How Late Does Amazon Deliver? We Got ALL the Answers

Updated March 27, 2024 by Kyle James

Do you ever worry about leaving an expensive Amazon package out on your porch, just waiting for some nefarious “porch pirate” to snatch it up? Well, worry no more. Here’s everything you need to know about how late Amazon delivers so you can plan accordingly. The good news is that regardless of when you place your order or what Prime benefits you have, Amazon will NEVER deliver after 10 pm. With that said, most standard deliveries from Amazon will arrive before 8 pm. Knowing how late Amazon delivers, and when to expect your package, will definitely help you prepare for your delivery and prevent package theft. Here’s what you need to know.

How Late Does Amazon Deliver? We Got ALL the Answers

What Determines How Late Amazon Delivers?

Three things determine what time (and how late) Amazon delivers your package:

1. What day and time you originally placed your order.

2. What companies Amazon is using to deliver your order.

3. How busy their delivery schedule is that day.

Amazon works hard to ensure that its customers are satisfied, especially when it comes to deliveries.

For that reason, they offer a variety of shipping and delivery options to suit your needs and cater to your work schedule.

If you are an Amazon Prime member and you need your package delivered on a specific day or time, reach out to customer support and they will do what they can to ensure a pleasant delivery experience for you.

Does Delivery Time Change on Weekends?

Amazon delivers packages all weekend long, including on Sundays.

However, if you are expecting a package on Sunday, it will typically arrive no later than 8 pm.

If your Amazon package is arriving through another delivery service such as USPS, you can expect your package before 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

USPS doesn’t typically deliver regular mail on Sunday, but they absolutely do deliver Amazon packages on Sunday.

So don’t be surprised if you see a USPS carrier with a full load of Amazon packages delivering them on a Sunday.

When it comes to Saturday deliveries, you can expect to receive your package within the same hours that you would on weekdays.

Most Amazon delivery drivers will plan on delivering your package between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm.

However, they can deliver packages as late as 10 pm.

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Is Delivery the Same for Prime and Non-Prime Members?

The short answer to this question is NO.

The Amazon delivery experience is NOT the same for Prime and non-Prime members.

This is because Amazon Prime members have the option to customize their delivery preferences to best suit their needs.

You can find this option when you are placing your order through their website.

You will also have the option to include any notes for delivery that might be helpful to your delivery driver.

Some notes that people include are where to leave the package, whether or not to knock, or even what time to deliver.

Keep in mind that they cannot always provide you with your preferred delivery time because they have a designated route to follow.

However, there are other ways for you to adjust your delivery preferences as an Amazon Prime member.

In your Account Settings, you will find a list of your previously used addresses.

When you select your address, you will be able to view and edit your delivery instructions which will help keep any late night Amazon deliveries from getting stolen.

These Delivery Instructions include the following:

  • Exactly where Amazon should leave the package. Options include front door, back door, side porch, garage, building reception, and mailroom.
  • Is security code, call box number or key access required.
  • Delivery hours and whether or not you would like to receive deliveries on certain days of the week.
  • You’re also given a spot for special delivery instructions. Include things like building description, nearby landmark, or other navigation instructions.

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Can I Request No “Late” Package Drop-offs?


If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can request to receive all of your packages before 8 pm.

Non-Prime members won’t be able to adjust this preference since they do not have an option for late-night delivery anyways.

Many Amazon users appreciate this option, especially those that go to bed before 10 pm.

Requesting no late package drop-offs can help to protect your delivery against theft, letting you rest easy through the night.

However, you may have to be willing to wait an extra day for delivery.

Can I Leave Drop-Off Directions for Amazon Delivery Driver?


You can leave delivery drop-off instructions for the driver who is fulfilling your delivery.

In fact, Amazon makes this quite easy.

When you are placing your order, you will see a text box that asks you to leave any instructions for the delivery driver.

This is where people will include relevant details about where to leave the package or whether to knock or ring the doorbell.

Also, when you order through Amazon you can choose whether or not you would like to receive your package after 8 pm.

With that said, you will never get a late delivery, which is classified as after 10 pm.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever received a late-night delivery from Amazon? Tell us all about your experience in the comments below.

By Kyle James


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This literally answered nothing that amazon doesn’t already. Just a waste of my 3 minutes to read this.


How to request earlier delivery is likely the desired info. It is for me!


My Sunday deliveries, even when they say “Out for Delivery”, often go awol only to reappear for delivery on Monday or Tuesday.

If to a locker I can bet money they will, and any package an Amazon driver is delivering to my home will. Any other method scheduled for Sunday to my home usually goes missing for two days only to be delivered USPS on Tuesday.

I’d understand if I lived in a small town, but I live in San Antonio, a bustling metroplex. Amazon’s system always seems baffled by these awol for a night packages and any call I make has them offering a refund when all I want is for them to see the pattern and fix the issue.

When their system does finally show the corrected info but prior still to actual delivery it’s like nothing went wrong, Amazon doesn’t seem to be aware any change happened, like it was always scheduled for Tuesday USPS and take me as mental for saying otherwise. I hate Sunday deliveries so much I avoid them if at all possible.

Jamie Thomas

Im a amazon prime member and i didn’t receive my package as promised i had to reorder my items and im still waiting for it to come. First they said its running late then later it says package lost in transit that’s crazy im still waiting as of now


as a FLEX driver – I wouldn’t use any absolutes like “NEVER” – of course packages can arrive after 10pm – it will be very rare as most delivery blocks end by 9pm. That said, Ive had a block scheduled until 9:30p. There is a 1 hour overtime buffer so the last package could easily be delivered between 10p and 10:30p especially if there were significant issues earlier in the evening – again not typical but completely within operating parameters!


Amazon delivered my package at 4:30am this morning and woke everyone up in the process as my dogs alerted to the noise. This has happened before. I am astounded that Amazon allows drivers in their personal cars to go 1/4 mile down a gravel road to a dark house at 4:30 in the morning. This is not safe for the driver. No later than 10:00pm? BS.


hey don’t knock it if you’re not a morning person! Waking up to the sunrise in my town makes for a gorgeous drive home! 🌄 it makes for a great start of the day and it’s nice not to be motivated to stay up late – just feels healthier.

I had a big rant about delivering in the dark – I agree – totally not safe esp in rural areas! After doing late night and early morning deliveries – early morning feels waaaaaay safer. I just got a 18650 headlamp so I shine up the hood when I walk around now – no more tripping on sidewalks and banging my knees into pots! lol

yeah, I kinda feel bad for dogs that wake up the household so I feel ya. If you didn’t request Prime Overnight or Prime Next Day delivery, I definitely would give Amazon customer support a call and see if you can mark your account to not have deliveries take place at that time.