Clever Amazon Prime Delivery Hacks (That You Had No Idea Existed)

Updated March 21, 2024 by Kyle James

With the over-hyped and under-delivered Amazon Prime Day, I figured it was time to share some lesser known tricks (or shopping hacks) at Amazon. Tricks that’ll be useful when an item shows up late, damaged, broken, or worse yet, doesn’t show up at all. You’ll be glad to know you have some recourse with the online retail giant, some of which can add up to significant money. Here’s what you need to know…

Clever Amazon Prime Delivery Hacks (That You Had No Idea Existed)

1. Prime Shipping Guarantee Not Met?

Amazon has guaranteed delivery dates and they try to meet them if at all possible, and they usually do.

But what happens if they don’t meet their Prime 2-day shipping guarantee?

After all, if they’re going to use the word “Guarantee” and charge you a $199 annual fee for the service, you absolutely have the right to hold them to this guarantee.

So if they don’t meet the guarantee, and your item arrives after 2 business days, you can contact customer service and hold their feet to the fire.

Politely explain the situation via live chat, or a phone call, and depending on the order size, they’ll typically give you a $5 credit, a $10 credit, or a 1-month Prime membership extension.

2. Broken or Damaged Item? Get a Free Replacement

There is nothing more frustrating than placing an order online only to have the item show up at your door broken or damaged.

Whether it’s the fault of the person who boxed the item at an Amazon warehouse, or a lazy delivery person who decides to shot-put your package from 20 feet, Amazon has your back.

Simply tell a customer service rep about the problem and if the item is valued at less than $50, they’ll typically send you a replacement without having you ship the original item back.

Better yet, they’ll often send it via overnight shipping if you ask for it.

Keep in mind that this works only for items sold directly by Amazon.

If you bought it from a 3rd party seller, you’ll have the option of getting your money back or getting a replacement in 3-4 business days.

3. Item Late or Never Showed Up?

If you order something from Amazon, and for whatever reason the item has not shown up after 3-4 business days, you have some surprisingly good recourse.

Simple contact Amazon customer service, explain the situation, and they’ll typically upgrade the shipping to “next-day” if the item hasn’t left their warehouse, or create a replacement order post-haste if it got lost in transit.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever used any of these Amazon shopping hacks when they didn’t hold up their end of the bargain, or maybe your order got lost or damaged? Or do you consider these tips to go over the “proper etiquette” line?

By Kyle James


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Hi Kyle, hey, thanks for the info about amazon! I have Prime and since I got it several months ago I have been receiving my items within 4-6 days, just like regular shipping. I do live in Anchorage, Ak, but I have shipped items to ebay customers, (I do ebay very causally) but I send orders via Priority Mail and stuff gets to people within 3 days at the most. I’ve gotten very positive feedback from customers about how fast they get their items from me. so anyway, I received an order from Amazon in just mangled condition, the box was almost cut in half and it was just “steamrolled” and I had called Fed-Ex and they denied anything to do with it, so in my chat with amazon I mentioned both issues, the box condition and the Prime issue and she extended my Prime membership by 2 months! I had gotten the Prime membership when they had it on sale for 25% off so that makes me very happy. Thanks very much!


Just a heads up there is a limit if 12 extensions a year for regular members and 1 extension for trial members.

Jim Hunter

Great info Kyle! Thanks for sharing!
I buy an item from , I opt for standard delivery , estimated delivery is 2 weeks , ok no rush I will be wait , after 4 days they ship my order : 1st suprise : carrier Asendia , no tracking available for this order , looks not so good but ok…Two days after delivery estimate I contact CS very ,they told me to have to wait one more week and then they will send a replacement order…This is my first buy on Amazon and I am not very happy I have to say…What do you guys think ?

Jim Hunter

Update :

After waiting some more days but with no luck as my order does not showed up I contact again Amazon and they send me out an replacement with upgraded shipping, I even receive 1 day before the estimated date!!
I am more than happy and I sure will use them again!

Claudio St. James

How about this one. I ordered an item from Amazon. It arrived on time. However, the packaging had a Red sticker that read: Damaged, Not For Sale, Wrong serial number. I thought it was a mistake and removed the item from the package. The item did not work. I returned it for a replacement. It arrive 2 days after the promised date of arrival and had the “same” red sticker with the same language on it. This item did work, although placing a $3500.00 camera on it to risk it falling off was not something I was going to do. Why is Amazon selling and shipping something that clearly states that its defective to begin with?