Amazon Price Trackers: The Best Pricing Tools to Score a Deal Every Time

Updated April 30, 2024 by Kyle James

With over 100 million Amazon Prime members, it’s no wonder that Jeff Bezos seems to be ruling the world these days. But the tricky thing about shopping on Amazon is they fluctuate their prices quite frequently. This leaves many shoppers wondering when the price of an item is a “good buy” and might it go even lower. Enter Amazon price trackers which will ensure you always make your purchases when the price is the lowest it’s ever been. Here are my four favorite ways to track Amazon prices…

Amazon Price Trackers: The Best Pricing Tools to Score a Deal Every time

1. CamelCamelCamel


CamelCamelCamel is easily the most useful website with the strangest name.

Not only does the free website (and browser extension) let you register and start tracking the price of products on Amazon, but it also gives you the “Price History” of the product so you know when the product will be at its lowest historical price.

Plus they’ll send you a “Price Alert” via email when the price of the item you’re tracking drops.

You just set up your account and let CamelCamelCamel do all the dirty work.

I’ve been using their tracking service for years and it’s easily saved me a couple hundreds bucks, especially around Christmas and my kid’s birthdays.

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2. Keepa


The folks at Keepa have created a very useful price tracking site and browser extension as well.

You can start tracking Amazon prices instantly as registration is completely optional.

Similar to Camel, Keepa allows you to track prices, get history data, and get email alerts when the price of an item is lowered.

I also like how they use their pricing data to show you “Daily Deals” from dozen of popular categories like electronics, books, home decor, clothing, and sporting goods.

These daily deals are a great way to shop for bargains when buying gifts, especially when you don’t a particular item in mind.


Many shoppers aren’t aware that Keepa also lets you import Amazon “Wish Lists” so you can start tracking those prices as well. Great way to save on gifts for friends and family.

3. AmzDealz

While similar to the two price tracking services mentioned above, I feel does a nice job showing trending Amazon deals.

Their tracking robots scour Amazon 24/7 looking for products that have a price which is trending lower.

This is really handy when trying to determine when to buy more expensive items like HDTVs and laptops.

If the price is trending lower, set up a price alert and wait until it gets lowered again before you make the purchase.


If you sign-up for price alerts but aren’t getting emails, check your spam or junk folder as many shoppers have found them buried there. Especially Gmail users.

4. Use Google Docs to Track Pricing

Google Doc

A few years ago the folks at Digital Inspirations broke down exactly how to use Google Docs to track the price of individual items on Amazon.

They even included a free sheet that makes the whole dealio really easy to setup.

You just plug-in the Amazon product url that you want to track and the sheet updates itself automatically.

Once initialized, you’ll even get a daily email with the current price of all the products you’re tracking.

Who needs a fancy site or browser add-on when a simple Google doc will do all the work for ya? Pretty cool.

Ask the Reader: How do you ensure you’re getting the lowest price when shopping on Amazon?

By Kyle James


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Carol Y

I used to use CamelCamelCamel, but I think I like Keepa better for its timely notifications in Chrome – one of the few times I like pop-ups. The only thing I don’t like about it is when I get a price alert, but it doesn’t account for shipping costs on non-prime items. Probably user error in setting the alert.

John DeFeo

It’s not a price tracker per se, but if you’re on the hunt for Amazon deals, you might appreciate this sub-Reddit: /r/blackfridaytoday/ – It features above-average products that are selling at (or near) all-time low prices. Additionally, all of the links point to Amazon Smile: a charitable mirror of


I can not access this site. What is the actual website name or address???Thanks


You should also check out pricepulse.