The Home Depot Military Discount: Time to Cut Through the Confusion

Updated January 13, 2024 by Kyle

Until recently, the Home Depot did not have an official military discount printed anywhere on their website. This has created a lot of confusion as vets and active military try to figure out what, if any, military discount exists. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to investigate these new changes and see what I could find out. What I discovered was really enlightening. Hopefully you can take advantage of this information at the Home Depot and save some money. Let’s get into it…

Home Depot Military Discount: Time to Cut Through the Confusion

What Exactly is the Home Depot Military Discount?

I went straight to the top and called the Home Depot corporate office and spoke personally with a big-whig who basically read me their internal “military discount” policy.

Essentially the discount breaks down into 2 main categories:

1. The Everyday Discount:

The “Everyday” discount at the Home Depot is a flat 10% off and it’s available 365 days a year. It’s good for the following service men/women.

– Active members and Veterans from the following:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Marine Corps
  • Coast Guard
  • Space Force
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (USPHS)
  • National Guard

– Reserve personnel

– Retired veterans who served for at least 20 years.

– Those with a Service-Connected disability.

2. The Holiday Discount:

The “Holiday” discount is also 10% and is good for all other veterans who don’t fit into the four “everyday discount” categories above.

But…it’s only available on these 3 holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veteran’s Day.

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Do I Need to Show Proper I.D.?


This is especially true when getting the “Everyday” discount.

You’ll need to show one of these eight ID’s when registering for the discount (more on how to do this later):

  • Active Duty Military ID card w/ picture (Green Background)
  • Retired Military ID card w/ picture (Blue Background)
  • VA Card with word “Service” on it.
  • DD-214 form.
  • Valid driver’s license with the U.S. flag  -OR- “Veteran” designation.
  • A service-connected VA Medical Center card.
  • Common Access Card (CAC).
  • Active Military and Retired Military ID card for spouse or dependents. (Yellow/Beige Background)

I’m not sure what evidence is required to get the “Holiday” discount.

Please let me know in the comments if you have the answer to that question.

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Can the Discount Be Used Online?

As of October 2023, YES you can use your discount online and in-store.

Because of this, you need to create a Home Depot account and then GO HERE to get your military status in their system.

You can also scroll down this page until you see “SERVING MEANS SAVINGS” and click on Learn More. See screenshot above.

You’ll then be guided through the process of registering for the military discount.

The good news is you only need to register ONCE and then you can use the discount online and in-store forever.

The 10% discount will be tied directly to your online account, so when you shop the Home Depot website, the discount will automatically be applied to your purchase.

What Do I Do When Checking Out In-Store?

First of all, you still need to register online or via the Home Depot app for the in-store discount just like you do for the online discount.

NOTE: Keep in mind that when using the Home Depot app you need an iPhone with iOS 13 or newer -OR- Android 10 OS or newer for an Android smartphone.

Follow the same exact directions that are posted above in the “Can the Discount Be Used Online?” section.

Then when you’re shopping in-store, you’ll have to present a Virtual ID (see picture above, looks similar to a QR code) on your smartphone for the cashier to scan in order to get your 10% discount.

The best way to make this happen is to download the Home Depot app and login to your account via the smartphone app.

That way it will be really easy to pull up the Virtual ID for them to scan.

Here’s EXACTLY how to find the barcode within the Home Depot app: (thanks Gail!)

  1. Go to Menu, then My Account.
  2. Then tap Account, to access the drop-down menu.
  3. Next tap Military Discount Benefit.
  4. Then the Barcode will pop up.

Below is an iPhone screenshot to show you exactly where you’ll find it.

Unfortunately, if you DON’T have a smartphone you can no longer get the discount which is a TERRIBLE move by the Home Depot.

Are Spouses or Dependents Eligible?

YES….and no.

Spouses absolutely are eligible to also get the military discount, including Gold Star spouses.

Unfortunately, dependents cannot score the savings.

Are Any Items Excluded from the Discount?

Yes, unfortunately there are a few exclusions.

Here are the most notable:

– Installation Services: Think carpet, blinds, tile, HVAC, closet shelving, and windows.

– Major Appliances: While you cannot use your military discount on major appliances at Home Depot, they have partnered with Military Exchange which gives you tax free and military exclusive pricing on appliances.

