Does Amazon Accept PayPal? 3 Hacks to Make It Happen

Updated December 5, 2023 by Kyle James
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I’ve been recently selling stuff around the house on eBay and making some decent change in the process. My PayPal balance has definitely reaped the benefits. I must admit I REALLY love a good side hustle. But anyways, my PayPal money needed to be spent and was begging the question, “Does Amazon accept PayPal”. So when I recently went to use some of my PayPal funds on Amazon I couldn’t…or could I? Turns out I can use PayPal on Amazon but I had to come up with a clever workaround “hack” to make it happen. Here are 3 such hacks that will allow you to use your PayPal money on Amazon purchases.

Does Amazon Accept PayPal? 3 Hacks to Make It Happen

So, Can I Use PayPal on Amazon?


When making a purchase on Amazon, you’ll notice that using PayPal as your checkout method is not currently an accepted way to pay.

But What If I Want to Use my PayPal Balance?

Sure, you can transfer PayPal funds to your bank account, and use it however you please, but what if you don’t want the hassle?

Well, you still have 3 really good options to make it happen and none of them involve your bank.

Let’s get to these 3 hacks that’ll let you essentially shop on Amazon and still pay with your PayPal balance.

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3 Hacks to Make It Happen:

1. Use PayPal on Amazon via a PayPal Cash Card

Perhaps the easiest way to use PayPal on Amazon is with the PayPal Cash Card.

They call it a “cash card” but in actuality it’s a debit card that draws directly from your PayPal account when you use it.

As long as you have money in your PayPal account, you can use the card anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

This obviously includes Amazon.

Once you get the card, just add it to your Amazon wallet and use it whenever you shop.

2. Use a “PayPal Key” to Make It Happen

Grab yourself a free PayPal Key and use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted ONLINE, including Amazon.

NOTE: At this time you can only get a PayPal Key on a personal account, NOT a business account.

A PayPal Key is actually a “virtual card” and basically represents your PayPal Wallet.

A PP Key is similar to the PayPal Cash Card, but you don’t have a physical card.

Instead you just have a card number, expiration date, and security code.

Basically your “Key” lets you pay anywhere online that takes a credit card, but doesn’t directly accept PayPal.

To get your key, just GO HERE and follow the instructions.

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3. Use PayPal to Buy an Amazon Gift Card

This hack is simple, but often overlooked.

Use a reputable site like or Dundle to buy Amazon gift cards using your PayPal balance as your form of payment.

Then you can just add the gift card to your Amazon account and start your shopping.

The COOL part about this hack is that you can often buy Amazon gift cards at a discount, meaning below face value. (see screenshot above)

Not all gift card sites accept PayPal, but these 2 definitely do and are both reputable companies.

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Ask the Reader: Do you know of any other ways to use PayPal to pay for your Amazon purchases? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James


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