The Best Items to Buy at ALDI and Hacks To Maximize Your Savings

Updated June 12, 2024 by Kyle James

ALDI started in Germany way back in 1913, and was often perceived as “cheap” in terms of quality grocery goods. But those days are long gone. If you shop regularly at ALDI, or maybe you’ve been curious about the store, this article’s for you. From the best items to buy at ALDI, to some cool insider ALDI shopping hacks, you’re bound to save some extra money on your next grocery trip.

The Best Items to Buy at ALDI and Hacks To Maximize Your Savings

The Items Worth Buying at ALDI:

The next time you walk into ALDI, be sure you walk out with these items…

1. Canned Goods

Whenever you can buy canned goods between $0.50 and $0.69 a can, you’re doing pretty darn good. Stock-up the pantry and save.

2. Pasta and Sauce

With a 2 lb. package of spaghetti pasta coming in at about $1.50, and jars of sauce selling for a buck, it’s hard to beat ALDI when thinking about a pasta feed for dinner.

3. Baking Supplies

Stock up at ALDI and save on baking supplies like baking soda, cornstarch, extracts, flour, and sugar.

Unless you need to buy in bulk, ALDI will typically beat Costco and Walmart on price.

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4. Spices

ALDI sells very liberal container sizes of spices and they’re rarely priced over $1.50 for any given spice.

Great for cooking, dry BBQ rubs, and overall very handy to have in the pantry.

5. Produce

Fresh fruit and vegetables at ALDI ire a steal and when they go on sale they’re ridiculously cheap.

They put some fruit and veggies on sale every week which makes for a great time to stock-up.

Plan you meals around the sales and you can cut a lot of money from your weekly grocery bill.

6. Cereal

If you’re not a big coupon clipper then it’s hard to beat the everyday low price on cereal at ALDI.

Most boxes come in at about $1.39 to $1.89 per box and they’re pretty darn tasty from all accounts.

7. Canned Broth

Be sure to stock-up on the ALDI’s Chef’s Cupboard broths at about $0.49 a can.

Hard to beat that price anywhere.

8. Salad Dressing

Check out the in-house brand vinaigrette and bleu cheese.

Both are suppose to be awesome and about half the price compared to the name-brands you’ll find at the grocery store.

Let’s now looks at some ALDI hacks to maximize your savings even further.

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6 Insider ALDI Hacks Worth Knowing:

Here are some insider ALDI hacks to maximize your savings and make your next visit a little more efficient.

1. Forgot Your Re-Usable Bags?

Not a problem, just grab an empty box, or almost empty, from a shelf and use it to take your groceries home. And yes, ALDI is completely cool with you doing this.

2. Take Advantage of Their Double Guarantee

The ALDI double guarantee is pretty darn impressive and not known to many shoppers.

If for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with any food item you purchased, you can return it for a FULL refund plus they’ll offer a replacement.

Doesn’t matter how much of the item you’ve consumed, just bring it back in with your receipt and they’ll take care of you.

3. Know When “Special Buys” Happen

Any loyal ALDI shopper knows that a “Special Buy” on an item means huge savings, often up to 75% off the already low ALDI everyday price. But when do they happen and on what products?

The single best way to figure out what items are (and will be) Special Buys is to bookmark this page on their website and check it weekly.

It shows the weekly ad at ALDI as well as what Special Buys are coming to ALDI in future weeks.

Plan your shopping accordingly and save big.

4. ALDI Bread “Discount” Secret

ALDI is known to discount their bread items exactly 5 days before the expiration date.

So if you’re shopping for a loaf and you notice the expiration date is 6 days out, wait a day to buy and save some cold hard cash.

5. What’s Up With the Yellow Hook?

Have you ever noticed the yellow hook on the front of every ALDI grocery cart? No, they’re not for hanging-up your 2-year old by his overall straps.

Turns out they’re for your reusable bags, just hook them on and have more room in your shopping cart for your actual groceries.

6. Store Brands Secret at ALDI

Similar to Trader Joe’s, many of the items at ALDI are produced by big name-brands and then repackaged specifically for them.

And yes, they’re typically sold for less than the name-brand.

Rumors have circulated for years that ALDI’s Kirkwood chicken is actually packaged by Tyson and their apple pie is made by Mrs. Smith’s.

The takeaway here is that their in-house brand is really solid and provides a terrific value.

Do you have any ALDI hacks worth sharing? Let me know in the comments and I’ll investigate.

Ask the Reader: Have do you save money at ALDI? What items do they sell that make the trek to the store worth it?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.


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I practically live at Aldi lol. Their Willow brand single ply toilet paper is better in my opinion than Scott because the toilet paper sheets aren’t super thin and it’s much cheaper. Also I love their Boulder Ultra Paper Towels because they’re exactly like Bounty but cheaper. I love Aldi.


Aldi’s diapers and wipes are amazing also!!

lee ferrell

Go the day after they were closed (like a holiday) and get some great markdowns!


Aldi has the best Chocolate bars at any price anywhere. I am a total chocolate freak & I also buy lots of them for gifts all the time.
I love Aldi & shop there first once a week before going to Trader Joes & then to Publix.


I love when they discount their meats/fish. Instead of reducing the price per pound, they just take $2-$5 off the whole package. If they still have a good selection left, I hunt for the ones with the lowest overall price to get the best price per pound. (Example- today they had salmon marked down $5 per package. I chose the $7.55 and $8.29 package over the ones that were $9+….so I only paid $2.55 and $3.29 for nice cuts!!!)

Mrs Ramirez

I’ve been disappointed with their meats, a rotted yam in their microwaveable ones, rancid nuts..or is it just my local! Hesperia CA


I love Aldo. Do people like their meatballs

Ana M. Vega

Quiero Aldi en Puerto Rico

Doris lembcke

I wish we would have Aldi in my town. I am in 94044. Loved it in Germany.


“many of the items at ALDI are produced by big name-brands and then repackaged specifically for them”.
It’s not that hard to find out for a lot of products: within the EU every product from animal origin has to carry a stamp identifying the producer and/or the packer.
A few examples: their (very yummy!) chocolate milk, sold here under the house brand name “Milsa” is stamped “BE M 157 – 11 EG”, meaning packed (and no doubt produced) by INEX in Bavegem, Flanders, Belgium, a big name in the dairy industry and an A brand itself.
A package of whole butter I bought, sold under the house brand name “Milbona” is stamped “BE CO 437 CE”, meaning the butter is produced by Agral in Courcelles, Wallonia, Belgium, a trusted name in that field.