Walmart Vision Center: Things You GOTTA Know Before You Visit

Updated March 27, 2024 by Kyle James

Getting an eye exam and a new pair of eyeglasses doesn’t have to be expensive if you play your cards right. Enter the Walmart Vision Center where you can get an eye exam (from a board certified optometrist) and a new pair of prescription glasses for under $100. Even less if you’re not super picky about frame style and brand. So I went out and did the research to figure out exactly how the eye center at Walmart works and here are all the things you GOTTA know before you show up.

Walmart Vision Center: Things You GOTTA Know Before You Visit

What Type of Frames Does Walmart Offer?

Walmart Vision Center: 8 Things You GOTTA Know Before You Visit

Walmart offers many name-brand frames like Ray-Ban, Guess, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Nike, Lacoste, and Armani Exchange.

But where Walmart separates themselves is in the great deals on generic frames and frames for kids.

They have a terrific selection of both with prices starting below $10.

If your family is on a tight budget, I’d definitely shop for frames at Walmart and AVOID buying them at an eye doctor’s office or specialty retailers like Lens Crafters or Vision Works.

The cool part is that Walmart claims they can have your eyeglasses ready to be picked up (or delivered) in 7-10 days.

What Does an Eye Exam Cost? 

If your local Walmart has a vision center with a doctor of optometry within, you can expect to pay around $75 for an eye exam.

The last time I checked this was a little more expensive than Costco which charges $65 for an exam.

Talking to folks that have had an eye exam at Walmart they’ve been happy with the service overall but did say to expect less face time with the doctor compared to a regular optometrist office.

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Do I Need an Appointment for a Vision Exam?

Yes, and you CAN’T make the appointment online.

You need to call your local Walmart eye center and schedule your vision exam.

Do They Accept All Types of Insurance?


I dug around on their website and discovered that Walmart Vision Center takes most major insurance providers.

Apparently only the following providers are considered “Out-of-Network” which means they’ll cover less.

  • Cole Managed Vision
  • Davis Vision
  • EyeMed
  • Spectera
  • VSP

I’d contact your local Walmart eye center if you have any specific questions related to your insurance.

Does Walmart Hire Only Experienced Optometrists? 

Yes, they’re highly trained, but keep in mind that Walmart DOES NOT actually hire most them.

The vast majority are considered self-employed eye doctors who simply lease space in the store right next to the vision center.

Not all vision centers have an optometrist within, so check with your local Walmart first.

Keep in mind that you can visit any Walmart in your area, so if you don’t like the Vision Center staff at a particular Walmart, try a different one.

Once you find a center that you really like, just make that your “home” eye center.

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Are Walmart Eyewear Prices Competitive?


The online Walmart Vision Center currently has 137 different frames priced under $50 and 20 priced under $20 and many are brand names like Vera Wang, Fendi, and Nike.

Obviously the brand and materials used is going to influence the price of the frame, but overall the prices are very competitive.

Lens prices also vary with “single-vision” lenses available for FREE and “progressive no-line lenses” coming in at $50.

You also have the following cool options available:

– Basic Tint: $41

– Clear Lenses: Free

– Polarized Tint: $65

– Transition Lenses: $65

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Does Walmart Also Sell Contact Lenses?


They sell popular contact brands like Acuvue, Air Optix, Bausch+Lomb, and Dailies.

They range in price from $40 a box up to about $80.

They’ll even mail them for FREE and let you set up a “Auto Lens Subscription” where Walmart will automatically mail you new contacts when you need them.

Can I Bring in my Eyewear Prescription from Another Doctor?


If you don’t need an eye exam, and already have a prescription in-hand, you can walk-in whiteout an appointment.

A Walmart vision center associate will help you find the best frame and lenses for your needs.

Bonus: What Type of Return Policy Comes with my Glasses?

This is where the Walmart vision center gets an A+ in my book.

Not only do you get a 60 day return policy (no questions asked), but you also get a 1 year warranty for the frame and the lenses.

So if you get a deep scratch in a lens within the first 365 days, you can bring them back for a full replacement lens.

