These 12 Companies Happily Send Out Free Samples by Mail

June 20, 2017 by Kyle

(Updated 3/13/20) I absolutely love free samples, especially the ones that show up in the mail and require very little effort on my part. From the aisles at Costco, to the companies that will send out their products for you to try, they’re a fun no-brainer way to try new stuff. It’s with this in mind that I found a bunch of companies that will send out samples for free by mail, often with NO strings attached. I’ll be sure to keep this article up-to-date as I find new companies that offer freebies. Here’s my current list.

Free Samples: The 12 Companies Who'll Send Out Free Samples

Betty Crocker

Simply sign-up for the Members Only Program with Betty Crocker and you’ll get monthly free samples by mail and coupons sent directly to you.

Free samples are on a first come, first serve basis. They’ll send out an email notification when they’re available to you.

General Mills

I love General Mills products like Cheerios, Chex, Green Giant, and even Häagen-Dazs.

So when I discovered a way to get free samples, I was on it like “white on rice”.

Their free program is called the Mills Advisory Panel and in exchange for a bunch of free samples, they only ask for your honest opinion of their products.


Sign-up for the Gillette newsletter and score free samples, coupons, and exclusive offers.

I’ve personally receive free razors and shaving cream at least twice a year for the past few years.


Become a product tester with and get cool free books, kits, and school supplies to test out.

They never release a product without running it by their testers first which gives you a great opportunity to score a bunch of great free samples.

Johnson & Johnson

Sign-up for J&J’s “Friends & Neighbors” program and you’ll get regular invitations to test out new products.

Your opinion is very important to Johnson & Johnson and they’re willing to give you a bunch of free products in exchange for your honest thoughts.


The team at U by Kotex offers more than just one sample, they actually have free sample packs.

They’ll ship you a free pack that includes 2 tampons, 1 FitPak, and 2 liners.


Become a product tester (panelist) with McCormick and they’ll send you spice samples by mail to test out on a regular basis.

You must be 18 years of age unless you have a parent or guardian’s approval.


The Mead4Teachers program is a free way for teachers to score a bunch of cool products for their classroom.

In return, Mead only asks for your honest opinion of their products.

Proctor & Gamble

Sign-up for free and get P&G samples delivered to your doorstep.

Brands include Crest, Always, Downy, Tide, Olay, and Mr. Clean to name a few.

Some samples are delivered with no catch, and some require you to answer a few questions about your experience with the product.


If you love Sephora, or are curious about their beauty line, visit their free samples web page.

Simply select 3 free samples, add them to your basket, and get them sent for free. The one catch is they do require you to purchase something at regular price to get the free samples.


Join their StrongMoms program and get up to $400 in free perks.

These include free baby formula samples and a bunch of coupons for future Similac purchases.


If you’re a fan of Snuggle fabric softener, why not get a bunch of free samples by mail when you sign-up for their Snuggle Bear Den club.

Ask the Reader: What companies have you discovered that send out free samples by mail on a regular basis? Let me know and I’ll get them added ASAP.

By Kyle James


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Kim Keezer
Kim Keezer

Anytime I’ve tried this in the past you have to take a survey that goes on forever and keeps repeating itself then they want u to subscribe to one or more offers

Carol Y
Carol Y

I signed up with Johnson & Johnson, McCormick, and General Mills. Thanks! They seem genuinely interested in opinions.

I’ve been signed up with Betty Crocker for a long time, but haven’t heard anything for quite a while. They send recipes consistently tho.

P&G pretty much just sends ads, coupons and a monthly contest.


breath rite strips also give you a free sample for snore strips

Ann W
Ann W

Yeah l found your site somewhat interesting.It would probably be a good ideal for you to upgrade your site with more companies that offer more freebies and offers.

Tiffany Thomason
Tiffany Thomason

Please update!!!

Brittany Hayman
Brittany Hayman

Please remove your home address! This is very dangerous and people can steal your info!


The General Mills Advisory Panel no longer exists as of 11/2018. This should be removed. Sephora is offering 2, not 3, free samples, only with a purchase. Snuggle didn’t offer immediate sample or suggest one would be mailed so perhaps it’s after you go thru all the surveys you get one?

Mary Hernandez
Mary Hernandez

I would like to know how to receive free samples? What do I have to do.thank you Mary


The place to register asks for a user name there is no place to add a user name

Candace Sommerfeld
Candace Sommerfeld

As a member of Lions International my club is wanting to make up packages for women in crisis. We will be finding used purses, makeup bags etc and need to fill them with essentials for women who have been abused and have had to run from their homes with nothing other than what they are wearing at the time. Also need items for children in this situation.

Candace Sommerfeld
Candace Sommerfeld

Looking for someone who will donate samples for our Lions Club to make up care packages for women and children in crisis. we have a safe house in our town and would like to make up packages for each resident as they come in which would include some essentials until they can get into better circumstances. Would you be able to help?


Hello, love your comment. I’d like to know more information email me at [email protected] hope to hear from you soon.