Amazon Sent Me a $339 Item I Didn’t Order…What Happened Next is Crazy

Updated January 18, 2024 by Kyle James

Have you ever had something show up at your door from, or another site, that you didn’t order? If you have, it can be a bit of head-scratcher. This happened to me last week when we received an item that Amazon sells for a whooping $339.

I knew I couldn’t just keep it without contacting Amazon first as I figured someone had paid for it and was wondering when it would be showing at their front door. Here is how the whole thing went down and what Amazon told me to do with the expensive item…

Amazon Sent Me a $339 Item I Didn't Order...What Happened Next is Crazy

Huge Box Shows Up at My Door

So last week, a big ol’ Amazon box shows up at our front door and my son tears it open thinking it’s his new school backpack.

To his surprise, and disappointment, the box contained a VERY expensive BIG brown comforter set for a full-sized bed.

We all scratched our heads and tried to figure out if my wife ordered it, or maybe it was a gift from someone?

We don’t have a full-sized bed in our home so we were quite perplexed. Once my wife got home, she was equally confused and had no idea why it showed up.

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Amazon Has No Record of the Order

So I took to the inter-webs and logged into our Amazon account to see if there was any record of the comforter set. Nada.

So I hit up Amazon live chat and explained the situation to the operator.

The only record of the order I had was the UPS sticker on the front of the box as it showed up without a packing slip.

After snapping a pic of the label and getting it to the Amazon rep, she could not find any record of the order anywhere in their system.

What Amazon Told Me To Do

“Keep it.”

Yes, Amazon told me to keep the $339 comforter set.

Since they had no record of the order, and thus couldn’t create a return label so I could return it, they simply told me it was mine.

But I was like, “I didn’t pay for it” and they were like, “Nothing for you to worry about, I will going to leave a note on your account” in case someone claims the bedding set at which point they’ll offer a refund or replacement.

I figured they’d thank me for my honesty and politely ask me to return it.

I guess that’s more of a pain-in-the-ass for them than it’s worth.

I wonder at what price point they’d ask me to return the item? $500, maybe $1,000? Anyone know?

The most amazing part of this whole dealio? A quick Amazon search shows this comforter set is being sold for $339. I guess I’ll put it up for sale on eBay unless you know someone who may be interested?

I plan to donate the money earned from the sale to charity.

Below is the transcript of my chat session with Amazon and details how the whole thing went down…

Amazon Chat Session

(Update 1/11/20) – According to this LifeHacker article, scammers could be sending you stuff you didn’t order as a way to steal Amazon boxes from your porch once they get delivered.

Apparently they use your old credit cards on your Amazon account to make it happen then swipe the stuff before you get home from work or brazenly take them while you’re home.

This could be worth a look if you think your account has been hacked recently.

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Ask the Reader: Have you ever had a package show up at your front door that you didn’t order? How did you handle it, and if you contacted the company, what was their response?

By Kyle James


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happens all the time here. I live on –Road, down the block is –Lane. Since i am closer i am always getting deliveries from Fed Ex and UPS (Amazon) I have tried many times to get them to direct the delivery guy to READ THE WHOLE ADDRESS. Never happens—i now throw the stuff away (i have enough of my own clutter) and submit a disposal charge!


My husband and I have received (over the past month) approximately 8 items in the mail that we never ordered from All of the items being of very minimal cost. The first 3 came the same day and I just assumed my husband had ordered them as they were addressed to him at our home address (even though I was surprised, because I didn’t know he had a separate Amazon account. We had always used mine in the past).

In fact, I through the packaging away based on those wrongful assumptions. My husband was a work at the time so I had to wait until that evening before I could give them to him. To my surprise, he told me he never ordered any of them. We immediately contacted Amazon about the concern and the agent was able to find an account opened in my husband’s name. My husband never opened account. The agent referred to it as a “dummy” account because the only information contained therein was my husband name and address for shipping purposes. No name was referenced for account holder and a credit card number which we were told was linked to Mastercard was provided for payment use. A credit card that we never applied for. The agent was able to find all the items we received listed as having been ordered from this bogus account. Even the agent couldn’t understand the benefit of someone making unauthorized charges using my husband’s name and then sending those items to my husband.

