Here’s the “Real” Difference Between a Target and Super Target

Updated March 15, 2024 by Kyle James
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Target isn’t just a grocery store, it’s a place you can score all types of items from electronics, to clothing, and more. While the traditional Target stores offer all sorts of food and non-food purchases, a Super Target store offers even more options for shoppers. Super Target stores, as the name suggests, are even bigger Target locations that offer a wider selection of items and services for shoppers. Read on to learn more about the difference between regular Target stores and Super Target stores.

What's the Difference Between a Target and Super Target?

What are the Differences Between Target Vs Super Target?

Super Targets are basically a much larger Target store that offers a wider selection of items (and services) compared to a regular Target store.

While both Super Targets and regular Targets offer food and non-food related items, the BIGGEST difference between them is a Super Target typically has a full sized bakery, produce, meat, and deli section.

Not to mention, many Super Targets will offer various services that most regular Targets don’t offer (more on this later).

Another distinction is most Super Target locations have 2 set of doors on the front of the building, with one of the sets taking you directly into the grocery side.

Also, Super Targets will have the name “Super Target” written on the outside which is another clear indicator of the type of store you’re entering.

How Many Super Targets Are There?


There are currently about 239 Super Targets in the U.S.

With thousands of Target stores currently in operation, Super Targets make up a small percentage of total Target stores.

Also, Super Targets are only found in some states (about a dozen states around the U.S).

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Which One Has Food, Meat, and Grocery Items?

While both Target and Super Target have food and grocery items, Super Targets inevitably have a MUCH wider selection of food and meat options.

Super Targets also have a bigger selection of non-food items like clothes, home goods, electronics, etc.

Which One Has an Optician?

Technically, both stores could have an optician but NOT all Target locations have an optician.

Click here to check out the different Target optical locations in the U.S. to find an optician at your local Target near you.

What Other Services Does a Super Target Have?

Besides getting your vision checked, you can also find pharmacies and photo studios within a Super Target.

This definitely makes a Super Target more convenient to shop for all your grocery and services needs all within one place, unlike a traditional Target store.

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Which One Has a Starbucks Within?

Both Target and Super Targets can have Starbucks within each store.

However, it’s important to note that not every Target and Super Target location necessarily has a Starbucks within.

Is a Super Target Like a Walmart Super Center?

Yes, in a way.

A Super Target is definitely similar to a Walmart Super Center.

This is because both offer a wide selection of food and other non-food related items from electronics to home goods, clothing, and more.

Plus, both a Super Target and Walmart Super Center offer various services like a pharmacy, making it super convenient for you to shop for all your grocery items, and then use the various services while you’re there.

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Although Target typically is considered more “high scale” relative to Walmarts, in general, both the Super Target and Walmart Super Center BOTH have a wide selection of item offerings and various services.

That being said, it may be a lot easier to find a Walmart Super Center vs a Super Target.

This is because while there are only hundreds of Super Targets, there are thousands of Walmart Super Center stores across the United States.

Ask the Reader: Do you have a Super Target in your town? If so, do you like it better than a regular Target store?

By Kyle James


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