Frugal Hack #15: How to Score a Black Friday Deal and Never Get Out Of Bed

Updated June 30, 2020 by Kyle

Let’s get this straight right now, I’m going to be sleeping in on Black Friday morning. Heck, depending on how much turkey I eat the day before, I might not rustle until eleven”ish”. With three kids, I realize this is more of an aberration than a reality.

Sure, I’ll undoubtedly have a bunch of Black Friday coupons on my website, but you won’t find me standing is some ridiculously long line at Best Buy freezing my ass off.

Why? Well, a couple years ago, I discovered a way to get close to the same “door-buster” prices without getting out of my pajamas.

It is called Essentially it works like this. A bunch of “wanna be” entrepreneurs stand in line for hours to get the great deals, then turn around and sell them on eBay for a small profit. So be sure to check eBay on Saturday, November 30th and December 1st for an influx of “hot” Black Friday products.

A Real Life Example of this Frugal Hack in Motion…

A couple Black Friday’s ago I was in dire need of an external hard drive.

I had all of these great family pictures and videos and was running out of space for them on my computer’s hard drive. So I did some research and settled on a 1 TB external drive from Western Digital. The average asking price was right around $99.

So I decided to see if I could score a Black Friday deal. According to their Black Friday ad, it was selling for $69.99 at Best Buy from 6 a.m until noon. So I set my alarm and was all ready to head for the store a 5:30 a.m to save a quick $30.

At 5:15 the alarm went off and my turkey filled body said “Yeah right, this ain’t happening dude.” So I rolled over and kissed my $30 savings good-bye.

Then later that weekend, on a whim, I went on and did a search for my external hard drive. What happened next will shock you. Their auction marketplace was flooded with them and they were selling for right around 75 to 80 bucks.

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. People are snatching up the “door-buster” deals and unloading them on eBay for a quick profit. Genius idea if you don’t mind freezing your cahones off in the cold for hours on end.

So long story short, I snatched up a “Buy It Now” auction for $75.99 with free shipping and ended up only paying $6 more than if I had actually gotten up before dawn.

What Products Work Well with this Strategy?

Obviously, I have found shopping for consumer electronics using the eBay method works really well. Things like HDTV’s, Bluray players, digital cameras, tablets, laptop computers, and accessories. Similarly, popular toys for Christmas are all over eBay right after Black Friday. Also, home goods and small kitchen appliances work really well as they are easy for eBay sellers to stock-up on and ship.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever used eBay to score a Black Friday deal? Do you plan on braving the elements this year or are you avoiding it all together?

And yes, that is indeed a picture of me sawing logzz!

By Kyle James


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DC @ Young Adult Money

Very cool Black Friday strategy. I have not tried eBay on Black Friday, but I remember using Amazon and GoDaddy last year to cash in on deals. I think I probably will end up going with my wife to Black Friday. We went last year and going at midnight or 11pm isn’t bad, it was going to Home Depot and Staples at 5am that killed us!

Laurie @thefrugalfarmer

LOL, great pic! Especially now that we live in the boonies, we are much more likely to do the online/Ebay shopping. With gas expenditures from driving into the cities, we’d still come out scores ahead by using Ebay.

Budget and the Beach

And you got to sleep in! Hurray! I’ve never thought about that but I do need to sell some things so that might be good for me. Luckily I have very little shopping to do for Christmas!

I certainly have done this in the past. I also have learned that many of the bigger retailers will do many of the same deals on their website. I just jump online, find the product and pay. It is nice to stay in the pajamas and not have to deal with lines. I haven’t been black Friday shopping in years. All online for me!


I never new people did this. I will be sleeping in on Black Friday as well.

Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life

Wow, getting up at the crack of dawn the day after Thanksgiving to freeze my ass off in line just to make a small profit on ebay is totally not worthwhile. At least you’re benefiting from people who apparently don’t value their time.


I have ventured out on black Friday a few times. Not this year though! Our Christmas shopping list is pretty basic and we’re not planning any big purchases at the moment.


I only tried once to brave the Black Friday sales lines but never again. Even if you had gotten up to get their at 6am, many would have gotten their even earlier. I think this year people will be there after Thanksgiving LUNCH. I wonder how they made a profit on eBay selling for $75 when the deal was $69. eBay takes a commission right?

I have used both Ebay and Amazon to score Black Friday deals. In fact, I have even bought duplicates so that I could resell them at a later day for a higher price. I definitely prefer this method to having to wait in ridiculously long lines at the store.