16 Questions About the Shein Return Policy Answered…Finally

Updated November 22, 2023 by Kyle James

Moment of truth…I had never heard of Shein until a few weeks ago when I saw my teenage daughter shopping for clothes on their website. Turns out she’s a huge fan of their affordable, trendy styles. She especially loves their dresses, swimwear, and tops. But with all online clothes shopping, there comes a time when you need to make a return because something doesn’t fit right or just isn’t what you thought it would be. So when this happened to my daughter I walked her through the Shein return policy and the idea for this article was born. Here’s exactly how their return policy currently works.

14 Questions About the SHEIN Return Policy Answered...Finally

1. How Many Return Days Does Shein Allow?

35 days.

Shein gives you exactly 35 days after your “date of purchase” to initiate a return.

2. How Do I Initiate the Return Online?

You’ll want to login to your SHEIN account and go to “My Orders”.

Next, simply click on the “Return Item” button and select the items you want to return.

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3. How Do I Access My Return Shipping Label?

Next you’ll want to print the return label provided and tape that bad-boy to the outside of your box.

After you initiate your return, the best way to find your return label is as follows:

1 – In your account, first go to My Orders.

2- Then click on Order Details.

3- Next, click on Return & Refund Record and select method of return.

4- Lastly, click View to download and print your return label.

Then just drop it off at your local post office or arrange a USPS pickup from your house.

4. Do I Get a Free Return on Each Order or Only My First Return?

This was a question I was getting a lot as their policy is confusing.

To clarify, you get one free return per order, and it can even be for MULTIPLE items in an order.

It all just needs to be returned at once, in the same package or box.

Thanks to commenter Julianna for clearing this one up.

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5. Who Pays The Return Shipping Charge?

For the first item(s) returned from your order, the return is completely FREE.

Once you’ve initially returned items from an order, you’ll have to pay $7.99 to return any additional items.

SHEIN will also let you use your own shipping method at your own cost if you’d rather make your return that way.

6. Is There Anything I Can’t Return?

Yes, there are several clothing items that CANNOT be returned.

– Bodysuits

– Lingerie

– Jewelry

– Beauty Items

– Party Supplies

– DIY Supplies

– Pet Products

– Cosmetics – You can’t return cosmetics if you break the hygiene seal.

– Stuff Marked Non-Returnable or Final Sale

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7. Do I Need My Receipt to Make a Return?

Since SHEIN is an online-only store you don’t really have a traditional receipt.

You simply login to your account and start your return…NO receipt required.

8. What If I Removed the Tag?

Their official stance is the tag needs to be attached.

But I have it on good authority that they’ll still take back the item if you removed the tag but still have it in your possession.

Just throw it in the bag with your item(s) and you should be fine.

9. How Easy Is It To Make an Exchange?

Not super easy.

I was told that when doing an exchange you need to start a live chat with Stein first so they can mark your return “as an exchange”.

They’ll then process the exchange once they receive the return package.

Your first exchange from an order is completely free, after that you’re on the hook for the return shipping charges.

10. Can I Wear Items and Still Return Them?


You can obviously try them on, but if you wear them out to dinner or work (or something like that) they say they won’t take them back.

11. What Happens If I Wash an Item, Then Decide I Don’t Like It?

It depends.

If the reason you don’t like the item is because of damage from the wash, you need to contact SHEIN directly as you stand a good chance of getting a refund.

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12. Can I Return Clearance or Sale Items to Shein?


Unless the “On Sale” or “Clearance” item is marked online as “non-returnable” you can return it without a problem.

13. How Long Will It Take to Get My Refund?

10-15 days.

Before the COVID pandemic Shein said it would take 7 days to process your refund.

They now say it will take an additional 3-5 days making for a long 10-15 day wait.

The refund will come to you in whatever way you request.

Your 2 refund options are currently as follows:

– Original Payment Method

– Your SHEIN Wallet

14. Will Shein Let You Keep Items Instead of Returning Them?

Possibly, yes.

I have it on good authority that if your order reaches a minimum threshold, SHEIN will often tell you to keep the item and still refund you.

I have two friends that shop with them regularly and they’ve had this happen to them when their order total was just over $100.

