Score an Instant Refund if Amazon Package is Late

Updated August 31, 2022 by Kyle

As I’ve discussed before, Amazon is having a hard time getting stuff to you in the 2-day Prime shipping window. And it kinda sucks as Amazon packages seem to be arriving late more frequently these days. It’s especially unfortunate since you’re paying for the Prime service, and in many cases actually need the stuff quickly, which is why you ordered from Amazon in the first place. Here’s how you can quickly score an instant refund from Amazon when your package is late.

How Do I Get My Refund?

The best way to score a refund is to start a Live Chat session with Amazon and let the rep know your item is late.

Here’s how my chat went the other day when I made this hack work…

How Late Do the Items Have to Be?

I suggest waiting at least 24 hours late before you contact Amazon.

They’ll first tell you when your stuff is suppose to arrive, and ask that you contact them again if it still hasn’t arrived.

DON’T accept that as an answer.

Tell them, “Won’t need it then, please refund my account NOW, thank you.”

It’s been my experience that they’ll immediately offer to refund your account (in the form of a gift card) or original form of payment.

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Do I Have to Return Items After They Arrive?

Surprisingly, NO.

Once Amazon refunded my order, I was NEVER asked to mail back the stuff that came late.

It was mine to keep.

Sure enough my stuff arrived 3 days late.

I’ll either sell it stuff on eBay or find a different use for it.

Do I Have to be a Prime Member?

NO, but I think it might help.

It probably also helps if you order a lot from Amazon and have been a Prime member for at least a couple years.

I’m wondering if anybody reading this has had success with this hack that ISN’T a Prime member?

Let me know in the comments.

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How Often Can I Do This?

I’m not sure.

Fortunately, you won’t need to do it very often, but I don’t see why you couldn’t try it every time an item doesn’t arrive on time.

After all, you’re paying for the 2-day shipping service so it’s smart to hold Amazon’s feet to the fire if they’re not holding up their end of the bargain.

Will My Amazon Account Get Flagged?

Probably not.

I’m guessing if everybody did this, it would actually force Amazon to try and improve their delivery system.

Ask the Reader: Have you tried this Amazon “refund trick” before? Was it as easy for you as it was for me?

By Kyle James


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I’ve tried this several times successfully. If they don’t refund the purchase in full, I often receive a substantial credit to be used toward a future purchase.


I haven’t used this approach exactly, but anytime something is late, broken, etc., I use the live chat to explain that the problem has caused undue hardship due to (insert your reason), and I would like reasonable compensation. I always get a gift card credit, usually $10, maybe $5 depending on price and circumstance. We spend a lot of money on Amazon and have been Prime members for years. That may or may not impact the decision. But it is worth a try even if you are not a Prime member. “The squeaky wheel gets the most oil”.


You have to be real scum of the earth to do something like this and it will definitely come back to you ten fold in the form of karma. If you don’t think this is stealing then you are not being honest with yourself. There are many reasons why a package can be late by a day or two i.e carrier delays in the form of weather, mis-sorts and does not give you the right to steal. Whoever would do this is a real low life.


Well obviously you don’t know how a company promoting a certain feature that a customer PAYS extra for that specific reason. That is not a scumbag thing to do. The scumbag in this situation is the company taking your extra money you are paying them monthly FOR THE SPECIFIC REASON of getting the item faster. Amazon prime members aren’t paying more money every single month for ANYTHING except the 2 day shipping. So when we use it and PAY FOR IT we expect it.


Amazon does not care about you. You can have empathy for the individual workers who experience delays or who mis-sort a package, but you aren’t stealing from them, you’re stealing from Amazon. And more power to you if you do! Amazon is not your friend. Steal from Amazon if you can.

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Agreed, I was shocked to see this down voted -5… Doesn’t surprise me though.. Current state of society, entitlement.


If you think receiving compensation from a multi-billion dollar company that is more than capable of taking care of their customers is stealing, you might want to rethink that idea. It doesn’t state in this article, but Amazon does have conditions for the refunds and most of them are what you listed (which are entirely fair conditions). Still, you shouldn’t call it stealing as many people do get put in a difficult spot if packages don’t arrive the time they are specified, and I think partial refunds are reasonable compensation.


Amazon is the real scum, they often deliver items later than what it showed in my shopping cart. If they do not meet their contractual obligations, they are at fault. They wasted my time and money, to fix their problem, and made interest off my $$$ while I waited. I think it is fair that they provide compensation for failing to meet their obligation. (now I do believe a full refund, and you still get the item is a scam)

Dee Johnson

I got a refund on a laptop that my daughter bought on my account. It was late and we thought it was lost in the mail. I got the refund and bought another one right away. Her first one did arrive a few days later, but the box was a little damaged. I returned it because I couldn’t afford to actually buy it if there were any issues with keeping it. It was a $700 laptop. She got the second one a couple days later. It wasn’t damaged. She loves it and has been using it ever since she got it. I would love one like it, but can’t afford the price right now. I contemplated keeping the other one for myself, but I didn’t feel right about it and if they would have asked for payment, I didn’t have the money. So I just returned it. I can’t remember if the chat guy told me to or not. I really thought it was lost in the mail because it seemed to be going to a different place. So I was quite surprised when it arrived, and it said delivered, so I’m sure we would have been liable for payment if it came down to it.


No, you likely would not have been responsible. Amazon would not have said anything to you about it. Probably because it’s a HUGE hassle to deal with returns and put them back “back on the shelf” so to speak. And since you returned it they would have not been able to sell it for full price and it would have to be checked over that you didn’t do anything to it and if it would need to be refurbished. Amazon is a multi billion dollar company- that’s a lot more hassle for them to deal with than just letting you keep it I promise you. You should have just kept it. You wouldn’t have been on the hook for anything, nor did they likely even notice it was gone. They did what they needed to to make sure the customer was pleased- returning it was much more of a hassle on them than you just keeping it. I know it felt like the right thing to do, but it wouldn’t have been the wrong thing to do either if you kept it. I promise you Amazon does not care about a small purchase like that to them. That’s a drop in the bucket.