Likewise if you sit on, step on, or break the frame any other way, you can bring them back for a free replacement as well.

Walmart will even pay the return shipping charges which is kinda epic.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever bought eyeglasses or contacts from the Walmart vision center? Would you recommend it? Let me know.

By Kyle James

Photo by Mike Mozart.


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P B Spencer

I have gotten glasses 4 times thru the years, no complaints. Took one pair back, my ophthalmologist had written the prescription wrong. They told me to bring another prescription and they replaced it no charge. They were tri focal, tinted, scratch proof, so I think they lost a little on this deal.


I called a Joplin MO Walmart vision center. Their exam fee is $55 and progressive lenses START at $185.


Just an FYI, Walmart refused my insurance on my glasses charging me $400, and they won’t honor the 1 yr warranty on the lenses after 5 months they are so scratched I can no longer use them. Will NEVER go back. Junk, pure junk.


400 for glasses, OMG.


haa haa, well you do bare some responsibility for your glasses scratching! seriously, Ive had same pair 14 years…so that is on you not Walmart! I always buy high end but I treat them extremely carefully..I am going to Walmart tomorrow to get a spare pair. so next time, maybe clean them, keep them in a case and I am sure you throw them around,


Wow. What a response. You must be a dad, only dads say low life things like that. No, wait, you’re right moms do too.
Please pay attention to what the complaint was.
I don’t think they were blaming Walmart for the scratch but Walmart isn’t covering what they claimed to cover. Walmart is the issue. Not them dad, I mean mom. Damn it, whoever you are.


U don’t know what your talking about they always payed for scratches it’ppl like u know everything I gotten them first no. New glasses


I had the same problem in Wallin ct store I bought the extra warranty and 8 months later scratch and the ppl there said it didn’t cover scratches any longer PS when I took the extra warranty I asked and scratches were considered damage and replaced I lost again to the big business ppl

Jan Eitzen

I’m confused. The service persons at Walmart say if I have one cataract surgery, Walmart will pay for glasses on the first surgery of one eye, but will not pay for the glasses needed after the second surgery done some months after the first. Is that correct?

I understand the surgeon can’t do surgery till a certain criteria is met to satisfy Medicare’s protocol to pay for the surgery. I’m assuming my second eye doesn’t meet the criteria at the same time as the other one which is why it’s postponed to a later date when Medicare finally approves the surgery.

If this is true, then you’ve got the patient between a rock and a hard place. Right? Do you just pay for only one pair of glasses, period? And the patient is out of luck if the surgeries come at different times? Or do you at least pay for just the new lense after the second surgery?…Which would make sense. As you can see, it’s pretty confusing to the Medicare patient. Please explain. Thanks


I had cataract surgery and went to Walmart for glasses. After getting them I complained they weren’t right. I went back to my eye doc and they revised my scrip. I went back to Walmart to get them changed and they said they would let me know when they came back. I called after a month and they told me they wouldn’t replace the lens because of scrip change. They didn’t even call me to tell me anything. So no their guarantee isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.


I went to my local Walmart Optical expecting to walk out with contacts, and the optometrist showed me photos of people whose eyes were ruined from contacts. I really wanted to get light brown contacts.
Anyway, the eye appointment was 75 and the total for the glasses was 245. All I needed were reading glasses. My appointment was on a Friday afternoon, and I called first thing on Saturday to cancel and they said it was too late.
I had no idea I could buy glasses at the dollar store, I also feel pushed into buying glasses when I only wanted to change my eye color.’
Such a pushy experience, and just ridiculous to pay all that money when I only need reading glasses.


you get what you pay for!

Benjamin Hernandez

I would like to know on the Walmart Vision Center policy if the warranty is good and can I get replacement lenses if my lenses were shattered?

Rocky Levi

Thanks for this information!

