Updated March 20, 2024 by Kyle James

I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about the Walmart pharmacy. Is it cheaper than other pharmacies? How does it compare to Costco’s pharmacy? How does the Express Pickup work? So I figured it was time to put fingers to keys and answer your burning questions in one handy dandy post. Hope it helps.

Walmart Pharmacy: We Answer All Your Pharmacy Questions

1. Are the Walmart Pharmacy Hours Different?

Yes, the Walmart pharmacy hours are different than regular store hours.

Most stores are open 24 hours a day, but most Walmart pharmacies are only open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Update: Starting in March of 2023 the Walmart Pharmacy (nationwide) will be closing at 7 p.m.

2. Does the Pharmacy Offer $4 Generics?

Yes, Walmart is one of a handful of national chains to offer $4 generics.

For your 4 dollars, you get a 30-day supply OR $10 for a 90-day supply.

Here is a Detailed List of all the $4 prescriptions Walmart currently offers, broken down by medical condition.

Takeaway: Always ask your doctor if a generic drug is available before he fills out the prescription.

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3. Does Walmart Sell Pseudoephedrine Products?

Yes, but they are NOT over-the-counter drugs.

But when buying products like Sudafed that contain pseudoephedrine you’ll need to show a valid I.D. to make the purchase.

This drug is used to make “meth” and thus the DEA regulation that requires a valid I.D..

4. Can I Pickup a Refill From a Different Walmart?

Yes, you can, but it requires an extra step.

Specifically, you’ll have to visit the online Walmart Pharmacy.

Next you’ll want to select the prescription you want to refill, then on the checkout page just select Store Pickup.

Lastly, select the new Walmart location where you want to pick-up your prescription. Done.

5. Can Someone Else Fill My Prescription?

Yes, they absolutely can.

They’ll need your name, address, and date of birth to walk out with your drug.

6. Any Way to Skip the Line Once I Get to the Pharmacy?

Absolutely you can, Walmart calls it their Express Pickup.

Just download the Walmart App and visit the Pharmacy section of the app. Tip: You’ll find it in Services.

Next, use the app to refill or transfer an existing prescription.

The app will then notify you when your prescription is ready.

At this point you can use the app to access Express Pickup.

All you have to do is use the app to pay for your drugs, sign your forms, and select Express Pickup.

When you get to the Walmart Pharmacy head straight for the Express Pickup line and wink at everyone standing in the long “regular people” line.

Then all you have to do is scan the QR code on your phone, grab your prescription, and walk out the door.

7. How Does Their Pharmacy Compare to Costco’s?

Costco might lose this battle.

Not only does Costco not offer $4 generics, but they also don’t offer an “express pickup” option like Walmart.

While Costco does offer a Member Prescription Program which offers some savings, they tend to only be on name-brand drugs like Viagra, Osphena, Relistor, and Victoza.

The one cool thing about the Costco Pharmacy is you DO NOT have to be a paying Costco member to take advantage.

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Ask the Reader: What’s been your experience with the Walmart pharmacy? Let me know in the comments below.

By Kyle James

Photo credit to frankieleon.


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I like Walmart’s pharmacy. I find that many (not all!) of the prescriptions that I fill there are cheaper than Walgreen’s or CVS. There is never a crazy long line at the one I go to. By using the app, I know how much my prescriptions are going to be before going to the store. They will mail your prescriptions for free! I haven’t tried Mobile Express Pickup yet, but I will.

Vicky Harbison

Walmart IS cheaper and I like to get my pharmacy meds there.
The one thing that has irked me this last year is, WHY is the pharmacy staff signing for me on sudafed purchase? That has made me nervous because I do not know what all they can do on their registers. They told me it was due to covid.
How do I know they’re not ringing up 2 boxes somehow? Or any thing else?
Walmart is using MY license for identification purposes, so why am I not the one signing?
I think it’s time they went back to normal.

Thomas M Kemper

You need to eliminate the “express pickup instructions since it’s no longer available. Very sad – wik probably switch to another pharmacy


Walmart pharmacy asked me personal medical questions protected by Hippa , if I didn’t answer their questions I would not have been given my prescriptions, all because my Dr. gave me a 30 hydrocodine/ acetemine which none of this was any of their businessand I will look for someone to report this to. There are legitament people that have pain we are not all drug abusers !


Went to pick up Tylenol 3 today. Pharmacist actually asked why I was taking this medicine. My legs are purple from circulation problems, I have a huge ulcer on my left foot and a bad knee. Just seemed so invasive to my privacy in front of a packed pharmacy counter. Sick of feeling like a BAD person because I use pain meds. Never have I been in trouble for any reason. Never used drugs. Been on Tramadol for 17vyears and Tylenol 3 for 3-4 years.

Dennis Hostutler

Unfortunately they think they know more than your medical DR. HIPPA laws don’t seem to bother them.



Dennis Hostutler

I think the question where you ask is Walmart better than Costco? I would have to say probably any other pharmacy is better than Walmart. Walmart is always out of the medication I need filled. Plus Walmart thinks they know more than your own medical DR. Walmart is just plain horrible.