Jewel Review: A Cashback Site for Luxury Goods (Is It Worth the Effort?)

Updated August 10, 2020 by Kyle

As most of you already know, I’m a huge fan of cashback websites. I mean why not earn some money on the online shopping you’ll be doing anyways, right? So when the cashback site called Jewel came along, with a “luxury brand twist”, I was definitely intrigued. Here’s exactly how Jewel works along with some insider tips for cashback success.

Jewel Review: A Cashback Site for Luxury Goods

What Exactly is Jewel?

Jewel is a cashback site that specializes in luxury brands.

Jewel founder Andrew Landau (formerly with Google and realized that “just because people spend a lot of money, it doesn’t mean they don’t want a good deal.”

As frugal becomes the “new chic”, this makes total sense and is a pretty darn smart business model.

How Do You Sign-Up for Jewel?

Well, it’s pretty darn simple.

Just Click Here to Sign-Up for Jewel and you’ll start earning cashback on your purchases.

To start off, you’ll only need to enter an email address and password.

Then you can add your mailing address to your profile when you’re ready to get paid.

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Which Retailers Participate?

Jewel Brands

Over 250 luxury brands presently work with Jewel to give you cashback on your online purchases.

Top brands include Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Tory Burch, Blue Nile, Kate Spade, Net-A-Porter, and Kiehl’s.

Why Not Just Use Ebates or Another Cashback Site?

Jewel boost Payout

Because of something called the “Jewel Boosted Rate”.

This “boosted rate” is where the magic happens with Jewel and is the distinguishing feature.

In short, it’s a significantly higher cashback rate on luxury brands that the Ebates and TopCashBack’s of the world simply can’t match.

Here are a few examples…

  • Adrianna Papell – 5.6% cashback (3.5% at Ebates).
  • – 6.1% cashback (3% at Ebates).
  • Hugo Boss – 7.1% cashback (3.5% at Ebates)
  • Kenneth Cole – 5.9% cashback (3% at TopCashBack).
  • Lancome Paris – 8.1% cashback (4% at Ebates).
  • Michael Kors – 6.7% cashback (2.5% at Ebates).
  • ModCloth – 5.1% cashback (2% at Ebates).
  • Nordstrom – 1.6% cashback (No cashback at Ebates or TopCashBack).
  • Oakley – 6.1% cashback (4% at Ebates).
  • Sephora – 6.1% cashback (3% at Ebates).

This “boosted” cashback rate definitely makes Jewel worth the effort when shopping for luxury brands.


How Much Cashback Does Jewel Offer?

It depends entirely on the retailer.

But the average cashback ranges from about 4% all the way up to 10%.

How Do I Get My Cashback?

As of this review, Jewel only pays via a check which is mailed to you.

They are currently working on alternative payment methods.

Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to earn at least $15 in cashback before you’re eligible for a payout.

How Often Does Jewel Pay?

Similar to Ebates, Jewel pays on a quarterly schedule.

Here are the exact payout dates…

Jewel Payout

Any Tricks To Insure I Get My Cashback?

I get questions all the time from cashback site users who are upset that their order didn’t track, and thus they were NOT rewarded cashback.

So to help everyone out, here are the main reasons why your purchase was NOT tracked.

  • Not Logged In – Make sure you are logged into Jewel before you shop.
  • Visited Another Site First – Do NOT click on another cash-back site before going to Jewel.
  • Didn’t Complete Purchase in 1 Session – If you don’t add items to your shopping cart, and make the purchase, in one shopping session your order won’t track.
  • Used Invalid Payment Method – Don’t pay with gift cards or reward points as they are not eligible for cashback.
  • Browser Cookies Not Enabled – Make sure you enable cookies before you use ANY cashback site.
  • Returned Items – Keep in mind that you won’t earn cashback on items that you return.

I hope this handy checklist helps you get the cashback you deserve.

Click Here to Sign-Up With Jewel

Ask the Reader: Have you tried Jewel to get some easy cashback on your online purchases?

By Kyle James


Photo credits to Jewel website.

Disclaimer: While Jewel did not pay me a cent to write this review, and all opinions are my own, I do receive a referral fee if you give Jewel a try. Money I use to keep this blog rolling along and maybe someday buy something from Saks 5th Avenue.


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Kim francess

Thus far, I’ve had a great experience with Jewel. Very responsive customer service. High cashback rates.

Ak Pos

DO NOT USE this even if it shows that it will pay higher cash back.
I have used them 3-4 months and it showed my cashback was accumulating. But it did not payed on due date. Its been more then 2 months with multiple followup. Cashback is yet to be deposited.

Ak Pos

Update: after writing above review, I received an email and phone call from Jewel explaining reason of pending cash back status. This time I was impressed with an effort they took to reach out to me by offering compromising solution. I would recommend them to proactively provide status to customers OR update website with status and reasoning.

Tommy D

I am a HUGE fan of Jewel. The rates I get through their site at all of my favorite high-end stores leave most other cash back sites in the dust. The great customer service is just icing on the cake!


I’m a true believer in Jewel! I’ve been a customer for awhile and have had a great experience with receiving my cash back. It’s amazing to navigate the luxury market and get money back in my account for full price purchases. It’s the only way I shop Everlane now! And I pay my rent 🙂