The Home Depot Military Discount: Time to Cut Through the Confusion

Updated March 27, 2024 by Kyle James

Until recently, the Home Depot did not have an official military discount printed anywhere on their website. This has created a lot of confusion as vets and active military try to figure out what, if any, military discount exists. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to investigate these new changes and see what I could find out. What I discovered was really enlightening. Hopefully you can take advantage of this information at the Home Depot and save some money. Let’s get into it…

Home Depot Military Discount: Time to Cut Through the Confusion

What Exactly is the Home Depot Military Discount?

I went straight to the top and called the Home Depot corporate office and spoke personally with a big-whig who basically read me their internal “military discount” policy.

Essentially the discount breaks down into 2 main categories:

1. The Everyday Discount:

The “Everyday” discount at the Home Depot is a flat 10% off and it’s available 365 days a year. It’s good for the following service men/women.

– Active members and Veterans from the following:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Marine Corps
  • Coast Guard
  • Space Force
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (USPHS)
  • National Guard

– Reserve personnel

– Retired veterans who served for at least 20 years.

– Those with a Service-Connected disability.

2. The Holiday Discount:

The “Holiday” discount is also 10% and is good for all other veterans who don’t fit into the four “everyday discount” categories above.

But…it’s only available on these 3 holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veteran’s Day.

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Do I Need to Show Proper I.D.?


This is especially true when getting the “Everyday” discount.

You’ll need to show one of these eight ID’s when registering for the discount (more on how to do this later):

  • Active Duty Military ID card w/ picture (Green Background)
  • Retired Military ID card w/ picture (Blue Background)
  • VA Card with word “Service” on it.
  • DD-214 form.
  • Valid driver’s license with the U.S. flag  -OR- “Veteran” designation.
  • A service-connected VA Medical Center card.
  • Common Access Card (CAC).
  • Active Military and Retired Military ID card for spouse or dependents. (Yellow/Beige Background)

I’m not sure what evidence is required to get the “Holiday” discount.

Please let me know in the comments if you have the answer to that question.

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Can the Discount Be Used Online?

As of October 2023, YES you can use your discount online and in-store.

Because of this, you need to create a Home Depot account and then GO HERE to get your military status in their system.

You can also scroll down this page until you see “SERVING MEANS SAVINGS” and click on Learn More. See screenshot above.

You’ll then be guided through the process of registering for the military discount.

The good news is you only need to register ONCE and then you can use the discount online and in-store forever.

The 10% discount will be tied directly to your online account, so when you shop the Home Depot website, the discount will automatically be applied to your purchase.

What Do I Do When Checking Out In-Store?

First of all, you still need to register online or via the Home Depot app for the in-store discount just like you do for the online discount.

NOTE: Keep in mind that when using the Home Depot app you need an iPhone with iOS 13 or newer -OR- Android 10 OS or newer for an Android smartphone.

Follow the same exact directions that are posted above in the “Can the Discount Be Used Online?” section.

Then when you’re shopping in-store, you’ll have to present a Virtual ID (see picture above, looks similar to a QR code) on your smartphone for the cashier to scan in order to get your 10% discount.

The best way to make this happen is to download the Home Depot app and login to your account via the smartphone app.

That way it will be really easy to pull up the Virtual ID for them to scan.

Here’s EXACTLY how to find the barcode within the Home Depot app: (thanks Gail!)

  1. Go to Menu, then My Account.
  2. Then tap Account, to access the drop-down menu.
  3. Next tap Military Discount Benefit.
  4. Then the Barcode will pop up.

Below is an iPhone screenshot to show you exactly where you’ll find it.

Unfortunately, if you DON’T have a smartphone you can no longer get the discount which is a TERRIBLE move by the Home Depot.

Are Spouses or Dependents Eligible?

YES….and no.

Spouses absolutely are eligible to also get the military discount, including Gold Star spouses.

Unfortunately, dependents cannot score the savings.

Are Any Items Excluded from the Discount?

Yes, unfortunately there are a few exclusions.

Here are the most notable:

– Installation Services: Think carpet, blinds, tile, HVAC, closet shelving, and windows.

– Major Appliances: While you cannot use your military discount on major appliances at Home Depot, they have partnered with Military Exchange which gives you tax free and military exclusive pricing on appliances.

– Special Purchase Appliances: If you have to buy the appliance at the special services desk then you probably won’t get the 10% discount.

– Some Commodity Products: Includes some lumber, wire, and building materials.

– Value Priced Merchandise

– Tool Rental Fees

– Delivery and Freight Fees

– Gift Cards

Is There a Maximum Discount?


