Amazon Shopper Panel: What Is It and How Do I Earn Money?

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The Amazon Shopper Panel is a new, innovative research/rewards program. This invite-only program recently released by Amazon incentivizes consumers to submit images of receipts from non-Amazon retailers and complete surveys so Amazon to gain valuable consumer data. In the age of digital innovation where you can buy virtually anything online on Amazon and sometimes get it in 2 days or less with Prime, it’s no wonder this online marketplace is investing in data to expand even more. So, if you’re willing to upload some receipts each month in the hopes of gaining Amazon credit, read on to learn how you can benefit from the Amazon Shopper Panel program.

Amazon Shopper Panel: What Is It and How Do I Earn Money?

What is the Amazon Shopper Panel?

Amazon Shopper Panel is an invite-only program that essentially pays consumers to share their non-Amazon purchase data.

Participants earn monthly rewards via the Amazon Shopper Panel by completing the following:

  • Sharing their receipts from purchases they’ve made outside of Amazon
  • Completing short surveys provided by Amazon
  • Enabling ad sharing for the ads seen on Amazon’s advertising or third-party businesses

To earn your rewards, you MUST upload 10 eligible receipts each month using your Amazon Shopper Panel app. (iOS or Android )

Ineligible receipts that won’t get you rewards include receipts from Whole Foods Market, AmazonGo, Amazon Four Star, and Amazon Books.

Again, the whole point of this program is to learn what Amazon consumers are purchasing off the Amazon platform.

Upon successful completion of submitting 10 eligible receipts per month, participants will receive $10 to use as credit for their Amazon account balance.

You can earn additional rewards by completing surveys and enabling ad sharing.

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What is the Purpose of the Panel?

Essentially, the Amazon Shopper Panel is a research program that incentivizes select participants with Amazon balance credit to share their personal data (i.e. receipts and opinions in surveys).

Amazon is extremely interested in what you are purchasing from other retailers.

This is an attempt to learn more ways to adapt the products they provide and compete against the retailers you shop at.

Is the Amazon Shopper Panel Legit?


The Amazon Shopper Panel is legit; however, it appears to only be offered to Amazon customers in Canada and the U.S. as of 2022.

Plus, not every Amazon customer in the U.S. and Canada is able to use the Amazon Shopper Panel to receive its rewards as it is an invite-only program.

How Do You Get Invited to It?

Amazon Shopper Panel Waitlist

Individuals who join the seemingly elusive Amazon Shopper Panel receive an invitation via email to join this exclusive research rewards program.

Others who want to join in on the fun and make some extra cash can only download the Amazon Shopper Panel app and join their waitlist.

You’ll receive an email when space becomes available to join Amazon Shopper Panel and get off the waitlist.

Keep in mind that you might get invited to do surveys first and still be on the “receipt sharing” waitlist.

This is because the receipt sharing panel has fairly limited space and will often take longer to get accepted into.

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How Much Do You Get Paid?

At least $10 per month.

As long as you submit at least 10 non-Amazon purchase receipts via the Amazon Shopper Panel app each month, you’ll receive a $10 credit towards your Amazon account balance.

Completing short surveys can also give you varying amounts of Amazon rewards credit.

And, if you enable ad-sharing from Amazon, you can get another $2 per month.

Is There an App For It?


The Amazon Shopper Panel app is available for download on any iOS or Android device.

Here on the app, you’ll be able to upload your receipt images and complete the surveys to receive your Amazon credit rewards.

The waitlist to join the Amazon Shopper Panel program can also be found on the app.

Does It Get You Free Amazon Prime?

Yes and no.

While being a part of the Amazon Shopper Panel doesn’t technically give you a free Amazon Prime account.

You can use your $10 plus a month reward credit to put towards paying for an Amazon Prime membership.

This helps pay off the $14.99 per month Amazon prime fee (or $7.50/ month fee for college students) to make you feel a little better about paying the monthly Prime subscription.

Ask the Reader: Have you been lucky enough to get invited into the Amazon Shopper Panel? How long were you on the waitlist?

By Kyle James


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