Hilton Employee Discount: What Is It and Who Qualifies

Updated March 15, 2024 by Kyle James

The Hilton employee benefits/perks are some of the best around. Hilton not only offers ALL employees paid time off and health insurance, but Hilton also offers special perks and employee discounts. For instance, did you know that employees can save on hotel rates at any Hilton owned property? Read on to learn more about the Hilton employee discount and all the perks you can receive as an employee.

Hilton Employee Discount: What Is It and Who Qualifies?

What is the Hilton Employee Discount?

The Hilton employee discount, known as the Hilton Team Member Travel Program, is a travel discount program that eligible Hilton team members can take advantage of.

Through this Hilton Team Member Travel Program, Hilton employees get to stay at various Hilton owned properties for $35 to $75 per night.

This is regardless of how much regular guests would normally pay at these Hilton hotel locations.

Below are the rates of the Hilton employee discount that employees can expect to pay:

– $35 per night: Hampton, Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood Suites, Home 2 Suites, and True by Hilton

– $45 per night: Hilton Hotels and Resorts, DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, and Tapestry

– $55 per night: Curio, Canopy, and Hilton Grand Vacations

– $75 per night: Waldorf Astoria and Conrad

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How Exactly Do Employees Use Their Discount?

Once hired and added to the Hilton system, just Log-In to Hilton’s Booking site with your Hilton Honors login credentials.

Then all you have to do is search for hotels by date and look for the special “Employee Rates”.

Is It For Part-Time and Full-Time Employees?

The Hilton employee discount, also known as the Go Hilton Travel Discount program is open for ALL Hilton employees to use.

So, every Hilton employee, whether they be a full-time, part-time, or seasonal employee can use the employee discount as long as they work a regular schedule/ consistent basis.

How Long Do I Have to Work at Hilton to Be Eligible?

There does NOT appear to be any specific length of time you have to working at Hilton to be eligible.

That being said, it seems eligible employees should have at least worked a consistent, routine schedule before making use of the employee discount.

Does the Employee Discount Work at ALL Hilton Properties?


Employees can choose from several Hilton properties as noted above.

However, depending on the Hilton property you choose, it will determine the price you pay per night.

The dates you choose is also factored into the employee discount and be aware that some high demand dates may not be available.

Any Exclusions to Be Aware Of?


There doesn’t seem to be any exclusions involved with the Hilton employee discount.

However, depending on when and how far in advance you book your stay, you may run into occupancy issues and may not be able to book or use your discount at a specific Hilton location during a certain period of time.

Therefore, be sure to book your stay in advance.

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Can Family and Spouses Also Use It?


According to Hilton’s website, authorized family and friends can also use the Hilton employee discount.

So, family and friends can use special rates of about 35%-50% off standard Hilton hotel rates.

Can I Earn Hilton Honor Points with Employee Discount?


Whenever you book using your Hilton employee discount, you can still earn Hilton Honor points as long as you book through your Hilton Honors account.

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Can I Get the Discount After I Stopped Working at Hilton?


You can still use your Hilton employee discount even after you’ve stopped working at Hilton.

However, this DOES NOT work with all employees.

It only works for employees who have worked for 10+ years at Hilton.

Employees who have worked at Hilton for 10-20 years get to book at the friends and family rate for up to 70 nights per year for the rest of their life.

Employees who have worked at Hilton for over 20 years get to use the same benefits as current Hilton employee members.

This equates to 30 Hilton employee discount night rates per year and 70 nights at the friends and family nights per year.

Ask the Reader: Are you a current Hilton employee? Any tidbits of information I’m missing about their employee discount?

By Kyle James


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Gwynne Jelliff

Do they have to be consecutive?


How the badge would look like in Hilton Honors app if a family member was added (or removed) by Hilton employee?
Is there a way for the family member to confirm that they were added by the Hilton employee?