Easy Ways to Consistently Beat (or Tie) Amazon.com Pricing

Updated October 18, 2022 by Kyle

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Amazon and am a fairly loyal shopper. They have an amazing selection of products and their pricing is very competitive. But I am here to tell you that paying for Amazon Prime and doing all your shopping with them is not always going to net you the best deal.

As a matter of fact, today I have three ways you can actually beat (or tie) Amazon pricing on a fairly consistent basis. Here they are in no particular order.

Easy Ways to Consistently Beat (or Tie) Amazon.com Pricing

Walmart Savings Catcher Program

The Savings Catcher program from Walmart.com rolled out last week to the general public and I think it is a direct push-back to the “Amazon shopping movement” and the idea of showrooming.

The program allows you to do your shopping at Walmart then enter or scan your receipt into their website and it’ll automatically search for the lowest local competitor price.

If it finds a price lower than Walmart, they’ll refund you the difference in the form of a Walmart gift card. Walmart is really focusing on being the lowest price around and hoping to cut into the Amazon stronghold.

Unfortunately, Walmart won’t price match Amazon.com yet, but for loyal Walmart shoppers the Savings Catcher program is a start in the right direction.

Price Match at Brick & Mortar Stores

More and more brick & mortar stores are allowing shoppers to price match Amazon.com pricing. The list now includes 14 retailers who will price match Amazon including Best Buy, Staples, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Fry’s, Babies R Us, and Toys R Us.

Not only will you get the same price but you won’t have to pay for shipping which in many cases makes it an even better deal than Amazon. This is why it is important to have the free Amazon mobile app on your phone so you can quickly see what they are selling an item for.

Amazon Rarely has Coupon Codes

While the everyday price at Amazon.com may seem lower than other websites, you have to factor in their lack of coupons.

For example, just the other day I was looking for a pair of Nike shoes for my son for back-to-school that he just couldn’t live without. I first went to Amazon.com and they were priced at $79.99 with free shipping.

Then I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods.com and they had a $15 off $69.99 coupon (with free shipping) which allowed me to beat the Amazon price quite easily. Don’t just assume that Amazon is going to be the lowest price. ALWAYS do your homework as it’ll typically allow you to save money.

Ask the Reader: Are you a loyal Amazon shopper and pay whatever they’re asking, or are you like me and always on the lookout for an even better price?

By Kyle James


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Money Beagle

I faithfully use the ‘Camelizer’ plugin which, when you’re on Amazon’s website on an item page, will allow you to view a graph of the price history. This can show you if the current price is high or low and give you a good idea of how often the price changes and when might be a better time to save money. It has helped tremendously on a few items.