Brilliant Ways to Save at Marshalls According to Employees

Updated March 27, 2024 by Kyle James
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I was shopping at Marshalls recently with my wife and daughter and was really bored as the men’s department is TINY and I’d already looked at everything twice. So on a whim, I decided to start chatting with a few employees and ask them what they thought was the best way to save money at Marshalls. The results did NOT disappoint and I knew immediately I had to get their highly creative tips put together in an article before I forgot. I hope these great tips help you save some money in the future.

Brilliant Ways to Save at Marshalls According to Employees

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask About a Possible Markdown

Do NOT be afraid to ask a Marshalls employee if a product is due for a markdown, especially if you’ve seen it on the rack or shelf for a while.

I talked to several employees and they ALL told me it’s totally cool to politely ask this question, especially if they aren’t busy.

They have a phone scanner available and they can quickly check to see if the item should be marked down and give you the lower price (on the spot) if they can.

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Pay Attention to Clearance Price Tags

Marshalls clearance price tag

According to a Marshalls employee here is how the clearance price stickers work:

  • White Price Sticker – This is the regular price.
  • Red Price Sticker – This is the first clearance markdown price.
  • Yellow Price Sticker – Yellow sticker means it’s been marked down at least once from the “red sticker price”. It will continue to be marked down with a yellow stick moving forward. See the picture above, the product originally had a $10 yellow sticker and has been marked down again to $8.
  • Blue Price Sticker – This means the product comes in a set, so be sure to find the other item (probably nearby) with a blue sticker.
  • Purple Price Sticker – This means the item is a “Runway” item and comes from a high-end fashion brand. I’ve never seen one of these.

I had a couple employees actually walk me around the store briefly so I could could snap a picture of these tags for this article which was really nice of them.

I was also told that Marshalls does their markdowns throughout the week and will continue markdown items that do NOT sell every 7-10 days.

What’s the Best Day for Beauty Restocks?

I talked to an employee that actually does the beauty restocks at her store.

She said without equivocation that Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting at 9:30 a.m. is the BEST TIME to get first dibs on “the good stuff”.

She added that they get a lot of their stuff from ULTA and Sephora, so DON’T buy from those stores, instead come to Marshalls and save up to 75% off the original price.

She also wanted to preface this information by saying to ask at your local Marshalls as it could vary by location.

Also, she told me employees are very open with this “restock information”, so ALWAYS ask.

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Hit Up for HUGE Deals

Unlike TJ Maxx and Ross, Marshalls actually sells stuff online, and if you know where they hide the best deals on their site, you can REALLY save.

In particular, I was told by a Marshalls employee to always check out the toy deals on their website as the prices are really LOW and way cheaper than Amazon.

So off I went to the Marshalls website for some quick price comparisons with Amazon and the toy deals were definitely screaming.

For example, Marshalls was selling the Fisher-Price Batman Batcave set for only $15 while Amazon had it “on sale” for $38.99.

I also found great deals on kids books, games, puzzles, baby toys, and even arts and crafts supplies and kits.

Also, Marshalls offers free shipping if you spend at least $89 online, just use the coupon code SHIP89 when checking out.

When Shopping for Home Furnishings ALWAYS Negotiate

While negotiating a lower price at big-box stores is something I’ve talked about before, I had never considered it at Marshalls.

I think the reason I never thought of it at Marshalls was because the prices were already low.

But I had 2 separate Marshalls employees tell me that they will almost always lower the price on furniture if you ask politely.

Before you try this, be sure to find a small stain or imperfection in the furniture and use that as your ammo for negotiating a slight discount.

Depending on how bad the imperfection is, it’s reasonable to politely ask for a 15-20% discount and be prepared to settle for 10%.

I was told that managers at Marshalls are ALWAYS trying to get rid of furniture before new merchandise comes in as it takes up so much room on the sales floor.

Use this knowledge to your advantage and get a small discount on chairs, end tables, lamps, tables, and even couches.

Bonus Tip: Do NOT Try to Remove the Clearance Sticker

If you’re thinking of trying to remove the clearance price sticker so you can make a return without a receipt, think again.

Marshalls employees are onto this “hack” as the stickers are really sticky and will damage the price tag if you try to peel it off.

Don’t try it, your return will not be accepted and you’ll be asked to leave.

Ask the Reader: What’s your best tip for saving money at Marshalls? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James


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