Want a Home Depot Price Match? Here’s How to Make It Happen

Updated March 27, 2024 by Kyle James

On the surface, the Home Depot price match policy seems fairly straight-forward. But when you start digging into the details it gets really confusing and can even differ by Home Depot location. With that said, let’s dig into it and see if we can make some sense of their price match policy. Please leave your experience in the comments so we can learn from each other on this one.

Want a Home Depot Price Match? Here's How to Make It Happen

What Exactly is the Home Depot Price Match Policy?

Here are the specifics of their in-store price match policy:

  • From the Home Depot site, “If you find a current lower price on an identical, in-stock item from any retailer, we will match the price and beat it by 10%.”
  • All you need to do is bring in the ad, printout or even a photo (of either) with you to the register for validation.
  • Don’t be in a hurry as the Home Depot employee may need to contact the competing store to validate the lower price.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of May 2020, the 10% “price beat” that Home Depot had for years is no longer store policy.

What About an Online Price Match?

Yes, you can indeed get an online price match when shopping via Home Depot.com and finding a lower online price elsewhere.

But they’ll factor in shipping costs when figuring out the price match. Also, when price matching Amazon.com the items must be sold directly by Amazon and not a 3rd party seller.

Items must also be currently available from the competing website and available to ship to your address.

Also, be aware that they’ll match the lower price, but not beat it by 10%.

To make it happen, you can call the Home Depot at 1-800-430-3376 or visit their website and start a live chat.

The rep will verify the pricing for you and help you place the order.

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Will Home Depot Price Match Amazon (or any online store)?

For online purchases they absolutely will.

For brick and mortar purchases, it gets a little fuzzy and seems to be left to the discretion of the individual store manager if they’ll price match online pricing.

Home Depot really needs to fix this policy as it has caused a ton of confusion in recent years.

Here is the bottom line: If you find a Home Depot location that tends to have a more inclusive price match policy, you’d be smart to shop there all the time as you’ll always be able to get online pricing and have the product in your hands immediately.

If you run into any push-back from a Home Depot employee, be sure to stand your ground and involve the manager and HD corporate (if you can).

Most Home Depot managers will cave and give you the price match.

Again, all items must be sold directly by Amazon and not a 3rd party Amazon seller.

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What Products are Excluded from a Home Depot Price Match?

Yes, there are some important exclusions…

Custom or special order products. – Includes things like custom doors and window coverings.

Volume or wholesale discounts.

3rd party or discount site items – This includes 3rd party items sold on Amazon.

Open-box, reconditioned, refurbished items.

Sales tax is excluded.

Rebates, free offers, and one-time-only promotions. – This includes bundle offers.

Competitor pricing due to typographical error or misprint.

Pricing from membership-based retail wholesalers. – This includes Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s.

Competitor bid and auctions site pricing. – This includes eBay.

I’ll keep this list of exclusions updated as new ones pop-up.

Can You Combine a Coupon with a Price Match?

If you have a Home Depot coupon in-hand, NO, you CANNOT also get a price match on that purchase.

I was hoping you could but alas, it is not possible.

I verified this with a Home Depot store manager.

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What About Price Matching on Black Friday?

Surprisingly, YES.

Most store won’t price match on Black Friday, but Home Depot is not one of them.

So if you find a killer deal at Lowe’s on Black Friday, Home Depot (brick & mortar) will not only match it, but they’ll beat it by 10%.

This where the magic of their policy really happens.

Start doing this next Black Friday as it makes for one of the best days of the year to buy tools and hardware.

Ask the Reader: Have you had any issues using the Home Depot price match policy?

By Kyle James


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I just checked on getting a price match with a legitimate online appliance seller and home depot came back with we will not match because they are not a competitor:( Seems to me they just want to say no because it is $700 less on a refrigerator. They sure are a competitor because I am buying from them and not you…

Jim king

I purchased a LG refrigerator from Homedepot for $2900 and found the same refrigerator for $900 less from brandsmart same sku and they said that they would not honor the price difference I’m am going to file a grievance as my rights on the credit card agreement and take them to arbitration!!

ivanka trump

how did this work out for you? just curious.


Good for you


They are not price matching WAYFAIR! I guess they are not a competitor?


Apparently they don’t price match if the competitor ships out of the US. Makes no sense. What does that have to do with anything??

Brian Orlando

Does the item you find cheaper in lets say lowes but is out of stock will home depot still match the price of the item seen though it’s currently not in stock at lowes?


We went to buy a microwave and tried to price match best buy. They said in order to price match you have to order it online, but then you have to pay a $60 appliance fee. So at that point it is a wash. They also wouldn’t honor a military discount with the purchase. They didn’t even suggest buying one in store and getting the military discount to have a better price in the end. Going to take our business elsewhere.