The agent gave us the Mastercard number used and we then tried to contact Mastercard about our predicament. They could not help us because they couldn’t find such an account. As a result, I thought to check my husband’s credit reports to check for any illegal activity. However, no unauthorized lines of credit were referenced. This has left us even more confused and concerned as to the benefit of anyone going to this length with nothing to gain. Approx. a week later we received 2 more items from Amazon that my husband didn’t order. A week later, 2 more and just today, another 2. All items are minimal cost; none of our financial accounts have been charged; however, I just found out last night that my e-bay account had been hacked into on August 11th and the culprits were able to charge over $1300 to my credit card and doing so by completely bypassing PayPal where all my accounts are linked.

My credit statement references all 3 unauthorized charges having been processed through Paypal; however, when I checked my Paypal account none of the illegal transactions were listed. Even worse, I only found this out by pure accident when I tried to buy something through ebay and finding out upon checkout that my account was locked. Even after calling an ebay rep to reactivate my account, they never told me about the illegal charges. I found them by looking at my purchase history on my ebay. I called ebay back immediately to ask how this could have happened and inquire why I wasn’t informed. They told me the culprit used an “app” that randomly selected numbers and letters until correct ones could be used to access ebay accounts.

This SHOULD scare anyone with an ebay account that is reading this. Ebay and Paypal are huge companies and you would think that the security measures they take when considering the amount and type of personal financial information they must protect, would have much stronger security measures in place. They also told me that they sent me an email on 8-14 advising me of the unauthorized access to my account, which I never read because I couldn’t find it in my email anywhere. But you would expect, at least I do, to receive more than a casual email from ebay after someone steals $1300 from you–not an email sent after the fact 3 days later. The rep I talked to when reactivating my account never told me anything about my account being hacked and $1300 being stolen from me.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with the Amazon mystery, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Also, around the same time, my Microsoft account was also accessed and the culprit continued to reset my password everytime I changed it due to my password not working upon my attempt to log in. People be very scared; check all your accounts routinely; change your passwords every couple of weeks never using the same one twice or at any 2 locations; if 2 step verification is available, set it up. I went one step further and have started using an authenticator app which changes your numerical passwords every 5 seconds.

It makes it more difficult to sign in to your accounts but it makes it harder to hack into them. This has been, and continues to be, an un-nerving experience and it’s still not over and little has been determined as to whom and why anyone would do these things. Luckily ebay and paypal have unauthorized purchase guarantees, so we will eventually get our money back that was stolen, but the headache and stress all this has caused has been much worse and much harder on us.

Todays criminals are nothing short of devious and are experts and the technology game. If anyone can tell us of any scams they are aware of that are the same and/or similar to the ones I’ve stated, please let us know, as well as any benefit that could result thereof, we would sincerely appreciate your input. Thank you.

Lisa Seigler

I have had three things show up lately that I did not order. A phone case, child electric outlet plugs and table corner protectors and birthday party banners and balloons. My account has no charges. Thought amazon was rewarding me for all my business. lol


Today I received an email from UPS informing my package is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I may have purchased 2 things from Amazon in the last 5 years. I have no receipt for whatever this package is, thinking it could be a scam I copied the tracking number went to turns out it’s valid.

I called UPS all they could tell me that it is addressed to me, it was shipped by Amazon and had to be paid for before the 14. No one in the household has any idea about what it could be, no record of the order in my account, don’t believe it’s a gift from anyone, birthday was months ago, Christmas has already come and gone, no upcoming anniversaries, kids’ birthday not for a few months LOL I’m definitely curious and a little freaked out about whatever it could be.


