Nike Return Policy: FINALLY Get ALL Your Questions Answered

Updated November 9, 2023 by Kyle James

“Just Do It” has been a popular Nike slogan for years. But what happens when you DON’T want to “Do It” and would rather return your Nike shoes, apparel, or workout gear? Like most return policies, the Nike return policy has some caveats and quirks that need to be answered which is what I’ve done below. Hope this helps you out so you can “just do your return” and get on with your life.

Nike Return Policy: Get Your Questions Answered and Your Money Back

How Many Return Days Does Nike Allow?

60 days.

You have 60 days to return items you bought from a Nike Store or from

You can get receipt-less returns by registering to become a NikePlus member for FREE.

What If I Lost My Receipt?

If you don’t have your receipt you still have options, especially if items are not worn or laundered.

Just bring them back and you’ll get store credit for the current selling price.

Keep in mind that manager’s approval will be necessary so be sure to give yourself ample time to make the return happen.

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Can I Return Shoes That I’ve Worn?


As a matter of fact, Nike encourages you to take your shoes for a “trial run” and if you’re not completely satisfied they’ll give you a FULL refund.

This applies to ALL items, not just shoes.

What Happens After 60 Days?

You can still return stuff to Nike after 60 days but it must NOT be worn or washed.

So the question then becomes how much longer than 60 days is allowed?

Well, according to this Reddit thread some shoppers have returned stuff that was over a year old.

Keep in mind that your mileage will vary by store and it comes down to the discretion of the manager if they’ll accept the return or not.

Be polite and you stand a great chance for success.

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Should I Return Nike Stuff to Store of Purchase?

If you didn’t buy from or a Nike Store it’s highly recommended that you return items to where you bought them.

This is because many stores have a return period longer than Nike’s standard 60 days.

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What About Stuff Bought at

To initiate a return for an item bought from you’ll want to visit their online Return Center.

You’ll essentially use the return label that came with your order, box up your stuff, and drop it off at a UPS location.

If you don’t have a return label you can have one emailed to you or you can even download it.

If you want to exchange an item you’ll have to call them at 1-800-806-6453 or take the item to your local Nike store.

Who Pays Return Shipping Fees?

You’ll be stuck paying the return shipping charges UNLESS you’re a Nike Plus Member in which case Nike pays them.

Any Return Policy Exceptions?

Yes there are 3 exceptions to this policy:

  • Gift Cards – All sales are final.
  • Items Marked as “Nonreturnable” – Self-explanatory.
  • Items with Specific Guarantees – Some Nike products have guarantees or warranties that are item specific.

Check the label, hang tag, or warranty card for details if you’re unsure.

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Is Their a Holiday Return Extension?

Yes, and it’s fairly generous.

All orders placed between November 1st and January 6th come with an extended 60-day return window.

What About Items Bought at The Nike Factory Store?

The same return policy exists at Nike Factory Stores and manager’s approval will be needed when returning items without a receipt.

Be aware that some Factory Store items could be marked as final sale and cannot be returned.

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BONUS: Don’t Forget About Nike’s 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Nike Manufacture Date

If your Nike shoes are starting to fall apart within 2 years of the “manufacturer date” you stand a great chance of getting a FREE replacement via the Nike warranty.

To check when your shoes were made take a look at the tag and you’ll notice 2 dates.

The date on the left is when they were ordered by the retailer, and the date on the right is when they were actually manufactured.

It’s the date on the RIGHT that determines your 2-year return eligibility.

Keep in mind that normal “wear and tear” does not make you eligible for a new pair of Nike kicks.

There has to be what Nike deems a defective shoe.

They keep their warranty language fairly vague on what the consider defective on purpose as they don’t want consumers gaming the system.

But it’s definitely worth a shot if you feel your Nike shoes should have held up better.

Ask the Reader: What’s been your experience with the Nike return policy? Anything else I should add to this post? Let me know in the comments, thanks.

By Kyle James


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I bought some shoes at shoe palace and the bubble popped can I return and get a full refund

Michael D'Angelo

i had the exact same thing happen to my Air Max Zephyr. Did you ever get help ???


