How to Easily Share Amazon Prime With Family and Roommates

Updated August 19, 2020 by Kyle

It’s amazing how many Amazon users I talk to who are unaware that you can share your Amazon Prime account with people that live in your household. This includes teens, family, friends, and roommates. If they live in your house and get stuff mailed to it, they’re in like Flynn. Here are all the details you need to know to start sharing your Prime membership today.

How to Share Your Amazon Prime Account

The 7 Steps to Share Amazon Prime…

  1. Visit and log into your account if you’re not already.
  2. Hover over the “Account & Lists” drop-down menu in upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click on “Your Prime Membership”. (See image below)
  4. At the bottom of the “Your Prime Membership” page you’ll see “Share your Prime benefits”. Click on it!
  5. Then under “Amazon Household” click on “Manage my household”.
  6. This will take you to a separate page where you’ll verify the second adult’s Amazon account.
  7. Once this has been verified by Amazon, the 2nd person will be good to go.

Prime Account

Let me know if you have any trouble with the above steps and I’ll help you out personally.

What Prime Benefit Can’t Be Shared?

When you add someone to your account they’ll get instant access to all Prime benefits EXCEPT these:

  • Prime Music.
  • Prime Reading.
  • Kindle First.
  • Exclusive Discounts on Video Games.
  • Video Subscriptions.

Here’s a thorough list of all of the Amazon Prime benefits that come with your membership.

Who Can’t Share Their Prime Membership?

The following Prime users cannot share their membership with anyone.

  • Prime Student Members: Sorry, you’re already getting a screaming deal on Prime. (My “Prime Student” Review)
  • Those Who Already Get Shipping Benefits From Another Member: In other words, if someone is already sharing their Prime account with you, you can’t share Prime with someone else.
  • Those Who Already Get Prime Discounts: This includes those who get the Prime discount via their EBT card.

I’ll add new info to the above list if I discover any.

What About Sharing Prime with Teenagers?

Sharing Prime with Teens

Amazon recently introduced a program called Prime Teen that allows parents to share their Prime membership with their teenagers. Here are the benefits:

  • Know Exactly What They Buy. As the parent, you’ll get instant notifications with order details along with the ability to approve the order with a quick text reply.
  • Maintain your Privacy. You’ll be able to keep gifts a surprise and your purchases completely private.
  • Grow their Independence. They’ll get some independence but you’ll still choose what credit card they can use and where they can ship orders to.

Ask the Reader: Do you share your Amazon Prime account with anyone?

By Kyle James


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Jody davis

I am on an former boyfriend’s acct and I don’t have the password and can’t get it. Should I get my own account?