Came here after reading this about “brushing” vendors send out free stock as gifts to inflate ratings and/or to not have to pay a high restock fee-

Carol S

I received a large package from Amazon Prime. There is a black something I have no idea what it is. I only have the number on the box : B078X84WGN What is it and what should I do with it?

The black thing has metal and is mp large at all, smaller and thinner than a pack of cigarettes.

Walter J Williams

Happened to me today. Person from Amazon was rather rude. I’m sure they came across this before. Usually the Indian people are friendly often helpful this time she was neither. Said to her perhaps I should just keep . Was a communication gap perhaps but you know how to be nasty and said I heard you the third time I should have said to her well you didn’t hear me the first time and I said you’re rude and hung up


An Amazon truck just drove up and threw a package over our fence and drove off. I work at a dog kennel, so there’s a fence with a gate at the front door. We were open at the time, but the driver didn’t bother to even get the package next to the door. they just threw it over the fence where it landed on gravel in the corner of the fenced area. I called Amazon, and they didn’t want to know anything about the package. They just said to keep it or donate it. I was honestly hoping they would come back and get it. Whoever ordered it probably wants it. The address on the package is the next road over from where our business is. I think I’ll do the neighborly thing and just drive it over there myself…


Here’s a new one. I had two packages delivered one day from Amazon. One package I ordered. In it was a card that said the seller of one of the items sometimes ships free items to customers who’d ordered. I assumed it was for reviews. The other package I did NOT order. A crayon melter. I have no children. I just thought it was the freebie talked about in the other package.

However, a week later I was checking on my orders and realized a rather expensive order was marked as delivered. It had NOT been, but the date coincided exactly with the crayon melter package.

Amazon honoured that I might be telling the truth and refunded my money. HOWEVER, I am now on a list with them as a possible thief. So they are special tracking my purchases and deliveries. Someone at Amazon explained if this occurs 2 – 3 times….

So beware. Internal to Amazon shipping scams can affect your ability to purchase from Amazon. I will be videoing every package opened from Amazon from now on. How else do you protect yourself?


YES!! This has happened to me two times in the past month, and it’s actually starting to freak me out! I did a couple quick searches, and the first package I recieved had a retail value of $199USD and the second was $75USD. I dont know where the packages came from, or how MY name and address came to be on them… but Amazon told me to keep them. SO WEIRD!!!


this happened to me just this week. and the big reason why i stumbled on this site now is i googled the address of the store where it came from (based on amazon label), and this is what i see.
I first received a sex toy (penis ring) and the next day a galaxy screen protector. I called amazon right away. they say they will disable the account and investigate. the next day, , i got a notification that my review for the penis ring has been published. This sounds funny but somewhat is playing a trick on me. and my credit cards are all free from unusual charges so who wouorder stuff, pay for it and never get the product? what is their motive? amazon is of no help. I am getting worried.

Jeri Henderson

I received a package today’s ago. That I didn’t order. No one I know sent it. I called amazon they said they can’t tell me who sent it. The lady said the would pick it up but haven’t as yet. She wanted me to open it but I refused I didn’t order anything.


I just received my second item NOT ordered from Amazon. They are identical and could be used for my phone if I actually wanted them. I don’t.


This just happened to me today, and the last thing I wanted to do on a Sunday when it’s 100 degrees outside is go drive around our trailer park and find the right person that it was supposed to be delivered to. Apparently, USPS drove right by the woman’s clearly-marked house and down the road to mine and left it there. And of course because it’s Sunday you can’t get a hold of either USPS or Amazon. No wonder Amazon has a 1-star rating on BBB.


I just received a flat shipping envelope with absolutely nothing in it. I guess they sent me a game… literally to waste my time to see if i was missing an order. It is interesting. I will look at my account but then drop it. So happy you posted so see that this kind of thing happens. BTW it was in my mailbox so the theory of them shipping it to steal it may not be the case in my situation. Thanks again