Smart & Easy Ways to Save Money at Bath & Body Works

Updated March 21, 2024 by Kyle James

My wife and daughters are huge fans of Bath & Body Works and I have the empty plastic bottles in my shower to prove it. But with any retailer, there exists clever money savings hacks to maximize your savings, and Bath & Body Works is no different. If you’re a regular shopper, the following 11 tips will absolutely help you save money and enhance your shopping experience.

Smart & Easy Ways to Save Money at Bath & Body Works

1. Avoid Shipping Costs and Opt for In-Store Pickup

The one MAJOR downside of shopping the Bath & Body Works website is that they DO NOT offer free shipping on ANY order, doesn’t matter the size of the order.

Specifically, they charge a flat $5.99 shipping on all orders over $10 and $4 shipping on orders under $10.

The workaround is to always select “Pick Up In Store” and avoid the shipping charges by grabbing your order in-person when you’re out running errands.

2. Always Take Advantage of their Price Adjustment Policy

The 14-day price adjustment policy at Bath & Body Works makes for a cool “shop early” hack.

While they won’t price match 1-day or Flash Sales, they will price match other big sales events that last for more than 1-day.

This includes their “Black Friday week” sales, Semi-Annual sale (more on this later), and their “2 for $20 sale” which typically lasts for 3 days according to my wife.

Shop early (a week before the sale) while the selection is great and then bring your receipt back when the sale price hits and they’ll credit you the difference.

But it’s important to keep in mind that Bath & Body Works WILL NOT price match their own website.

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3. Coupons Via the Mail are No-Brainers

Perhaps the easiest way to save at Bath & Body Works is to scroll to the bottom of their homepage and sign-up for offers and coupons.

Be sure to choose “Mailing Address Add/Update” from the Topic dropdown and “Add” as your request type.

The coupons they’ll mail you will be of the 20% off variety and will be good for both in-store and online shopping.

4. Always Stack Coupons on Top of a Sale Price

Perhaps the coolest thing about Bath & Body Works is they let you stack the coupons you get in the mail with current sales.

Here’s exactly how the cashier will ring you up….

First, they’ll ring up the sale price of the item.

Second, they’ll take your $ off coupon and apply it to your purchase. Could be $10 off $30 or $15 off $75, whatever you got.

Lastly, they’ll take your % off coupon and apply it to the purchase. This coupon is most likely 20% off.

Add it all up and your savings will be SIGNIFICANT.

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5. Free $10 When You Join Their Rewards Program

Besides earning points with every purchase and scoring FREE full-sized products, you’ll get a free $10 to spend when you sign-up for the Bath & Body Works Rewards Program.

I’m not a huge fan of loyalty programs as many are used to send you annoying email ads, but this one is actually really good and totally worth your time if you shop at Bath & Body Works semi-regularly.

6. Always Shop the Semi-Annual Sale

Twice a year Bath & Body Works rolls out their Semi-Annual Sale and offers you very generous savings in the 50% off range on many products.

You can pretty much set your watch by the dates they unveil this sale.

One Semi-Annual sale always starts right after Christmas and lasts for a few weeks, and the other starts mid-June and usually runs through the middle of July.

7. “2 for $20” Candle Sale Hack

From time to time, you’ll see a “2 for $20” candle sale at Bath & Body Works.

But if you read the fine print you’ll notice that you aren’t required to buy candles in sets of 2.

This means you can buy 3 for $30 or even 7 for $70 if you wish.

A better name would be the “$10 Candle Sale when you buy more than 1″…actually, that name kinda sucks.

These candles are usually priced at $14.50 so the savings is pretty significant and makes for a great time to stock up.

8. Always Try to Use an Expired Coupon

Bath & Body Works is famous for accepting expired coupons, especially those that are only a few days past their date.

In recent years they’ve cracked down on this a bit but plenty of stores will still accept expired coupons.

Always give it a shot, you literally have nothing to lose and a few bucks to gain.

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9. Always Shop on “Candle Day”

If you’re a candle hound, your new favorite day of the year needs to be Candle Day at Bath & Body Works.

Specifically, the sale lasts 1 day online and 3 days in-store. and is the single best day to buy their famous “3-wicks” candle.

You can score the famous candle for $10.25 each with a limit of 18 candles per customer.

The 3-wick candle typically sells for $25.50 so the 60% savings is pretty dang awesome.

The Candle Day sale always falls in early December of every year.

10. Wallflower Plug-Ins Come with Lifetime Guarantee

Several rooms in our house are littered with Wallflower Plug-ins from Bath & Body Works.

Some still work great and other stopped working back in the Obama administration but yet remain plugged in for some inexplicable reason.

Turns out, per their return policy, you can exchange the plug-ins that don’t work at any time, for any reason, even without a receipt.

I even asked a chat rep, “So they can be 8 years old and gross and stop working and you’ll exchange it WITHOUT a receipt?”

The Bath & Body Works chat rep left for a minute to ask someone (or went to the fridge for a snack) and came back and said “Per our policy – Return anything, anytime for any reason. 100% Guaranteed.”

11. Take Advantage of their Great Return Policy

The return policy at Bath & Body Works is about as good as it gets.

They literally let you return anything, for ANY reason, at ANY time.

Hold on to your receipt as it’ll make your return much easier.

But if you lose your receipt, you can still get store credit on the lowest selling price of the item in the past 90 days.

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Ask the Reader: How do you save money at Bath & Body Works? What tips did I miss? Let me know in the comments, thanks.

By Kyle James


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Hopefully Helpful

Buy items during BIG sales that aren’t necessarily in your wheelhouse, then return them for the items you LOVE!

This is one tip I’ve never seen on a BBWs saving money @ BBW, tips and hacks etc.