Does USPS Deliver on Sunday? Only In These Scenarios

Updated September 19, 2022 by Kyle

If you stumbled onto this article, you’re probably trying to figure out if your new home will get USPS delivery on Sundays. And you’re probably also wondering if this includes Amazon packages and regular mail, or just priority mail. Well, I’m here to say you found the right article as I got all the answers to these questions, and much more. I hope you find this information useful.

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday? Only In These Scenarios

So…Does USPS Deliver on Sundays?

Yes and no.

USPS does not deliver your normal mail like letters, magazines, and junk mail on Sunday…but they do deliver certain packages.

Let’s break it all down…

What About Amazon Packages?


As I’ve written about in detail, the USPS has an agreement with Amazon to deliver their packages on Sunday.

But in most cases, if you live in a very rural location, you’ll have to wait until Monday to get your Amazon package.

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What About USPS Priority Delivery on Sunday?

Yes…in certain scenarios.

According to the USPS website, they only deliver Priority Express packages on Sundays.

How Do I Know If a Package Will Be Delivered on Sunday?

If, for example, you mail a package on a Friday and request 2-day delivery, how do you know if it will be delivered on Sunday?

The answer comes down to where it’s being sent from and where it’s going.

Depending on these factors, it could technically take 3-4 days for delivery, especially if mailed on a Friday.

Same With First Class?


First Class mail, that you typically receive all week long, will NOT get delivered on a Sunday.

If you have ever seen the back of a mail delivery vehicle on Sunday, it’s typically loaded with only Amazon and Priority mail packages.

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What About Priority Mail “Express” Delivery on Sunday?

Yes, that’ll happen.

Priority Express packages will always get delivered on a Sunday, when applicable.

What If Sunday Falls on a National Holiday?

For example a holiday like Christmas, 4th of July, and the most obvious…Easter Sunday.

The USPS will NOT deliver any packages on national holidays, this includes holidays that also fall on a Sunday.

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Ask the Reader: Do you get USPS packages delivered on Sundays in your next of the woods? If not, do you think it’s because you live too far out in the country? Please let me know, thanks.

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Rusty Clark – 100K Photos.


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Would they deliver a crocs package


What if they fail to deliver a priority express package on Saturday will they deliver it Sunday?