Yes!! I returned my Air maxes because of popped bubble. I got a voucher back and bought new shoes. You have to use the voucher at I returned Nike shoes more than once and was highly satisfied with the results and voucher!


Can I return a jacket I bought 5 months ago?


The jacket I haven’t worn still have tags

Michael D'Angelo

I recently bought a pair of Nime Air Max Zephyr. And i have literally worn them maybe 3 time. Anyways me & my girlfriend goto Home Depot walk around for a few minutes grab a few things. Well on the way back to the car i notice my right foot is suddenly leaning extremely bad. Not thinking a whole lot of it. I drive home when i get outta the car i pay extra attention & thats when i noticed the Huge bubble which is quite literally the whole bottol of the shoe is a bubble has somehow popped or went flat. I have absolutely no idea how this happened. But i do want my money back $215.00 because they are literally brand new. WHAT DO I DO ???? i bought from local mall at finish line

Domingo Santana

Believe it or not, if you have the receipt, finish line is an option for you to return as well. I’ve succeeded in this with a pair of air max 90’s. The stitching by the toes that united the suede to the mesh was coming undone. I brought them in and showed the shoes to a manager. No questions asked, they provided me with a replacement of that same shoe. They do have an option to decline this. But, because the return policy applies to them as well, and it’s easier for them to file a claim being that they have a retail account, I would definitely roll the dice. Hope this helps.

Debbie Kelly

I’ve bought an item just received few days ago. Can I return after Christmas if not suitable. Thanks

Angel Munoz

So an item was taking long to arrive so I was sent a reshipment. Do I have to send the late item when it come back and what happens if I don’t send it back


Can you return shoes to Nike Outlet without box, without receipt but shows purchase on Nike app?


Yes you can return without shoe box


Do your sneakers have to be from or Nike factory for this? Or can you still get a 2yr refund if you bought it from footlocker or other stores?


Even if the product (shoes in my case) are defective? I don’t want a refund, I just want a replacement.

Thanks for the help!

Last edited 2 years ago by Rebecca

Can I return Nike products to a Nike factory store if i bought them from a different online retailer like rack room shoes?


I had just brought a pair of nike air monarch and they Squeak so bad, I call customer service and they told me there is nothing they could do for me, I was offer nothing for my inconvenience after waiting on the phone for 20 minutes…


Take the insole out and put foot powder or baby powder in your shoe, then put the insole back in, that will stop the squeak.

Kay sidebotham

I have found a black mark which looks like a scratch on my jordans which I purchased 2 days ago not of my making can I take them back

Last edited 1 year ago by Kay sidebotham

I have new Nike shoes and the top layeer which is a nylon fabric or similar break means crashes ….I am shocked to find this situation . I am german living in Bangkok


I just got off the phone with Nike customer service.
My son wore his new/just purchased cleats 1 time. They are tearing up his feet.
Nike DOES NOT!!!! Take back shoe that you have worn!!!
Call and ask them! They do not take back shoes you have worn unless there is a flaw in shoe less than 2 years old!


What kind of flaw


I purchased Nike cleats for my son. No stores in my area (nor had his size – so I had to order off of Amazon.
He literally wore them for 2 games and the hole where the shoe string would be tore. The time limit for Amazon return has expired. Can I send to Nike as a defect?


No, he didn’t stretch the shoe hole, he didn’t place the shoe string in that hole Velcro area not sewn tight so it pulled the hole.


Nike shoes

We are living in Israel were everything is more expensive than in the rest of the world.
We finally travelled to the USA and could afford ourself to buy our 10 year old kid, Nike soccer shoes. Our kid was dreaming wearing soccer shoes of your brand (Nike).
As a present for his birthday, we bought the pairs of shoes at Nicky store in Los Angeles.
2months later both shoes got damaged after we put them on his feet.
The upper layer as shown on the picture just thorn… he cried so much as you can imagine.
We are very long customers and are also member on Nike store for many years.
We could appreciate it so much if yo
We have 4boys and all the closet is just Nike branded!
We appreciate for a an answer as soon as possible.