– Special Purchase Appliances: If you have to buy the appliance at the special services desk then you probably won’t get the 10% discount.

– Some Commodity Products: Includes some lumber, wire, and building materials.

– Value Priced Merchandise

– Tool Rental Fees

– Delivery and Freight Fees

– Gift Cards

Is There a Maximum Discount?


While you can use the discount as often as you want, you’re restricted to a $400 maximum annual discount.

So essentially the discount will be good on the first $4,000 you spend every year.

Can It Be Combined with Other Discounts?


You cannot combine the Home Depot military discount with coupons or other discounts of any kind.

So What’s the Big Controversy?

Because the Home Depot does not post an official military discount policy online, or in their stores, it’s often misinterpreted by managers and cashiers.

This leads to a lot of confusion and frustration among veterans and active military members.

I’ve read of some HD managers refusing the discount altogether and some cashiers being completely unaware of its existence.

I think if the Home Depot corporate office came out with an official policy, and made it easy to register (like Lowe’s), all of this confusion would go away.

UPDATE: Home Depot now lets you verify your military status online and then you can use your discount BOTH online and in-store.

Visit THIS PAGE and Scroll down the page until you see “SERVING MEANS SAVINGS” and click on Learn More.

Keep in mind that you MUST create a Home Depot account first.

Why Shouldn’t I Just Shop at Lowe’s?

Many vets don’t want to jump through the hoops mentioned above and DON’T want to create a Home Depot account.

Some also don’t have a smartphone, making it impossible to get the discount in-store.

Thus many are opting to shop exclusively at Lowe’s where their military discount is much easier to use.

There’s no doubt the Home Depot is losing a lot of business because of this.

Your military information at Lowe’s is put into their system JUST ONCE and you get your 10% discount every time you shop, no questions asked, and no need for a smartphone.

Come on Home Depot, it’s time to copy your competitor and do the same!

I’d also like to see them open up their “Everyday” discount to ALL vets. After all, isn’t a vet a vet? They are in my book.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever asked for a military discount at the Home Depot? Was it an easy process or not worth the hassle?

Final Note: If you have some further information that I don’t have in this article please leave a comment and I’ll be sure to investigate, thanks.

By Kyle James


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So tired of getting hassled at the Home Depot about my military discount at the stores where managers are not training new employees. It’s like it’s coming out of the cashier’s pocket……store #4632 Was told we don’t take them here… today. When I said I could go and speak to the manager Cashier – go right ahead then… He knew I would not get the manager ….LOL he was correct.
Richmond, VA

Chad Harris

I much prefer the Home Depot way of doing things, just present an ID and get a discount. Simple. Lowe’s requires signing up for a data-mining program, makes you shout your phone number out around their plexiglass barriers, and then still makes you show your ID.


While I agree HD used to have a pretty good discount, it is not anymore. HD has published a new policy at the end of the year that is discriminatory, full of limitations and much more of a hassle. Never had any issue with my phone number at Lowe’s. They have all my business now.


During my last ten plus trips to Home Depot, I’ve noticed I only get 10% off my least expensive item. It would be nice if Home Depot would spell out their policy on the military/veteran discount


First, they don’t need to give us any kind of discount, but if they say they do…. I was in the other day and was not given a discount on a sheet of “water” board (green Sheetrock), but was discounted on everything else. Yesterday, I bought nearly $200 in plumbing supplies and saw a whopping $4.00 discount. The computer figures all this stuff out. That they know of the discount is much better in a military town.

Robert wagner

I was refused a militant discount at the Saint Augustine Florida
Home Depot about 2 months ago. Kyle’s research is 100% accurate. It was a humiliating and embarrassing experience. I’ll NEVER shop at Home Depot again. Lowe’s registered me into their system and now I only have to provide my phone number. And they provide a parking space for Vets.

Rick Bedard

I believe a vet is a vet. Why should home depot discriminate and pick and choose what type of ID and/or what days a Vet gets a discount. If your a Vet you can go onto the VA website and they simply say that if you have a Veteran insignia on your Drivers License you don’t need any other special ID. All states offer that drivers license option. I guess the VA haven’t heard about HD’s Vet discriminatory policies. I would guess they pick and choose in order to offer the fewest discounts in order to save profits. Them saying they offer VA discounts is true but it is also deceptive advertising as their VA discount is not what most retailers offer and what most Vet’s are use to receiving. You should either offer a discount to all Vet’s or not at all. I would suggest all Vet’s shop at Lowes as they are not discriminating on any different groups of vets and you can save 10% every day including on line shopping! When the time comes that HD determines they are loosing more business to their Lowes competitor than they are saving from their discriminating Vet discount policy they will change.