While you can use the discount as often as you want, you’re restricted to a $400 maximum annual discount.

So essentially the discount will be good on the first $4,000 you spend every year.

Can It Be Combined with Other Discounts?


You cannot combine the Home Depot military discount with coupons or other discounts of any kind.

So What’s the Big Controversy?

Because the Home Depot does not post an official military discount policy online, or in their stores, it’s often misinterpreted by managers and cashiers.

This leads to a lot of confusion and frustration among veterans and active military members.

I’ve read of some HD managers refusing the discount altogether and some cashiers being completely unaware of its existence.

I think if the Home Depot corporate office came out with an official policy, and made it easy to register (like Lowe’s), all of this confusion would go away.

UPDATE: Home Depot now lets you verify your military status online and then you can use your discount BOTH online and in-store.

Visit THIS PAGE and Scroll down the page until you see “SERVING MEANS SAVINGS” and click on Learn More.

Keep in mind that you MUST create a Home Depot account first.

Why Shouldn’t I Just Shop at Lowe’s?

Many vets don’t want to jump through the hoops mentioned above and DON’T want to create a Home Depot account.

Some also don’t have a smartphone, making it impossible to get the discount in-store.

Thus many are opting to shop exclusively at Lowe’s where their military discount is much easier to use.

There’s no doubt the Home Depot is losing a lot of business because of this.

Your military information at Lowe’s is put into their system JUST ONCE and you get your 10% discount every time you shop, no questions asked, and no need for a smartphone.

Come on Home Depot, it’s time to copy your competitor and do the same!

I’d also like to see them open up their “Everyday” discount to ALL vets. After all, isn’t a vet a vet? They are in my book.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever asked for a military discount at the Home Depot? Was it an easy process or not worth the hassle?

Final Note: If you have some further information that I don’t have in this article please leave a comment and I’ll be sure to investigate, thanks.

By Kyle James


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Hopelessly out of date on August 10, 2022


My previous entry was a trial to see if it would post.

So let’s start. A regular non-retiree vet can get the discount, which applies except for a lot of big ticket items like lumber and other building materials. However, you cannot do it with a vet card or any of the other stuff you mention. HD is now transitioning to a QR code basis only. That is, you have to put their ap on your phone and use your records to verify your status. But the ap requires ios13 for iPhones and probably something similar for other operating systems. So if you don’t have the modern ios update (that means no old phones) you can’t show your QR code at the register and you get no military discount. Presumably they are doing that so they can keep track of how much you buy on your annual discount limit. BTW, this happened to me today in Northern Virginia-veterans card was not accepted because the cash register was rigged to not accept manually entered discounts.

I also set up a Pro Account because logging in at the Pro desk allowed them to see my military discount on file. However, the store manager told me that the company policy was not to give discounts manually at Pro account registers.

Personally, I would always go to Lowes (better materials, better maintained stores, etc.) if they were only twice as far to drive.

John Spath

I agree…way too much hassle from Home Depot. I’ve had both Home Depot and Lowe’s. Absolutely no comparison between them. If your a Vet go to Lowe’s. They truly appreciate your service and business


the QR code is only valid for a short time (a cashier told me around 10-20 minutes), so you have to log into the app and get a new code if too much time has passed.
I only live 1 mile from a Home Depot, but I now drive 8 miles to go to a Lowe’s. Home Depot’s military discount policy is insulting. It’s as though they do not want us to get it so they make it as difficult as possible to use. They have lost my business!


HOME DEPOT HATES VETERANS. WHY? if you don’t have a smart phone you are not a veteran.

linda corbett

agree and i’m taking this to corporate it’s bull crap
no smart phone so no military discount.
just not right.

Thomas Elbel

Military discount app not working – where can I get answers ,?????

John Spath

Home Depot have no answer. Go to Lowe’s they truly appreciate the Vets and the business


Thanks for good article – very informative.
I appreciate Home Depot (HD) offering 10% military/veteran discount. Prior to them doing so I went to Lowe’s whi, as noted, makes it much easier. Based upon recent experience I may be making Lowe’s my go-to store of choice. Here’s why: I did not realize once I saved $400 [which i am thankful fro] (based upon spending $4,000 at HD this year) I would not be Lowe’s any further discount. My bad.
SO, can I create another HD account to continue shopping at HD and receiving the military discount? The denial by HD of military discount started in August of 2022. I am left with choice of HD not getting any further of my hard-earned dollars for the rest of 2022 – and going to Lowe’s where they selling of the same products – or losing out at HD without the 10% savings. I’m not inclined to do the latter, but rather resortvto Lowe’s who offers fewer hoops to jump through.
What sayestvthee? Is there a way around HD’s current max out at $400/year savings?