Worth knowing.

15. Is It Possible to Cancel a Return?


If you need to cancel a return, and haven’t mailed it back yet, you can simply contact SHEIN customer service and they can help you out.

16. Do I Have to Pay a Fee for a New Size If I Want an Exchange?


Your exchange is FREE as long as it’s your FIRST exchange/return on one corresponding order number.

Bonus Question #1: Will I Be Refunded on the Sales Tax?

According to Julia in the comments, tax is NOT refunded, only the full amount you pay for the item.

This seems really strange and not ethical, does anyone else have any experience with not getting refunded the sales tax?

Bonus Question #2: Will Shein Let Me Keep Some Items I Try to Return?


According to several folks in the comments, when trying to make a return, have received an email from Shein stating “you can keep the product not withstanding any statutory rights to withdrawal.”

Followed by “consider it a gift from us.”

This is a very strange way of saying you can KEEP the item and still get your money back.

A commenter by the name of “Shan” had the best explanation for this, saying that some stuff just isn’t worth their time when trying to arrange a return, especially when the value of the item exceeds the return shipping costs.

Ask the Reader: Shein is fairly new to the eCommerce space so many are not very familiar with their return policy yet. With that said, what’s been your experience with their policy? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James


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Hi how can I do a return without a printer?


There’s an option to populate a QR code on the SHEIN app instead of printing a barcode. You won’t need to print, just show to UPS store clerk.


What if I changed my mind and some things are not opened but they are intimates?

A Shaver

No returns on intimates, most stores have this policy, for good reason. It says final sale on all intimates


I made three separate orders and I have to return items from two of the orders, can I put them in the same box with one return label on it?


No, unfortunately.


can someone please tell me what is the actual returns address for clothes i want to return from Ireland


have no printer to print returns label


Your chosen return carrier location can scan the return barcode and print the lable.


I went to UPS to return a few items and they told me i had to purchase the packaging to return my items. UPS said that Shein does not supply the packing. How do I return items without having to purchase the packaging? Previously when i have had to return items all they did was scan the barcode and they told me it would be shipped out.


When opening your order carefully cut across the top of package. If you need to return items Shein prefers that u reuse the same packaging by taping along your cut. If u can remove original label great. If not put new label over it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Patches
Janice Lim

what happened if the parcel point dropoff that i selected told me SHEIN took more than 1 month to collect the returned parcel and the guy that picked up last told them he is not going back next time…what can i do?

Olivia Hefner

I made a huge order for vacation and I’m returning most of it. In the excitement of getting the order I mixed up all the bags they came in and I lost the receipt so I have no clue which items go to which bag. Is this going to affect the return at all? Or does it not matter if they are in the correct bag.


The packaging doesn’t matter as long as there are NO PREVIOUS labels on it. The only labels attached should be your current return labels.

Nadia Abdalla

I’m wondering the same
Every little shein bag that has clothes in it so I need to put it back in those little shein ziplocks or can I just put them as they are


There’s a code on the packaging (white sticker). just search the code in the shein app/website and the corresponding item will appear. That will make things easier to put the right item on the right packaging


The code on the bag corresponds to the tag in the clothes. You just have to search to find the tag in the clothes – usually a lower side seam for dresses and such. Match them up and you’re good.


ordered 4 pairs of shoes from sHEIN and they are all small
i would like to return hem but when i get tp PEP stores i am told i need a token for each item whilst Shein only issued 1 token.Please help.


Can I return a bathing suit?


No when you order it says this is not a returnable item . Which is very unfortunate fingers crossed I ordered one this round and some people reviews are not true they say their 150 lbs but ordered 3x . So fingers crossed it fits and I’ll order more .


I ordered 3 items and they all came without tags. Not sure if that’s normal. It’s my first time ordering from them. Can I still return them?

Norma Conner

Why did they charge me for a shipping label on my very first return??


When I can’t put in a box all items that I want to return, what should I do? I bought a lot and I’d like to return a lot.


How do I return my shein items when I checked out as a guest. Technically I don’t have anything in my recent orders because at the time I checked out as a guest. Any ideas?


Will I get a refund for both items is my question ?