Target Return Policy: Smart Tips That Even Target Won’t Tell You

Updated April 30, 2024 by Kyle James

The Target return policy has some interesting twists to it that are worth your attention, especially if you shop there regularly. Do you need a receipt? Should you ever return products at Target you bought online via the mail? Are there any exceptions to their policy? You got MANY questions, so I went out and talked to Target associates and even an assistant manager and got answers for ya. Let’s get to it…

Target Return Policy: Smart Tips and Brilliant Hacks to Make It Work For You

How Many Days Does the Target Return Policy Allow?

90 days.

Target’s baseline return policy allows you to return unopened items within 90 days of original purchase date.

Is a Receipt Absolutely Necessary?

Nope, a receipt at Target is not a requirement for a return.

They can actually look up your order if you made the purchase via the Target REDcard, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover, personal check, or Target Gift Card (you gotta still have the gift card).

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Does Target Offer an Extended Holiday Return Policy?


For all purchases made between October 6th – December 25th the return period will start on December 26th.

This means you basically have 90 days from December 26th to make your return.

This essentially gives you until March 26th to make your return.

The exceptions to this are electronics (must be returned by January 26th), Apple products (must be returned by January 9th), and mobile phones (must be returned by January 8th).

Can They Limit No-Receipt Returns?


Target can limit returns without a receipt and they ABSOLUTELY WILL as part of their fraud prevention program.

Specifically, I had an assistant manger tell me that within a 1-year calendar period they allow you to make $100 worth of returns without a receipt (this used to be $150).

They’ll ask for your photo ID and track your returns that way, so it’s basically $100 per ID.

Once you reach the $100 limit, you CANNOT make any more returns without a receipt until time has passed.


From MJ in the comments section, “If you’re returning a few things at a time, the system places the limit, which may allow higher at that moment. Employees have alerted me to this, not really able to explain it, but encouraging me to try adding another item to my return. Earlier this year, I was able to return about $140 in total. That’s it till 2024.”

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What Happens If I Paid With Cash and Lost My Receipt?

In most cases, you’re only out-of-luck if you make a purchase at Target with cash AND you lose your receipt.

BUT…if you sign up for the free Target Circle Rewards program they can look up your order, even when you pay with cash.

Thanks to commenter Casey, “If you are a member, (which is free) and you input your phone number or scan your barcode for every purchase, you will never have to worry about a lost receipt again.

Every purchase is saved. It’s the best, and I wish every store would do this! As an added bonus, you also get money back on every purchase by being a member, so it’s really a win win!”

Thanks Casey, that’s a GREAT tip.

Can I Immediately Get a Cash Refund on a Cash Purchase?

No, you actually have to wait 24 hours to get cash back from the original store of purchase.

Or an even exchange. Or a gift card.

I was told by an employee that this is because it takes 24 hours for your purchase to register in Target’s system.

But…you can drive to a different Target location immediately and get a cash return.

Thanks Jamie for the heads up on this.

I think she summed it up best when she said “Moral to the story… don’t drive away and change your mind.”

Can I Return Items and Rebuy Them If They Go On Sale?


This question comes from Bridget in the comments section.

She overbought some stuff and went to return them at Target (unopened and with her receipt) but then wanted to rebuy a few of the items as they were now on clearance.

One Target location let her do it no problem, and another REFUSED her “re-purchase” and told her she would have to come back the next day to buy the items if they were still available.

The 2nd store is TOTALLY in the wrong as this is essentially a price adjustment which Target encourages.

Bridget thought maybe the employees wanted first dibs on the items by not allowing the re-purchase.

In any case, Bridget did nothing wrong and the store should have let her rebuy the items on the spot.

Are There Any Exceptions to the 90 Days?

Yes, as a matter of fact there are…

1. Opened music, movies, video games and software – You CAN’T return these items but you can exchange them for the same title within 90 days.

2. Opened airbeds – No dice, you’re stuck with it unless you want to exchange it for the same, or similar, bed.

3. Electronics and entertainment items – You have 30 days, not 90, to make a full return or exchange.

4. Drones – You only have 14 days to get your drone out of the sky and return it to Target for an exchange or refund.

5. Gasoline powered stuff – You can return it “in-store only” within 90 days but you gotta take all the gas out of it first or they won’t take it back.

Also, it’s worth noting that NO international returns or exchanges of any kind will be accepted.

Can Alcohol be Returned to Target?


This is not a Target policy but rather a state law.

In other words, some states let you return alcohol and some don’t.