Elizabeth Marshall

They must have sent out a revised policy because now the cashier’s are telling me “what? We’ve ALWAYS had the military discount!”. No, stop gaslighting me, Home Depot! You’ve denied me for years! Thanks for catching (a bit) up. But don’t try to make me feel delusional like this hasn’t been a problem for years!


You have raised a very important issue. I have also faced this problem many times. They say quota of amendment policy but in reality it is not seen.

Michael Nope

Just left home depot, spent 40.00 and got a 1.47 discount. Apparently some items (lumber, great stuff gaps and cracks) don’t get the discount anymore. Lowes is only 5 minutes further. Looks like I will be shopping at Lowes from now on.

M. Denice Phillips

I have always told the cashier that I have a military ID(I am the spouse of the retiree) shown it to them and received a discount. Today 9/6/21 I was told the veteran had to be with me to receive the discount. I was a little offended and angry(not at the cashier) that the policy is not clear enough that even the employees are not sure when it is valid.

Christopher Keller

Christopher Keller

HD advertised a Military Discount. Except on “major appliances”. Why put a limit on the effing purchase? Lowe’s honored my 10% Discount with no problem. I closed my commercial account at Home Depot. They can screw someone else.

Last edited 2 years ago by Christopher Keller


Mason Krangle, CPA

Yes, I just received news that HD is changing its policy after year-end to just accept barcodes from a vets phone at time of purchase. This will require registration online to obtain the “magic” veteran’s code. Some vets don’t even own a smartphone to receive the code. This is just another way to reduce the number of discounts given to vets. A bad move by HD.

C Kocker

told we have to sign up online to get the discount. Cant show ID any more. Went online did the whole sign up including the outside website where you upload the DD214. Comes back Success! you qualify. Yep qualify to put the app on your phone and have to show a QR code every time to get the discount. My Flip phone doesnt do that NOR would i want the app on my phone when i do upgrade. Heigh ho heigh Ho, its back to LOWES i go.

Mason Krangle, CPA

The Home Depot I shop at in Utah just takes my number for the discount. Unfortunately, the policy will be changing after year-end. HD will no longer take a phone number or military ID. A barcode will be necessary instead from a buyer’s phone. I order to obtain the barcode, a vet will need to signup online to obtain the code to be placed on his/her phone. I believe this new policy is a way for HD to increase its profits because many vets will not go through the hassle of jumping through all the hoops or perhaps don’t even own a smartphone. Bad move for HD. Let’s hope this policy does not “stick.”

Last edited 2 years ago by Mason Krangle, CPA

I won’t jump through the hoops. Will take my business elsewhere whenever possible.


I believe some of your information is outdated… they say it can be applied online now.


We have just been given the information to sign up and register a new Home Depot account before my VietNam vet husband qualifies for their military discount. So we have done that, scanned and provided a copy of his DD214, and have been notified that Success! We are eligible for the discount. So now, as we approach the cashier at HD, we have to open the Home Depot app on the phone, search through to find My Account, type in my user name and password, then navigate through that to find the military discount section that displays the bar code. While standing in line, holding up other buyers, as we jump through these ridiculous hoops to bring up the bar code (which cannot be copied and printed for easier accessibility as it “changes periodically.”) At Lowe’s, we give the cashier our phone number, flash his military ID, and we’re done in 3 seconds or less. This Home Depot program is obviously designed to discourage as many vets as possible from buying there, and from the feedback I’m reading and my own interpretation of this stupid program, I would have to say their plan is working quite well. We are even more devoted to Lowe’s now than ever before.


I agree that Home Depot just made ridiculous changes to their military discount program. I’m probaly just going to quit trying to use it. Unfortunately the nearest Lowes is three hours away.


Nearest Lowes is 1.5 hours away for us or we would shop there. Sadly, the 10% discount will pay for the gas, therefore negating any savings. Shame on you, Home Depot, for altering the military discount to the point of being useless. The gradual reduction of items that qualify and then the QR code that will not work our a flip phones signifies that eventually the discount will disappear.