Are Walmart Tires Actually a GOOD Deal…Let’s Break It All Down

Updated September 22, 2021 by Kyle
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Since you found this article you’re probably thinking of buying your next set of tires from Walmart. My grandpa used to tell me to NEVER scrimp on the things between you and the ground….namely shoes, mattresses, and TIRES. Seemed like decent advise at the time, but over the years I’ve learned first-hand just how great that advice was. So whenever my car needs the inevitable expense of 4 new tires, I tend to never go with the cheapest option and ALWAYS do my homework when it comes to tire warranties before I decide on the right set of wheels for my ride. With that said, I was pleasantly surprised with the Walmart tire center and all of their offerings, let me break it all down for you .

Are Walmart Tires Actually a GOOD Deal...Let's Break It All Down

What Tire Brands Does Walmart Sell?

Some consumers have a preconceived notion that Walmart tires are cheap.

But when you stop and do the research you realize that the tire selection and brands at Walmart is actually fairly impressive and includes these popular tire producers:

– Cooper

– Goodyear

– Maxxis

– Firestone

– Michelin

– Toyo

– Hankook

– Bridgestone

– Pirelli

– Continental

– Yokohama

– General

Walmart sells these tire brands for not only passenger cars, but also for light trucks, trailers, motorcycles, golf carts, ATVs, tractors, and performance cars.

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How Do Their Prices Stack Up?

The prices at Walmart on most products are highly competitive and this is especially true when it comes to tires.

I compared the price for 4 new tires on a 2018 Honda Civic and the Walmart prices were 10-35% less than places like Costco, Les Schwab, and Big O Tires.

I did the same test on my 2004 Chevy Silverado and the Toyo tires that I really like were 20% less at Walmart compared to the local tire shop I’ve used in the past.

Can I Buy My Tires Online at


You can buy your tires at or walk into a store with a tire center and buy them there.

If you buy them online, you’ll need to call your local Walmart and setup an appointment to have them installed.

You can either have them delivered to the store OR to your house and just bring them with you.

I HIGHLY recommend starting your tire search on the Walmart site as you can enter the exact specifics of your car and see all of your buying options.

Walmart lets you filter your tire search by price, size, terrain type, and season to name a few.

How Do I Make an Appointment to Get New Tires?

When buying 4 tires online from the Walmart website you can make an installation appointment while checking out which is SUPER convenient.

You can also call your local store or walk-in and make an appointment in the Walmart Tire Center.

What Are The Walmart Installation Charges?

They currently have 2 different installation packages:

Basic Install Package ($15 per Tire)

Basic package includes the following:

  • Tire Mounting
  • Lifetime balance and rotation every 7,500 miles
  • Valve stem service pack
  • 50-mile lug nut re-torque

This package costs $25/tire if you don’t buy your tires from Walmart.

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Value Install Package ($25 per Tire)

Includes everything in the Basic Package plus…

  • Road Hazard Protection warranty.

Walmart’s Road Hazard Protection covers you if a tire fails due to an impact or non-reparable puncture.

They’ll also fix repairable punctures at NO charge to you.

Tires must be bought at Walmart to qualify.

Do Their Tires Come With a Warranty?

You’ll get whatever warranty comes with your tire which varies by manufacturer so be sure to ask EXACTLY what it is before you decide on the tire.

The in-house Walmart warranty, known as Road Hazard Protection, costs $10 per tire and covers unforeseen road hazards, flat repairs, and free tire replacement on non-fixable tires within the first 25% of tread life.

My frugal buddy Clark Howard says to forget the Walmart tire warranty as the manufacturer’s warranty is usually sufficient.

Do Walmart Tires Ever Go On Sale?


When shopping for tires on the Walmart site look for the words “Reduced Price” and “Rollback” as that will point you towards the most savings.

From looking at the screenshot above, the “Reduced Price” will save you close to 20% and the “Rollback” price will save you over 20% off the original price.

Can I Return the Tires If I Don’t Like Them?

If you never put the tires on your vehicle and drove on them, you CAN return them within 90 days…otherwise NO.

Also, it’s worth noting that snow tires CANNOT be returned, regardless of whether they’ve been used or not.

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A Few Hacks for the Walmart Tire Center…

1. Plan On Leaving Your Car for a Day – Depending on the location, you should be prepared to leave your car at Walmart for most of the day. Make sure you have a ride.

2. Walmart Doesn’t Do Tire Alignments – Keep in mind that if you want to get your car aligned you’ll have to take it somewhere else.

3. Check – I’ve found that TireRack often undercuts even the Walmart price on new tires. In most cases they’ll even mail the tires to your installer, including Walmart.

Ask the Reader: What has been your experience with buying tires from Walmart? Would you recommend their tire center or is the savings not worth the hassle? Let me know in the comments, thanks.

By Kyle James


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