Well I hit the dollar limit. I reach the limit frustration wise as well. From buying a microwave and they could not figure out how to install it. Then there was lieing about receiving a shipment for an online order. And the best yet bought a 60 gallon compressor and the pipe to the pressure regulator and safety valve was not bored out. I other words I almost blew up a new compressor. So this dollar limit is the final nail. Say hello to Lowe’s!

john kubica

My discount don’t work and I asked the store employee and they said half the time it don’t work…bad software on phone


I appreciate the discount, but not all veterans have cell phones or are tech savvy enough to download APPs. And, phone/WIFI service can be sketchy for that matter. 10% for one year up to $400…why so low? Lowe’s doesn’t do that and doesn’t make it’s 10% military discount a HASSLE unlike Home Depot. The Home dePot corporate weenies screwed the pooch on this idea. Shop at Lowe’s if you can. I created an account and the APP won’t download to my phone…


HD no longers honors discount on appliances as of 10/21/22

John Spath

Lowe’s does

Master Chief AVCM (AW SW NAC) Ret

No Strings Attached. I joined the Navy in 1984 and Honorably Retired in 2015, Served 30y9m. No Strings attached to the Service I chose to serve my country, Many times I did things and went places where my fellow citizens did not have to. I ask for nothing in return.

I did find it heart felt that my fellow citizens and businesses appreciated my service to America. I have used discounts in the past from time to time. Its is exceptionally nice to be recognized and appreciated Thank you, I want to say I appreciate the offering.

But today’s world in not what it used to be. Its full for greed by businesses who market and track customers demographics, shopping habits, interests and profiling individuals for sales and profits. I served America with NO STRINGS ATTACHED, I don’t need nor desire strings attached, for Home Depot to feel good and advertise how much they appreciate those who serve past and present. Just say thank you.

I myself have MADE THE DECISION to take my business ELSEWHERE, for the reason “I don’t need another APP or Process to Track my demographics (Shopping or otherwise). I choose my freedom, no strings attached. Maybe if Home Depot changes I will return.

For now Freedom to Shop, Freedom for Privacy, Freedom of Choice. I think that, Maybe if all that have served, took a stand and refused to shop with businesses, that profile like China profiles its citizens, maybe we can have a bit more freedom. Hopefully senior leadership within Home Depot would realize that Veterans and alike make a substantial contribution to the profits.

Good bye Home Depot. No Strings Attached.

Bill Mustang

Totally agree with Master Chief Spath, HD really doesn’t give a crap about veterans – but Lowe’s surely does! The ex-Marine HR VP at Home Depot doesn’t even bother to respond to emails, either. Screw Home Depot!

Forrest A Blood

I do not own a smart phone so I guess Home Depot has seen my last purchase at their un friendly store, Lowes Here i come?

Forrest Blood


Does anyone know how to check what “remaining discount ” one has on the $400 limit, that is without actually calling or asking at the Help desk?

I have a “dumb phone” that doesn’t do the QR thing sio I can’t get a discount when I’m physically at the store, so I will go to Lowes for many things.
However I’m comfortable with shopping online, so many times I will make up a HD shopping list for a lot of things and order them, and the discount will be applied. HD is close, so either I will pick up the order, or if the order total hits the “Free Ship” purchase amount, I will have it sent to my house.

What the stupid new QR discount has done is eliminate my wandering through the store “window shopping” and maybe buying a few things. So again, Lowes will benefit from my “window shopping”. .

John Spath

The military discounts are too much hassle. I received a notice from HD that I reached my annual $400 max. So it’s now 2023 and my discount has not been restored. Nobody at HD can explain it

Mike B

I am 79 years old. I am not “into” this technology stuff. I had to give up my trusty flip phone in October 2022 because US Cellular said my phone would not longer work after the end of the year. When they sold me the new smart phone, they basically tossed the phone on the counter, said “Here ya go” and doubled the cost of my cellular service. It took a long time before I could even figure out how to make or receive calls. So, I needed some electrical switches that were out of stock everywhere but Home Depot, went in, got the switches and showed the cashier my driver’s license. The cashier says “Your driver’s license with its military i.d. is worthless here. Unless you have it on your smart phone, you don’t get any discount.” Are you kidding me? And the nearest Lowe’s is a 40-minute drive away from here. I am VERY ANGRY at Home Depot. It is unlikely I will EVER shop there again.