Amazon Hack: How To Get “Add-On” Items Shipped Without the $25 Minimum

October 15, 2015 by Kyle

A couple years ago Amazon created something called “Add-On” items. You’ve probably seen them. Their marked with a small “Add-on Item” badge next to the price they’re products which are really inexpensive and thus “cost-prohibitive to ship on their own.” Because of this, they require you to order at least $25 worth of merchandise to get the add-on price. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Prime member or not, you still need to spend at least $25 to get the low price.

Amazon Add-On Hack

But what if you just need one or two items, that total less than $25, and they’re add-on items? Alas, never fear, as I have an Amazon hack for you that’ll enable you to get your inexpensive add-on items delivered without reaching the $25 minimum. Here’s the dealio:

Add “Add-on Items” to Your Cart

Simply add the add-on items you want to purchase to your virtual Amazon cart. Examples of popular add-on items include smaller household stuff, office and school supplies, electronics cables, and even some smaller electronics and accessories.

Add a “Pre-Order Item” to Your Cart

Once you’ve got your cart loaded, simply add any unreleased “pre-order” item to your cart that will get you over the $25 minimum. Because Amazon doesn’t charge your credit card until the pre-order item is actually released, you’ll get the add-on items delivered now.

Then once your add-on items get delivered, you can simply cancel the pre-order item if you wish. Something like Carrie Underwood’s upcoming album or Just Cause 3 for the PlayStation could fit the bill.

A Word of Caution:

If your conscience is a little shaken at the the thought of canceling the pre-order, simply look for an item you’d be ordering anyways. Also, I have a feeling that if you constantly use this hack, they’ll catch on and let you know you need to knock it off.

But if you’re ever stuck needing an add-on item quickly, and don’t want to pay for shipping, this hack will work beautifully.

Happy savings.

By Kyle James

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Money Beagle

We just joined Prime, but prior to doing so, I had actually thought of whether this would work. I suspect the same thing as you mentioned, that if you do this regularly they will probably intervene. And, I’ve actually heard that Amazon isn’t the warning type of company, so you could actually find your account completely disabled.


I would be careful abput doing this to much. If you return to many items to amazon they can ban your account, just like brick and morter stores can refuse bussiness if you return to many items. This same ban may apply to this “hack” of canceling preorders to much.

Frank Pangborn
Frank Pangborn

My eventual solution was even simpler – I just ordered my $2.00 audio cable online directly from the manufacturer and only used Amazon as a product lookup service. The shipping was a bit higher coming from the OEM, but I got what I needed right away and was not held hostage by Amazon’s $25 minimum order requirement.