The Walmart Dress Code: Here’s Exactly How it ALL Works

Updated January 13, 2024 by Kyle James

If you’re about to start working at Walmart, or about to go for an interview, you’re probably curious about the Walmart dress code. Although Walmart is by no means a fancy place, they still have certain dress code guidelines that employees must follow. Fortunately, Walmart’s dress code is, for the most part, fairly flexible giving employees the freedom to wear nearly whatever they want to feel comfortable on the job. Read on to learn more about the ins and outs of the Walmart dress code, including tattoos and body piercings.

The Walmart Dress Code: Here's Exactly How it ALL Works

What Exactly is the Walmart Dress Code?

Walmart’s dress code is overall fairly flexible and comfortable.

Here’s a breakdown of their dress code (according to Walmart’s website):

1. All associates can wear ANY color of denim.

2. Employees can wear any color or pattern shirt.

3. All employees, including management, can wear sneakers.

Employees still must wear the classic Walmart vest and a name tag of course, but otherwise, the Walmart dress code is more relaxed than most other stores.

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Can Associates Wear Jeans?


Walmart employees can wear jeans (of any color) any day of the week.

But keep in mind, your jeans CANNOT have any rips or holes in them.

You also CAN’T wear yoga pants or leggings to work.

Do Jeans Have to Only Be Only 1 Color?


Employees can wear any color of denim.

So, whether you love a classic pair of blue jeans, or want to switch it up with some green or red jeans, any color will do.

Do I Have to Wear a Blue Shirt?


Employees at Walmart can wear any color shirt.

Although employees used to have to wear ONLY a blue shirt, Walmart has since made changes so that now employees can wear any color or patterned shirt.

You CANNOT wear a tank top, halter top, or shirt with spaghetti straps.

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Can Employees Wear Shorts?


The only employees that may be allowed to wear shorts are parking lot attendants and that’s on a store-by-store basis.

What Kind of Shirt Can I Wear?

Walmart is fairly relaxed on the type of shirt you can wear to ensure you feel comfortable.

That being said, you obviously cannot wear any revealing or unprofessional, or any shirts that show evident signs of rips, display inappropriate language, are racist in nature, etc.

Therefore, when in doubt, you can always stick to your favorite solid colored t-shirt and be safe.

What Kind of Shoes Can Associates Wear?

Employees can essentially wear ANY shoes or sneakers that they feel comfortable in.

In other words, employees don’t necessarily have to wear formal shoes but they MUST be closed toe AND have a back on them (Thanks Pat for the tip!).

Employees can wear sneakers that offer much-needed comfort after long shifts standing and walking around the store.

What Should I Wear to My Walmart Interview?

Business casual.

Although as a Walmart employee, you can wear virtually “anything” (given it is professional/ not too revealing or inappropriate), with interviews it’s likely best to take a more professional approach.

While there is no specific rule of what you can and cannot wear to a Walmart interview, here are some pointers on what you could wear to look and dress your best.

For example for men, consider wearing khakis and a regular buttoned-down or pullover.

For women, consider wearing dress pants and a blouse.

It’s best to be safe than sorry and dress the more business casual approach than looking like you just rolled out of bed.

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Can Any Employee Wear a Hat?

Most employees can wear hats, except cashiers.

The caveat is that the hat MUST be provided by Walmart.

Cashiers are NOT allowed to wear any sort of hat or headgear.

Employees that are not cashiers are only allowed to wear “baseball style” hats that Walmart provides.

Does Management Have to Wear “Dress Shoes” Only?


Management doesn’t have to wear dress shoes if they don’t want to.

Management, like other Walmart employees, can wear sneakers.

What About Body Piercings?

For the most part, employees can wear body piercings.

However, body piercings cannot be unhygienic in any way or be distracting to customers.

Also, you may be asked to remove your facial piercing if you’re working in a food prep or fresh food area.

Can I Have Visual Tattoos?


Walmart employees can have visible tattoos.

That being said, your tattoo cannot be inappropriate or disturbing in any way.

Can I Have a Red Mohawk Haircut?


While Walmart is okay with you dyeing your hair, it must be a natural color and not distracting to shoppers.

Can I Have a Big Ol’ Beard?


Walmart is fine with you having facial hair, but it must well groomed and not look like sasquatch.

Ask the Reader: Do you have any insight into the Walmart dress code that I may have missed? Let me know, thanks.

By Kyle James


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