Last edited 1 year ago by Rocky Levi
Paul Nicholas

Don’t Ever get your glasses here when I got mine I told them that I could see better out of my 6 year old glasses then I could the new ones they told me my eyes needed to get used to the new prescription and it could take 2 months after 2 plus months they still haven’t when I took them back they told me that there was nothing they could do about them so unless you want to throw away 350.00 dollars don’t go to Walmart they are thieves and just want to steal your money.


Thanks for info. (Please correct your grammar on #4. ACCEPT not except.)


Uh oh…the grammar police have entered the chat. Everyone run, you might be chased down and publicly shamed.


I purchased my eyeglasses from my local Wal-Mart vision center. The eye Dr. is very kind & the staff so nice. The vision center is updated & clean. I bought the thin progressive lenses. Got the transitions with reflection free. My frame is stylish. Prescriptions take a few wks to adjust to. Eye exam was $80 but the best I have ever gotten. I have been wearing glasses daily for over 50 yrs. Totally satisfied with my new eyewear. Vision is crisp & I had a good experience with my local eyewear center! 😁


I am looking for the same type of lens. You list the cost of your exam. Can you please tell me what the total cost was out the door for the exam, frame and the progressive transition lens. thanks


Can you do it all online. I have a valid prescription, a pair of glasses picked out. Like Warby Parker? I can’t find the all online option for Walmart anywhere. I do see they have a contact lenses online shopping – but nothing for glasses. I’m kuffudled!


Google tells you have to schedule over the phone or in person. No online appointments


So, I’m 36, I’ve needed glasses/contacts since I was 10. As soon as I turned 18, was in college and living out on my own, I realized how badly I couldn’t afford insurance.

The Walmart vision center HAS NEVER LET ME DOWN SINCE THEN! I’ve gotten glasses and contacts from them with no issues. 10 years ago, when my oldest child was 3 she was being silly and tried to put my glasses on while I was putting in my contacts and she dropped them in the toilet. And unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough to reach her before she flushed and my glasses were gone (but I did receive a $200+ bill from the plumbing company). I called to vision center and was advised that I was a few days past the warranty.

When I told the employee what had happened to them she laughed so hard I could almost hear tears coming down her face. Haha well, the woman was a complete angel and gave me a replacement set FOR FREE (somehow got the warranty extended the few days I needed it to be). Now, as they have been a wonderful option for me let me just say that, YES, they will try to encourage you to spend more money BUT DOESNT EVERY SALES PERSON DO THAT?! Stand firm on only buying what you went in there to buy, just like you should when you do any other shopping.

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY IF YOU GOOGLE EYE EXAMS ONLINE THERE ARE NOW (THANKS TO COVID) a good list of places that can actually give you an eye exam online! The past two years IVE BEEN GETTING MY EYE EXAM DONE EVERY YEAR FROM THE 1800CONTACTS WEB SITE! And right now, ITS ONLY $20 for the exam for contacts!

Also you can check with places like CVS which I believe takes more insurance companies but I’m not 100% on that so don’t quote me. Now, in order to do an online eye exam most places say that you have to be between 18years old and 55years old, and if you opt to have the exam online they strongly recommend going into an office to have an exam done EVERY FIVE YEARS!

So for me, that has been my go to! I can have an online eye exam done at 1800CONTACTS 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Which for someone like me who has 3 children and who is self employed, I don’t always have the opportunity OR THE MONEY for in office eye exam. I can honestly say that the online exam has been working for me!

Last year my eyes had gotten worse and the exam actually picked up on it (I wanted to test how and if this online “exam” was. And I was very pleasantly surprised! Even with no insurance needed I got a quality eye exam at 2am for only $20 and I didn’t even have to get out of my bed!


My local Walmart is trying to charge me $250 for the exam alone. Why is that?


They do not replace lenses that are not correct. I have been going back every few weeks trying to get my glasses adjusted properly so I can see thru them. After wearing them for a few days and struggling to see I took them back and was told to have the prescription checked by the doctor that had examined me. That office said the prescription was wrong. I took them back and an assistant said to leave them and she would talk to the manager.. Now it is 8 months later and even though I have gone back again and again they are out of warranty. So now I am stuck with a pair of glasses that do not meet my needs!!!!