Jennifer L Colvin

Just went to my local store after carefully reading their online policy. The paint sprayer was not excluded. Had to get someone to unlock it, wait in the customer service line for 20 min. New girl didn’t know so talked to the asst. manager and he said they will not price match anything on Amazon. So I left, did customer service chat with corporate and they first said “it is up to the store”, huh? A local store can choose or not choose to do a corporate advertised marketing promotion? Then when I said something about that, she verified that it was a valid match and she would honor the price. But I had to order it online, pay full price, have it shipped to my house and before it shipped, she would adjust the price. Um, I was in the parking lot of a store that had it in stock, why can’t I do in store pickup. Nope. Then she said I should call the store manager and of course he was gone. I got the same asst. mgr on the phone and he said he tells everyone they won’t match Amazon, but he’s not really sure and maybe its just for higher prices. So now they are picking and choosing what items to do based on price, even though they never even asked what Amazon was selling the item for…

So I’m emailing corporate. I’m so tired of the deceptive marketing practices. I was trying to shop local to have the sales tax stay in my town, keep jobs in my town, and support a business that directly serves my community. If I’m going to have something shipped, hope that the package doesn’t get stolen, wait, etc. why bother shopping local? And a lot of companies wonder why they go out of business…

Mary H

I just tried to price match with Walmart.com because they had the identical item on sale, Home Depot said they did not match sale prices just regular prices. After reading this article I called back and that person said they wouldn’t price match because it was Walmart.com I asked for a manager and they came back and price matched the Walmart.com sales price. Thanks to this article I realized I needed to talk to a manager,

Madeline Mann

They said they won’t price match because my item was ordered online and picked up in store.


Wow, sounds like they gave everyone the same run-around as me. I have 2 Home Depot stores 10 minutes from my house – one directly north (hood, lots of turnover) and one directly south (ritzy, good service). I also have a Menards 5 minutes East (cheap product, awful service). Last month I bought a toilet from south HD; great experience at store. I shop for a similar toilet with that HD as “my store” and see toilet on sale for $176 but it’s only in stock at the hood HD. I drive to hood HD, find toilet on shelf for $199, take it to checkout. They have one lady running 4 self checkouts and one “pro only” lane open at the far end of the store. She said it was here second day and she didn’t know how to call her manager over. I walk myself over to customer service another young girl calls the manager over. Manager looks me dead in the eye and tells me this HD doesn’t price match it’s own website and I would have to order online and have it shipped to the south HD if I want that price. What? After I have a few words he asks the girl the difference -$23… He mutters some under $50 rule and tells me just this once. I did get the toilet for the lower price but it left me with a sour taste in my mouth over the whole thing.


The bad news: Learned today that Home Depot wiill no longer price guarentee against Amazon, regardless if this is sold by Amazon or a third party. After that 10 minute clarifcation, it took another 39 minutes to get my price match again another competitor online.

The good news: The did match the price for the product. In the end I saved 69% on my original ~$20 purchase. It took some time, but it all worked out.

I normally dont price check HD because I thought they were always pretty competitive, and I appreciate the fact they are open and usually have what I want. By change I just happened to check this product for installation help and saw the price at another site. It was only a ~30% savings, but it led me look into it further. Now I think I have to check most my purchases and keep HD somewhat honest about pricing. 11/18 prices were lower than HD (yes, with shipping and tax). The % ranges from 1 to 69% and the averave was 31% lower).


It is HD policy to price match Amazon prices, as long as they’re not a third party seller and it’s NOT Amazon Prime. HD does not price match subscription services or paid membership stores, like Sam’s or Costco.


what about price matching their own store in another state?

Jack smith

A HD store i went to wouldnt even give me the price for an item on their website eventhough it was instock at the store and online. Even showed the price online and said it was instock at that store. When they looked at the listing there was no item number except for an online item number. Whole thing made no sense.

Ed Kristak

Can you get a price match and a military discount.?


Great question!! I’m an HD call center rep and Yes, as long as the item is eligible for the military discount and the item is not on the price matching exclusions list, you can totally get both markdowns.


The chat support you mention in the article can’t be found anywhere in their contact section of their website. Did they discontinue it?

Tracy G

I contacted Home Depot to do a price match on a grill that I found extremely cheaper a a different site. The lady told me that they will only price match from Amazon and Walmart. Am I missing something in my reading?


Home Depot failed to price match a competitor’s price at Tractor Supply which is located less than a mile away from Home Depot. I attempted to order online and was assisted by Home Depot Chat service. They were unable to give me an explanation but refused to price match the exact same patio heater at Tractor Supply.