5 Must-Do Amazon Hacks for Big Holiday Savings

Updated August 10, 2020 by Kyle
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Last holiday season over 80% of online shoppers used Amazon at least once. As the retail giant continues to grow in popularity that number will only go up. So this year, before you doing any Christmas shopping on Amazon be sure you know about my insider hacks that will save you both money and time. From getting paid when your package arrives late, to knowing the absolute best date to start your free Prime trial, these hacks will change the way you shop this holiday.

5 Must-Do Amazon Hacks for Holiday Savings

1. Score a Free $5 by Using Amazon Cash

Amazon Cash

This is the easiest $5 you’ll ever earn.

Simply add at least $20 to your Amazon Cash account and get a free $5 added to your Amazon account.

Then you can use your Amazon Cash when doing your holiday shopping at participating stores or when shopping on Amazon.com.

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2. Get CASH When Your Amazon Package Arrives Late

Due to high traffic and bad weather, Amazon will inevitable fail to meet their 2-day Prime shipping promise.

Did you know that Amazon will often give you a $5 or $10 credit (or a month of Free Prime) when your package arrives late? Facts.

Enter Paribus, a way cool company that’ll actually monitor your Amazon orders, and when one arrives late, they’ll start the conversation with Amazon so you can get your free cash.

You can also start a chat session in your own (like I did below) and score the easiest $5 you’ll ever earn.

Amazon Live Chat

3. Take Advantage of Extended Holiday Returns

Amazon Returns at Kohl's

Many Amazon shoppers don’t realize that they extend their 30-day return window for the holidays.

Specifically, anything bought between November 1 and December 31st can be returned all the way up until January 31st, 2020.

So anything bought in early November, or during the Black Friday madness, can be returned over 2 months later.

You can even take your Amazon returns to Kohl’s and they’ll box it up, print the shipping label, and return it to Amazon for FREE.

4. Avoid Overspending with Amazon Allowance

Amazon Allowance

If you have a history of overspending on holiday shopping and always open the January credit card bill with one eye closed, you should check out Amazon Allowance.

It’s a free service that lets you easily set aside a specific budget for your Amazon purchases so your holiday spending stays in check.

Now that sounds to me like a Christmas to remember.

5. Ask Alexa About Killer Deals

We all know you can ask your Alexa enabled device to do all kinds of nutty and hilarious things, but have you ever asked her what “deals were available”?

You’ll definitely want to try it this Black Friday and Cyber Monday as she’ll have some some exclusive Alexa promotions available that can save you up to 50% off in many cases.

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Bonus: Start Prime Trial on November 28th

Amazon Lightning Deals

By starting your 30 day free Prime Trial on November 28th you’ll get 30 minute early access to all Black Friday and Cyber Monday lightning deals.

The 30 minute early access that comes with Prime is a HUGE benefit.

This is because everyone can preview the deals 24 hours ahead of time. But only Prime members get the 30 minute head start to swoop up a specific deal.

So non-Prime members can easily miss out on a deal as inventory will often disappear quickly during the 30 minute early access period.

It’s also a great 30 days to save on your holiday shopping because you’ll score free 2-day shipping on everything.

You can cancel Prime on December 26th if you wish and call it a huge WIN.

Ask the Reader: How are you saving money on your Christmas shopping this year? Let me know in the comments below.

By Kyle James


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