These 20 Grocery Stores Are Offering Senior Shopping Hours in Light of Coronavirus

Updated August 7, 2020 by Kyle

In response to the current Coronavirus pandemic, many grocery stores are opening their doors at specific hours (or days) for seniors and those with a compromised immune system. While only a short term change, I applaud these stores for stepping up and doing their part, especially their employees. Here’s what we know so far.

These 9 Grocery Stores Are Offering Senior Shopping Days in Light of Coronavirus

Dollar General

Dollar General

Dollar General is doing their part to help squash the spread of this virus by dedicating the first hour of each shopping day to seniors and those more at risk.

This is a voluntary type of thing and Dollar General is simply encouraging this to happen.

They won’t kick you out of the store if you don’t fit this criteria, but they strongly ask you help out by staying out for the first hour if you’re healthy and young.


Costco is opening early every Tuesday and Thursday to let those 60+ shop from 8 am – 9 am.

This starts on March 24th and runs until further notice.

Also, the Pharmacy will be open as well as the Costco Optometrist.

BJ’s Wholesale

Every BJ’s location will open an hour early, EVERY day, from 8 am – 9 am for those 60+.

There will actually be a designated entrance that you should look for when you arrive.


Walmart just announced that starting Tuesday, March 24th they will dedicate 1 hour for customers aged 60 and older.

This “senior shopping event” will start an hour before they open to the public, which means the time for seniors to shop is from 6am – 7am every Tuesday.

The Walmart pharmacy will also be open.

Walmart plans to do this every Tuesday through April 28th.

Trader Joe’s

Starting March 23rd, the first hour of every day at Trader Joe’s is reserved for seniors 60+ or those more at risk.

According to their news release, employees will actually have a separate line outside the store reserved for seniors and you’ll get an expedited shopping experience.

This means shop between 9 am – 10 am and the store should have significantly LESS shoppers in it.


Starting Tuesday March 24th, (and every Tuesday thereafter) seniors at Walgreens can shop from 8 am – 9am.

Seniors 55 or older will also score special discounts on Tuesdays making it a great day to shop.

Giant Food

Giant Food is also altering store hours to help seniors.

They will now open at 6am and have designated the first hour of operation to those aged 60 or over.

Giant employees will not ask for ID proof of your age but they ask the general public to respect this new policy.


Publix is the newest grocery chain to offer senior hours.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday all Publix stores will open from 7-8 am specifically for those aged 65 or older.

The pharmacy will also be open.

This starts Tuesday, March 24th and runs until further notice.

Stop & Shop

Stop and Shop

The folks at Stop & Shop have made the decision to open each store earlier everyday for those over 60.

Seniors over 60 should shop between 6:00 – 7:30 am to take advantage of this.

They will not be asking for an I.D. to prove your age but they ask you to respect this.

Safeway, Acme, Albertsons, and Vons

These grocery stores all fall under the same umbrella and all of them are reserving 2 hours every Tuesday and Thursday morning for senior shoppers.

Check your local store for exact opening times.

Store pharmacies will also be open during these hours.

They are also opening up this time period to pregnant woman and those with a compromised immune system.

Smart & Final

Smart & Final locations will open from 7:30am – 8am for those aged 65 or older, those with disabilities, and pregnant women.

According to their website, be prepared to show a valid ID to prove your age.

Big Lots

Seniors and those at-risk can shop at Big Lots every day during the 1st hour of business and hopefully have the store to themselves.

Check your local store for hours.


Target has designated the first hour of shopping each Wednesday from 8am – 9am to seniors and those at high-risk.

The Target pharmacy will also be open.

They ask other shoppers to respect this and stay out of the store during this time frame.


 If you’re over 60, or high-risk, be sure to shop at Winn-Dixie every weekday from 8 am – 9 am.

If you don’t fall into either category they ask you to respect this policy and shop at a different time.

The Fresh Shop

The Fresh Market

The Fresh Shop grocery store is opening their stores an hour early from 8am – 9am on Monday-Friday for senior and “at-risk” shoppers.

It’s also worth noting that the have cancelled all free sampling and they offer curbside pickup in some locations.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods is opening their stores early for 1 hour for those 60+ before opening to the public.

So if your local Whole Foods opens at 8am, seniors can start shopping at 7am and have the store to themselves.

Market Basket

Market Basket

Market Basket is a grocery chain located in New England and has designated Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as “senior days”.

Those 60 or older can shop between 5:30 – 7 am on those days and have the store to themselves.

Ask the Reader: Do you know of any other stores doing something similar? Let me know in the comments below.

By Kyle James


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Carol Y

You’ve listed all the major ones that I know about. There are quite a few local restaurants stepping up their take-away service and offering discounts – Dominos is offering 50% off. Raley’s is encouraging people to take advantage of their curbside pickup – first 3 orders incur no fee, also orders over $100 are fee-less. I tried to get delivery from Safeway, but the next date was 2 wks out when I last looked. Costco (via Instacart) delivered today, but there were substitutions and deletions for some of the meat and veggies. We still have a farmers market, but not sure for how much longer.

Carol Y

I think it would help if stores that are doing this provided an hour every day, which would spread out the number of seniors per day. Also stores receive different types of shipments on different days, so this would help with available selection. It would also help if stores would enforce the entry requirements, because people in my area have commented that the stores are still packed with shoppers of all ages (though of course some could be immuno-compromised). (I tried getting the items Costco was out of yesterday, and they were still out of stock).


Food City (Southern Appalachia) is encouraging seniors to shop 8-9AM. Hey WalMart and Kroger, where are y’all?


Walmart lists Tuesday, 28 March as start date, but 28 March is a Saturday. So when is the real start date?


Wondering which stores (that have them) will also have pharmacies open early too?


Thanks for the Update

Angela Farruggia

Why is PUBLIX THE ONLY ones that say 65 + when everyone else is 60 +
The guidelines say that the vulnerable ages starts at 60 ?


I appreciate stores helping Seniors feel safer and less at risk when shopping. Seniors getting up at 5 am, shower, dressed and eat breakfast to be able to get to the store by 7 am. Some have said it has caused more stress and fear that they will be at a greater risk because they can’t get there at the appointed time. Anyone else hearing this concern?