Dollar Tree Raising Prices: What Does It Mean For You PLUS Hacks to Save

Updated January 30, 2024 by Kyle James
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Dollar Tree is a popular store for providing customers with top products for just a buck. However, due to the rise of inflation, Dollar Tree has needed to increase its prices to sustain the ever-rising costs of inventory. Once notoriously being a store where you can find products for just $1 or less, now customers will find that all Dollar Tree’s merchandise is $1.25. This 25% increase in prices, though shocking as Dollar Tree has held its dollar prices for decades, shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Shoppers at Dollar Tree can still find great deals and discounts; however, they will have to accept the fact that everything will no longer be just one dollar. Here’s exactly when Dollar Tree raised their prices, and whether the price increase has effected the value they provide.

Dollar Tree Raising Prices: What Does It Mean For You PLUS Hacks to Save

When Did Dollar Tree Raise Prices to $1.25?

Late 2021.

Dollar Tree raised its prices to $1.25 in December of 2021, making it a permanent raise for a store that’s notorious for offering products for a dollar or less.

Why Did They Raise Prices?


Rampant inflation has unfortunately caused the permanent 25% hike in Dollar Tree’s once $1 or less merchandise.

While this rise in prices is shocking, it is to be expected as Dollar Tree fights to give discounted goods to customers while still making a profit.

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Are Some Items Still Only $1?


While Dollar Tree had varying prices (from $1 to $1.50) in late 2021 when it started making price changes, it appears now that all merchandise at Dollar Tree is priced at $1.25.

Therefore, get used to seeing all Dollar Tree items at or over $1.25 for good.

Can I Still Use Manufacturer Coupons at Dollar Tree?


You can still use manufacturer coupons (internet coupons) at Dollar Tree.

When using manufacturer coupons, be aware of the following policies:

– You can only use two manufacturer coupons per day.

– Coupons must be used before their expiration date.

– You cannot use internet coupons on “free” items.

– You cannot duplicate or photocopy manufacturer coupons.

Coupons can be a great way to offset the rising Dollar Tree price hike.

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Where Can I Find Dollar Tree Coupons?

Surprisingly, the two best spots to find online Dollar Tree coupons is NOT at a conventional coupon website.

Instead, check out these two online resources:

L.A. Times – Who knew the L.A. Times website listed coupons?  They actually have an excellent list of updated Dollar Tree coupons and was the only resource I found that listed a flat 10% off coupon code.

Wired – The folks at Wired also have a nice list of Dollar Tree category deals and coupons that they update regularly. Give it a look before your next Dollar Tree haul.

Also, on a side-note, my daughter turned me onto the CraftyGirl YouTube channel.

While not coupon-related, she has some pretty entertaining videos showing her Dollar Tree hauls.

Her videos will give you some great gift ideas (especially using Dollar Tree seasonal items) and clever tips to maximize your shopping trips.

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Is It Still Worth Shopping at Dollar Tree?


Overall even though Dollar Tree has seen a 25% increase in their prices to now $1.25 on most of their items, that doesn’t mean Dollar Tree isn’t still a great place to find some unbelievable deals.

Inevitably, many discount value stores like Dollar General and Family Dollar, while they have “dollar” in their name, offer an assortment of items over a buck.

That being said, the quantity and quality of the products can influence the price.

Therefore, before discounting Dollar Tree due to its recent price hike, understand that Dollar Tree, relative to other discount retailers, still provides great deals, even if they are over $1.

Did Inventory Change When the Price Went Up?

Inventory is always changing at Dollar Tree.

With the unpredictability of Dollar Tree’s inventory, it makes it difficult to gauge whether rising prices equate to better items/ larger quantities of products.

However, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Dollar Tree’s primary uptick in prices is primarily due to inflation, so don’t expect to get “more”/ a better quality item now that you’re paying 25 cents more.

What is Dollar Tree Plus? Do They Offer Products at Just $1.25?

Dollar Tree Plus is similar to the regular Dollar Tree in providing heavily discounted items; however, items are priced anywhere between $3 and $5.

While this is significantly higher than the dollar range, items sold at Dollar Tree Plus tend to be higher ticket items like beauty products, electronics, and more.

Ask the Reader: Was the price increase at Dollar Tree enough to change how you shop at the “dollar store”?

By Kyle James


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