Here is a good list of Alcohol Return Laws by State so you can check what your state allows.

What About Returning Food?

Target Food Return Policy

I wasn’t sure about this so I started a live chat session and asked.

I was told YES, you can return food, opened or unopened, within 90 days of purchase with your receipt.

I originally asked about protein powder that was opened and the chat rep said “Yes”.

I then asked about all other food items and was told those are returnable as well.

So knowing this you are apparently free to try grocery items at Target and return them if you don’t like them.

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What About Returning Target Owned Brands?

Target owned brands, there are over 40 of them, are returnable within an astounding 1 year of the purchase date.

It doesn’t matter if the item is opened or used, Target will take back their exclusive brands.

This return policy is especially impressive when talking about their kids and baby clothing line, Cat & Jack’s, as they’ll take back clothing that’s been worn and abused for up to 365 days. 

Try to keep your receipt because it will make your return much easier.

Here are all the Target brands that are eligible for the 1 year return window:

Target Brands

What About Opened or Damaged Items?

Not a problem….usually.

If the product is still eligible for a return, you can bring it back to Target for an exchange or refund in most cases.

Target does reserve the right the deny or refuse a refund on opened items.

They don’t say specifically what circumstances would trigger this, but I’m guessing it would have to do with excessive returns or fraud by the customer.

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Can You Return Clearance Items to Target?

Target Clearance Sticker

Yes, you can return clearance items to Target.

The only thing you can’t do with a clearance item is get a price adjustment if the price of the item dropped even further.

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How Do You Get a Longer Return Window at Target?

Would you be stoked to get a return window of 120 days rather than the standard 90 days?

If so, you should consider applying for the Target REDcard (debit or credit card) as it comes with an extra 30 day return window.

Target Return Policy “Insider Hacks”…

What would this article be without a few smart hacks to maximize your Target “return experience”.

1. Purchases on

Don’t return items you bought online via snail mail.

Instead, just take the product back to your local Target and get ‘er done in a few minutes with no hassles.

Otherwise, you’re going to have pay return shipping fees unless the reason for the return was an error by Target.

2. Want to Return Beauty Products to Target?

Not a problem, you can even return makeup that’s been opened and used within 90 days of purchase.

3. Gift Registry Items.

Items from gift registries (like baby & wedding) can be returned within an astounding 1 year.

The year starts from the date of the event, not the date of purchase.

Don’t have the receipt? No worries.

Just print out the “Gifts Purchased” list from your online registry and it’ll work just like a receipt.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever had an issue with return policy at Target? If so, what was it and how did it pan out?

By Kyle James


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I found out from my baby shower that Target is very strict if you don’t have a receipt. I was told I was having a girl, but it was a boy. Had to return all my pink things. (Hospitals won’t give you a girl baby even if they incorrectly diagnose the baby’s sex from your ultrasound)

There’s a limit of how many things you can return without a receipt. They keep track of it for years to come. Seriously Years.
Come on people, include a gift receipt with your gifts!! It’s super convenient for new moms and we won’t judge if we return it and find out what a frugal shopper you are!

Muriel Lee

Wow, this is a bummer!! We just had our baby shower as well and we got a lot of doubles! I mean triples! We got 4 diaper genie, 3 swings, 3 bouncers, 5 boxes of The 5pks avent bottles and 2 bathers! Only 1 out of all the gifts have a gift recipient! ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ we wanted to return everything and use the remaining money for the car seat/stroller combo! We’ll still give it a shot if they’ll return the items without a gift receipt. If not, we’re SOL! ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”


Well Panda, I have been returning things left and right to Target (correct color, bad quality) and purchasing different ones. Here is my advice to you :: Create a baby registry at and add the items your guests have given you and the ones you like to have. If a guest had purchased 5 wipes for you, increase the amount purchased and WANTED to “5”. Give it a few days and return your pink items but LET THE CUSTOMER SERVICE KNOW YOU ARE RETURNING FROM YOUR REGISTRY.

They will have you sign in to your registry for a special bar code and give your a quick refund for your unwanted items. Target has been really nice to me and I love them. I have gift cards left and right. I had a baby shower a 1000 miles away from home I had to return and repurchase everything and honestly Target had made so much money from me and my family just by having a registry.


Hey goog, wouldn’t the people have to purchase your items and look them up from tour so called baby registry? Can’t target know that we’re doing this already? Lmk cause I’m always maxed out and cannot return anything anymore. Every birthday I have lasts me at least 2 years worth of gifts and the baby grows out by the time she gets around to a new outfit. I’d live to get diapers and wipes and other useful stuff.


