Amazon Unclaimed Packages: How to Buy Them and What to Expect

Updated March 27, 2024 by Kyle James

Ever wonder what happens to Amazon packages that are either sent to the wrong address or go unclaimed? This can be a great way for buyers and resellers alike to save money. We will also discuss the downsides to buying Amazon unclaimed packages (especially if you buy a mystery box). But for the most part, this can be a great way to get quality items for less. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to save money buying unclaimed packages.

Amazon Unclaimed Packages: How to Buy Them and What to Expect

Can You Buy Unclaimed Packages Directly from Amazon?


You can actually buy unclaimed Amazon packages right off of their website.

Click this link to visit Amazon and find some “Unclaimed Packages for Sale” and hopefully score some savings.

It appears that most unclaimed products are currently jewelry items but it changes quite frequently so keep checking back.

Can You Buy Them Directly from UPS or USPS?


You can buy unclaimed Amazon packages through both UPS and USPS.

If the Amazon packages aren’t claimed within 90 days, then often USPS will auction off these unclaimed packages at a Mail Recovery Center.

However, it’s important to note these auctions occur very infrequently. is another way the postal service sells off unclaimed items.

Often, items are sold in “lots” rather than individual items from packages.

Therefore, you must be willing to spend more (and receive more items) than if you bought them individually from Amazon’s website.

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Is a Good Option?

Yes. is another great option to get unclaimed packages for less.

The great thing about is you have more control over the size and exactly what you purchase versus auctioning for unclaimed packages via the postal service.

You have the power to bid on the specific category of products you want to buy and how much you want to buy.

For instance, you can choose to buy a truckload, pallet, or smaller package.

Another key difference between and the postal service is that you don’t have to wait for an infrequent auction to buy unclaimed packages.

Rather, you can buy the Amazon packages right away, instead of patiently watching and waiting for the next auction to arise.

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Can You Buy Unclaimed Packages on eBay?


You can buy unclaimed packages on eBay by simply searching “unclaimed Amazon packages” on the site, or by clicking here.

Any Guarantees on Condition or Contents?


Unfortunately, when buying these types of packages, there is no guarantee that the items you’ll receive won’t be damaged or broken.

Therefore, it’s best, especially when starting, to not spend too much money and stay well within what your comfort zone in case you do receive an unusable item that’s in bad condition.

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What Kind of Savings/Deals Can I Expect?

The whole point of buying unclaimed Amazon packages is to cash in on significant savings so you can either enjoy the items yourself or resell the items to make a profit.

Inevitably, savings will vary.

Some deals have been reported to be as low as $1 per unclaimed package.

However, often these are for mystery packages where you don’t know the contents of the package until you receive it.

So, although you can get huge deals, especially on some high-end products via mystery boxes, you can also get “worthless” products.

How Do I Avoid Scams?

Unfortunately, there is a potential you can run into scammers while trying to save on unclaimed packages.

Therefore, to avoid scams, if you’re new to buying unclaimed packages, don’t invest a great deal of money to buy a blind box right out of the gate until you gain more experience as to what to look out for.

Other tips to avoid scams when buying unclaimed packages include:

– Use only trusted websites (i.e. Amazon, eBay, to buy unclaimed packages.

– Always read the reviews of the vendor you are buying your mystery package from before purchasing. This will save you the heartache of being scammed by seeing what others have said about the vendor.

– Read up on the terms and conditions in case you receive a damaged or broken item that was not as advertised.

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Ask the Reader: Have you ever bought any unclaimed package from Amazon? Was it worth it or did you get end up with a bunch of crap?

By Kyle James


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Roger michon

eBay is definitely a scam!! I buy my unclaimed mail packages from they have a contact and carry premium unclaimed mail packages. I would definitely recommend them over the sites listed.

Nancy Purkey

I just ordered a Amazon Unclaimed Package October 23, 2023. $39.98 plus 1-week shipping of $12.99 total $52.97. Supposably delivered to Wichita Kansas 67207 November 3. I do not live in Wichita KS I lived in Wellington, Kansas 67152. Money taken from my credit card account and someone else got my package. Told in so many words find it yourself!