Does USPS Deliver on Sunday? Only In These Scenarios

Updated December 18, 2023 by Kyle James

If you stumbled onto this article, you’re probably trying to figure out if your new home will get USPS delivery on Sundays. And you’re probably also wondering if this includes Amazon packages and regular mail, or just priority mail. Well, I’m here to say you found the right article as I got all the answers to these questions, and much more. I hope you find this information useful.

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday? Only In These Scenarios

So…Does USPS Deliver on Sundays?

Yes and no.

USPS does not deliver your normal mail like letters, magazines, and junk mail on Sunday…but they do deliver certain packages.

Let’s break it all down…

What About Amazon Packages?


As I’ve written about in detail, the USPS has an agreement with Amazon to deliver their packages on Sunday.

But in most cases, if you live in a very rural location, you’ll have to wait until Monday to get your Amazon package.

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What About USPS Priority Delivery on Sunday?

Yes…in certain scenarios.

According to the USPS website, they only deliver Priority Express packages on Sundays.

How Do I Know If a Package Will Be Delivered on Sunday?

If, for example, you mail a package on a Friday and request 2-day delivery, how do you know if it will be delivered on Sunday?

The answer comes down to where it’s being sent from and where it’s going.

Depending on these factors, it could technically take 3-4 days for delivery, especially if mailed on a Friday.

Same With First Class?


First Class mail, that you typically receive all week long, will NOT get delivered on a Sunday.

If you have ever seen the back of a mail delivery vehicle on Sunday, it’s typically loaded with only Amazon and Priority mail packages.

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What About Priority Mail “Express” Delivery on Sunday?

Yes, that’ll happen.

Priority Express packages will always get delivered on a Sunday, when applicable.

What If Sunday Falls on a National Holiday?

For example a holiday like Christmas, 4th of July, and the most obvious…Easter Sunday.

The USPS will NOT deliver any packages on national holidays, this includes holidays that also fall on a Sunday.

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Ask the Reader: Do you get USPS packages delivered on Sundays in your next of the woods? If not, do you think it’s because you live too far out in the country? Please let me know, thanks.

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Rusty Clark – 100K Photos.


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Would they deliver a crocs package


What if they fail to deliver a priority express package on Saturday will they deliver it Sunday?


I’ve actually had quite a few packages sent out one day priority express on a Friday night and it says to be delivered on Saturday and it would never be delivered and then the next update would say Monday totally skips over Sunday. Do you think it’s bc of my area?

Billie K

Placerville California USPS used to deliver Amazon packages here on Sundays; however, they have stopped doing so without formal notification. In fact I am told the packages go to a table at the office and are left there. They expect the customer to come into town to pick them up. That was not told to us formally as well.

Our Amazon order for yesterday’s Sunday delivery says it’s been delivered and will remain there unless we pick it up! It’s still in the Post Office. As far as I am concerned the promise has been broken.

Mikey David

Yes. I just posted that too. It seems like the Amazon/usps agreement isn’t being held up by usps and I wonder if Amazon knows that usps just doesn’t feel like holding up their end of the bargain because it’s too much work..? We are thinking the same thing you and I.

Rhonda Mangrum

Our Sunday Amazon deliveries through USPS always state: an issue was encountered with your delivery, will reattempt tomorrow. The reason is always listed as: driveway or porch not accessible, as if I have some impediment to them coming to my house instead of simply living in the sticks.


My USPS pkg was to be delivered Friday, it is now Sunday will they deliver it today as they are two days late

Mikey David

Does Amazon know that usps just doesn’t honor the agreement they have with each other about delivering Amazon packages on Sunday if the recipient lives (whatever usps deems) too far out in the country? That’s kind of messed up. It’s like they just don’t feel like honoring their agreement on Sunday’s if it takes too much effort to get to the recipient. 🙄


If it’s too rural, start earlier


It’s a governmental civil service job in the year 2023; very much unlike the fictional movie “The Postman” starring Kevin Costner. We are lucky to get our mail within a week of it’s due date and still in the same condition in which it started it’s journey.

While tracking packages online, I have watched as a packages leave a city, pass through my city and within 3 miles of my home, continue on to a city in another state, then makes it’s way back to the same city (60 miles from my home) that it was in prior to going through my city, then finally it’s delivered.

This happens almost every time a package travels through Baton Rouge, LA on it’s way to my home but no one at the USPS can explain the reason. I guess they feel that the packages that pass through Baton Rouge are entitled to an extended sight seeing tour before ending it’s journey.

I would love to hear a better reason (if anyone has one) since the local post office employees who looked at the tracking data weren’t able to provide one.


I have had so many problems with surepost. I have had so many Amazon orders switched to sure post and it’s snail mail. I waited all day Friday for a package to be delivered and then was notified of the switch to be delivered Saturday. This morning it says ” Will notify when shipped.” This has happened more than once !! I do not recommend sure post unless you don’t have a choice!

William Goff

I’ve received various reasons why a Sunday Amazon package isn’t delivered-address inaccessible, etc. My favorite is dangerous animals.

I have 5 chickens and a tame goose; it’s basically laziness on the part of the carrier. I have a parcel due today, received at the facility at 8 AM, and still no delivery as of 5 PM. The USPS tracking number is only good for one thing-telling you how late your parcel will be.

Last edited 1 year ago by William Goff

I work at a high rise building in downtown and on Sunday, the USPS packages from amazon or not, He just scans them and leaves them in the lobby instead of placing them into or empty amazon hubs which they use during the week, but he said to me at the front desk, “that he doesn’t have to place these seven boxes into our hub on Sundays in our lobby, so I do it, I think he’s lying and is just lazy.


what about lego pick a brick