I went to target to do a return without a receipt and was told I had reached my limit, yet I never returned anything to target. What’s up with that ?


Within a 1 year period, using your photo ID, you can only return a maximum of $150. I asked when is my 1 year up and sheโ€™s said I could call corporate to find out. I came to your website to see if you had a hack to get around this too.


I bought some drone camera lenses thats $60 apiece but do not a the receipt…Can I take them back for store credit/gift card??
Also I paid for the lenses with cash

Kelly Long

I thought it was $75 per calendar year, not $150. That was what I was told about 8 months ago and therefore, the Lego set I returned for $80, she only gave me $75 for it.


I shop target probably twice a week. I bought some Easter clothes with my red card but through the cart wheel app wallet. When I went to return them (since my mother-in-law got us some Easter clothes) they told me I did not purchase them there. They argued with me and insisted I did not buy them there. They did end up giving me cash (since I still had the tags for them) which actually was in my favor since I had bought them 20% off on cart wheel and got them returned full price. But before they went to the cash offer they used my ID and I have never ever returned anything to target using my ID and they said I had reached my limit, also. I have no idea how that could happen since I had never even shown them my ID before.


What if you are out of the 90 day (or 30 day) window but you want to exchange for a bigger size? I got a Vizio tv earlier this summer but I’ve just been way too busy to exchange for a slightly bigger, same brand TV. Will they let me upgrade it?


I received a lot of formula at my baby shower. Of course nobody gave me any receipts or gift receipts. Will Target still take it back? I just want to exchange them for the right one!


OSHA regulations do not allow for resale of baby formula, even if unopened, ever. Safety reasons to protect the babies. The store might take it back, but then they will have to discard it all. Can you give it to someone in need or save it for when you’ll need it instead?


If you return something with a receipt do you get cash back or do they put it on a Target gift card?


“Opened music, movies, video games and software โ€“ You CANโ€™T return these items but you can exchange them for the same title within 90 days.”

What do you mean by “the same title”, for a PS4 game, if I want to return it, would I be able to exchange it for another PS4 game? Saying the same title makes me think I’ll just be exchanging it for the same game…please elaborate.


Due to federal piracy laws ….you can only exchange an opened game/movie for the SAME title.


Copyright laws to be more accurate but whatever. I worked at the Target guest service desk like 20-some years ago and this was a hard concept for people then too. You can’t buy stuff and watch or play it and then return it, unless it is defective. Go rent it somewhere if that’s what you want, or buy it used.

J Jones

Tried to return items they told me no i could not even though i only wanted store credit for more items.


Tried to return an air purifier.. turns out different stores stock different things, and if it’s over 30 days and you don’t have a receipt, you have to return it from the place you bought it from. Stores that don’t stock the item won’t take it. And at that point, it’s up to their discretion if you can return it or not. Just be nice to the customer service representative and hopefully they’ll let you return for store credit.


What about used kitchen appliances? I purchased a mini chopper a few days ago, used it 3x, and am severely unhappy with it.

Adrianna Lopez

Would they accept a kitchen appliance with no box?


Am i able to return a lens that didn’t fit my camera, after i already opened it?

brigette mason

Hubby bought a wagon for me to take my grandson to Disneyland. It was a item that they happened to have in store. We lost receipt. Cannot take it back for credit or anything else. it is a $225 wagon and they won’t take anything back for more than $70 w/o receipt. Even for credit. I am stuck with a freaking wagon that DL wouldnt let us use in the park and that target won’t take back.


If it is a item you can print a copy of the receipt from your email or call Target customer service to have them send you a new copy. If purchased in the store they can look it up by credit card number.


Has anyone ever returned any kind of alcohol such as wine or beer? I bought some wine which Iโ€™ve bought at a different target but the one I recently purchased taste very off.


Yes, I have returned wine to Target in Florida with no problems.


Different states have different laws. In CA, you can return spoiled product, & that is the only reason you can return any booze. They are taking the risk for you, even if opened a & tasted.


We got a baby walker for my baby,but now it’s all assembled and my husband wants to return it..what can i do?


It is 28 day’s now to return!
I was just 1 week over and now stuck with $199 Coupon to spend in one transaction!
Why in 1 transaction?


Grocery stock up time!!


I watched a guy return a six pack of beer that had three missing.

Rose M McRae

I find that funny as hell, I wonder he if he had beer on his breath and he was intoxicated when he turned it in?.

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